Calling All BLINKs and Gamers for BLACKPINK’s Collaboration With PUBG Mobile!

Blackpink X PUBG

Accomplish Your Mission and Play With BLACKPINK on PUBG Mobile!

Are you a gamer? Are you a BLINK, too? If you have these two similarities, then don’t skip any information in the article below because you will find a lot of excitement where BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups from South Korea collaborating with PUBG Mobile.

Besides that, fans will also enjoy other fun things with BLACKPINK’s members who can play together on PUBG Mobile. Without waiting any longer, let’s accomplish your mission and play with BLACKPINK’s members on PUBG Mobile!


Previously, the PUBG Mobile Twitter account shared an image showing collaboration with a girl group suspected of being BLACKPINK. However, through the latest information update, PUBG Mobile finally officially announced that it is collaborating with BLACKPINK. The previous PUBG Mobile Twitter tweet showed a female figure who looked like BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Then, they returned to share photos of the four women in the car.

From there, netizens wondered and guessed that it was BLACKPINK. Some gamers also hope that the collaboration with BLACKPINK will be realized by PUBG Mobile. Agreeing with this, PUBG Mobile has officially collaborated with BLACKPINK. This collaboration between PUBG Mobile and BLACKPINK is titled “BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA.”

Ready to listen to BLACKPINK’s songs on PUBG Mobile? Or, playing with the BLACKPINK squad? Welcoming the collaboration with a girl group from South Korea, PUBG Mobile showed the individual appearances of BLACKPINK members complete with their IDs. As one of the popular battle royale games, PUBG Mobile always brings new content. This makes players not bored, and they can enjoy the excitement of PUBG Mobile.

In addition to passing Royale Pass updates, seasons, and map changes, PUBG Mobile also brings collaborations. This collaboration is interesting, and PUBG Mobile is willing to hook popular stars. An example is Alan Walker, a DJ who is famous for several songs such as “On My Way.” The song managed to melt the tense atmosphere while playing PUBG Mobile.

While waiting for this collaboration, PUBG Mobile‘s official Twitter showed a BLACKPINK poster. Performed individually, K-pop fans will be happy to see this. The tweet invites PUBG Mobile players to get ready to play together with BLACKPINK members.

It is clear from each poster that shows the ID of the BLACKPINK members. After checking and finding out the ID via PUBG Mobile, it turns out that it really exists. The PUBG Mobile account profiles of BLACKPINK’s members show their respective photos and names. You can see the profiles of BLACKPINK’s members on PUBG Mobile via the ID displayed on the poster.

The list below is PUBG Mobile IDs for BLACKPINK’s members:

  • Jisoo – ID: 51009780171
  • Jennie – ID: 51009797582
  • Lisa – ID: 51009791380
  • Rose – ID: 51009801702

BLACKPINK’s Teaser, Concept, and Collaboration With PUBG Mobile

After releasing the group’s recent teaser poster, BLACKPINK officially released individual posters of each special PUBG Mobile personnel on September 20, 2020. By wearing different outfits, the visual appearance of the four members looks cool.

Although with different outfits and styles, the individual posters were made similarly with a bright pink background for all members. Fans speculate that the collaboration of the two will be realized in the form of player avatars whose visual models are taken from the original appearances of Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa. What do you think?

The famous K-pop idol group BLACKPINK collaborated with the battle royale game from Krafton, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or, in short, PUBG.

For those who don’t know, BLACKPINK is a popular K-pop group all over the world. Some of its songs such as “Kill This Love,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” and many more have been popular worldwide and have received more than 1 billion views on YouTube.

BLACKPINK’s arrival to PUBG was announced directly by the official PUBG Twitter account. This PUBG x BLACKPINK collaboration presents many cosmetic items that will be available for purchase until the end of 2021.

Starting August 5, 2021, you can already buy items from this collaboration. Each member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé, has their own bundle. In the bundle, there are hairstyles, helmets, clothes, weapons, and more, and all of them are BLACKPINK themed.

Besides items and cosmetics, this collaboration also holds events that will take place from August 18 to September 7. This special event presents several missions that players can run to earn points. Later, these points can be used to buy BLACKPINK exclusive items. One of these exclusive items is a BLACKPINK-themed PUBG level 3 helmet as well as several coupons whose purpose is still unclear.

To add to the BLACKPINK theme, the maps in PUBG will also include some elements of this K-pop group theme. On PC, these elements will be coming August 8th and will run through September 7th, and on consoles, it will be from August 12th through September 15th.

Prior to this collaboration, BLACKPINK apparently collaborated with the mobile version of PUBG at the end of 2020. This collaboration also brought several BLACKPINK-themed items and cosmetics.

Interestingly, in this collaboration, BLACKPINK members have created their own personal PUBG Mobile accounts. BLACKPINK fans or who are often called BLINKs can also directly check the personal account ID numbers of PUBG Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé on PUBG Mobile social media.