Everything about BLACKPINK’s Rose’s Sister: Full Name, Age, Instagram

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Who Is Rosé’s Older Sister?

BLACKPINK’s Rosé once surprised everyone when she posted a picture with a beautiful woman that she called her ‘Other Half’. Turns out, she is Rosé’s older sister! Aside from that, Rosé mentioned her several times on some occasions which made people get even more curious about her sister. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s older sister and further details about her, so keep on reading!

Meet BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Sister, Alice Park


Who doesn’t know about BLACKPINK’s Rosé? She is one of the members of BLACKPINK, one of the most influential K-Pop girl groups nowadays. Aside from her great career, Rosé is well-known for her strong relationship with her family, no matter how often they were being apart due to the different countries that they lived in.

Yes, although Rosé mostly spends her time in South Korea as a K-Pop star currently, most of her family still lives in Australia, including her one and only sister, Alice Park. Rosé and Alice have such strong sisterhood since Rosé also mentions her several times in public, just like how she revealed that Alice is doing well and how she is proud of Alice’s achievement.


For those of you who haven’t known yet, Alice Park (Park Ji-young in Korean name) is Rosé’s older sister who was born on July 13, 1993, and she is 4 years older than Rosé. Currently, she works as a lawyer and has graduated from the Australian National University College of Law.


Many BLINKs have acknowledged Alice Park and are fond of her easily. Moreover, many fans also think that Rosé and Alice Park resemble each other a lot, and even some of the fans think that Alice Park somehow radiates the resemblance of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo as well.

Relationship Between Rosé and Her Sister


Although Rosé and Alice Park are separated since they’re living in different countries, they still spare some time to meet up and hang out together as people can see through their Instagram accounts. Then Rosé explains that her sister eventually been in South Korea for around 3 years.

“We’re actually used to living in Australia together, and then I came to Korea. But she came to Korea and it has been 3 years. She is doing well, and I’m very proud of her,” said Rosé. Moreover, Rosé seems to always find a thoughtful way to spoil her sister on her birthday, such as when Rosé gifted her a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co where she also the brand ambassador of that jewelry’s brand.


Aside from that, their adorable relationship also got them a matching puzzle necklace alongside beautiful letters, where Rosé mention Alice as her ‘other half’. Through one of BLACKPINK’s videos during Rosé’s “On The Ground” promotion, she also exposed her sister by calling her on the phone.

She even answer some questions regarding Rosé, just how explained that Rosé might run a YouTube channel if she wasn’t a K-Pop star. Alice also talks about things that Rosé likes during a road trip. “We would sometimes drive from Melbourne to Canberra, and that’s like a whole weight hour drive. And she [Rosé] would literally sing for the whole eight hours,” she exclaims.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Sister’s Instagram


Just like Rosé, Alice Park received much praise for her ethereal beauty and her classic fashion taste. Gratefully, Alice Park is also quite open on social media as well since there are a lot of people who came thru her social media to leave beautiful messages or simply appreciate her posts. Through her personal Instagram account, @baebaealice, Rosé’s older sister has shared many beautiful pictures such as herself, scenery, her pet, and many more.


Rosé’s older sister also gained a lot of attention, and it is also proven that her Instagram already has more than 900k followers! Aside from her personal Instagram, Alice Park has another account named @baebaeeats where she uploaded various food pictures. Both Rosé and Alice have the same aesthetic style, aren’t they?

Fans’ Reaction to BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Her Sister’s Relationship


There are lots of BLINKs who supported Rosé and Alice Park’s sisterhood, and even some of them are jealous since the sisters have very warm and beautiful relationships. Here are what they say about Rosé and Alice Park:

“Both Rosé and Alice have such beautiful voices. I love this sisterly relationship between them”

“It’s cute to hear Rosé and Alice laugh and joke together”

“Rosé and Alice are best siblings!”

“We all know she misses her family all the time, and I’m happy Alice is so close to her now”

“Their voice is very angelic”

That’s everything about BLACKPINK’s Rosé‘s beautiful sister, Alice Park! Well, no wonder many BLINKs are fond of their sisterhood since they’re indeed such lovely sisters! We do hope to see more content from Rosé and Alice in the future as well!

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