BLACKPINK Quotes: Motivational, Iconic, and Savage From Each Member!


Read These Iconic Quotes from BLACKPINK Members!

There are a lot of reasons for fans to love their idols, just like how BLINKs love every member of BLACKPINK respectively, and as a whole group. Not to mention BLACKPINK has been one of the biggest girl groups ever which are managed by YG Entertainment, we can tell that their influence on people is huge as well.

Aside from the group’s great music and the members’ charms, BLINKs also love BLACKPINK for who they truly are. They can be very funny, cheerful, motivational, and even hilarious at the same time. So, that’s the reason why Channel-Korea has collected some of the motivational, iconic, and funny quotes from BLACKPINK to lighten up your day. Keep on reading, everyone!

BLACKPINK Members’ Inspirational Quotes


Ever since BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016, the members have been through a lot of moments, from the bad to the good, especially during the training period. Not to mention some of the members like Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé came overseas and went to South Korea to be K-Pop idol trainees. Even some of them also have had a long period of training which made them experience a real struggle, but eventually, they made it.

BLACKPINK members’ struggles somehow can motivate people, especially BLINKs. If you ever feel alone or life can bother you some time, you can gain a little bit of inspiration and motivation from these inspirational quotes from BLACKPINK members:

  • “We need to believe we’ll become the one that we want to become. For example, if we want to be attractive, first we must believe that we are very attractive. Whether you believe in opportunities or not, if it’s not the right time for you, it will come someday.” –Lisa
  • “I just wanted my fans to kind of learn that I’m just as human as everybody else, and I can relate to a lot of things that everybody may be going through at this time.” – Rosé
  • “If you want to love yourself, what should come first? Yourself. However, if you do something for others, it can turn out that it is also for you. If you make concessions to others, don’t ask why you bother to do so. Just think it is also for you and you won’t find it unfair.” – Jisoo
  • “I would like to say every moment counts for you, so make the time that you spend on your dreams a very special moment, make sure that you do something that you’ll be happy with when you go back and look at yourself.” – Jennie

BLACKPINK Members’ Iconic and Funny Quotes


BLACKPINK members seem to always look fierce and powerful, but there were times when the members said some funny phrases that were somehow memorable and iconic, especially among their fans, BLINKs. Here are some of BLACKPINK members’ iconic quotes that you need to know!

Jisoo’s Quotes

blackpink jisoo quotes
  • “Shouldn’t all computers run 24/7?”
  • “I’m Jisoo, I’m okay.”
  • “My heart so bounceu.”
  • “Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim.”
  • “No he’s my son, no never, Dalgom is mine!”
  • “What is a Moisty?”
  • “My favorite English sentence is: ‘That’s a pity.”
  • “I have a confession… I want to eat chicken skewers.”
  • “I don’t like mango.”
  • “Scary, scary, slowly.”
  • “Dinosaur is my role model now.”
  • “I’m not scary.”
  • “The four of us.”
  • “I like the flu.”
  • “Let’s eat a lot and become chubby together.”
  • “If life goes on just the way you want it to be, then it must be a dream.”
  • “People need to understand that sorry is not a magic eraser.”

Jennie’s Quotes

blackpink jennie quotes
  • “Enjoy living life to the fullest.”
  • “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”
  • “When I can’t sleep, I close my eyes.”
  • “I’m crazy.”
  • “I like being sick.”
  • “Lisa choose herself.”
  • “I don’t need a Ken, I can watch him walk out.”
  • “I want to wear a bikini and ride a horse along the beach.”
  • “It’s so moisty!”
  • “I do not wear clothes”
  • “We would perform 10 more songs if we had any.”
  • “I only fuck you when it’s half past five-“
  • “Are we sponsored by Samsung?”
  • “Unicorns are real.”
  • “They know you’re Jisoo.”
  • “Rosie Posie did it again!”

Rosé’s Quotes

blackpink rose quotes
  • “Vegetables should be crunchy and fresh. I don’t like avocado because it’s creamy and oily.”
  • “When you just feel the most hollow, life gives you sweet.”
  • “Yesterday’s events have happened, and the things of tomorrow will come anyway, and I will do my best the next day again, too. So there is no need to worry.”
  • “Jisoo, I’m bored.”
  • “Best when it’s the four of us.”
  • “Dream big when you can and enjoy it.”
  • “I’m in the mood to cry. So beautiful.”
  • “I always cry on TV. It’s embarrassing.”
  • “I love mangoes.”
  • “Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”
  • “I think that being able to be vulnerable is the most independent thing someone can be at times.”

Lisa’s Quotes

blackpink lisa quotes
  • “Korea is OUR country, Thailand is MY country.”
  • “I’m the hottest okayyy?”
  • “YADOM!”
  • “Are you the moon?”
  • “Respect, bro. C’mon.”
  • “If I can’t marry Jisoo, then can I marry Dalgom?”
  • “I feel bittersweet.”
  • “I think there will be good results if you believe in yourself and work hard. Cheer up, we’re rooting for you guys.”
  • “You should be afraid of people who work harder than you.”
  • “BLACKPINK isn’t possible if we’re not four.”
  • “Mai mee tang kai.”
  • “Even when the four seasons change, I don’t.”
  • “Oppa do you have money?”
  • “Do you want me to catch you a star?”
  • “Can you clean dis for me?”


  • “I am so grateful. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard the news. I want to thank all our fans all around the world for their unconditional love and support. It really means a lot to me.” – Jennie
  • “When we would go to all these different regions on tour, having people sing our songs in Korean is amazing. All these different parts of the world are giving us love, and we’re very grateful for that.” – Rosé
  • “I love you. I may not always be able to be perfect, but I always and unchangingly love BLINK’s happiness the most.” – Jisoo
  • “I want to hug [BLINKs] and say ‘Thank you for like always being here for me. I love you’.”  – Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Best Quotes From Lyrics

  • “Didn’t wanna be a princess, I’m priceless, a price not even on my list.” – Lovesick Girls
  • “I don’t play with them fakes, keep it real with me.” – Really
  • “Even if the whole world changes, I’m still the same.” – You Never Know
  • “This time I’m only looking at me, myself, and I.” – SOLO by Jennie
  • “After a sweet ‘Hi’, there’s always a bitter ‘Bye’.” – Kill This Love
  • “I ain’t nothing like the same, same girls that you’ve had.” – Kill This Love
  • “I only smile easily for myself.” – Ddu du Ddu du

And that’s all of the information regarding iconic phrases and inspirational quotes from each of the BLACKPINK members. You can always share this article on your social media or refer it to your fellow BLINK friends, and kindly leave a comment below!