Calling All BLINKs and Gamers for BLACKPINK’s Collaboration With PUBG Mobile!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looks Stunning on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Korea on Livestream


The charm of the BLACKPINK members cannot be doubted. Jisoo who is the visual in the group again showed her charm when she appeared on a game show. Now, fans are again fascinated by Jisoo’s beauty even though she appears without makeup or filters.

On August 13, 2021, BLACKPINK’s members appeared on the online streaming network AfreecaTV to play the multiplayer game PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Korea. Jisoo managed to surprise the audience who saw the live broadcast with her appearance while sitting among the gamers.


She teamed up with AfreecaTV’s DDDD to play PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Korea with players. The audience also realized that Jisoo was there appearing without makeup or filters. The camera used did not have any calibration or adjustment settings.

The fans then commented on Jisoo’s appearance. “The visuals are amazing,” said one fan. “Jisoo visuals do everything,” said another. “She shines,” praised fans.


In the game, it was revealed that Jisoo and her team managed to win. Jisoo expressed her opinion after being able to play in the online game. “It was a mess because all I did was run away, but it was fun,” Jisoo said.

Fans Compare PUBG Mobile and YG Entertainment’s Marketing Techniques


Right on September 24, 2020, YG Entertainment as the agency that oversees BLACKPINK announced that the song “How You Like That” will be used as the lobby background music for PUBG Mobile. In addition, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also released a schedule in order to welcome the joining of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa in PUBG Mobile.

In the midst of this euphoria, BLINK, the fandom name for BLACKPINK, actually compared PUBG Mobile and YG Entertainment’s marketing techniques for BLACKPINK which were very different.

According to a statement from YG Entertainment, the song “How You Like That” was used as the lobby background music for PUBG Mobile. After October 2, 2020, the background music will be changed to BLACKPINK’s newest song. Incidentally, the date coincided with the release of their first full album titled The Album. However, at that time, the title of the song had not been revealed.

With this, it marks the first time for PUBG Mobile to use music from K-pop singers. The lobby is an area that all gamers must pass so users from all over the world will certainly listen to the song sung by Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.


In total, PUBG Mobile also released a special schedule containing a number of events that were deliberately held as a form of welcoming BLACKPINK to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as well as to pamper the fans.

From October 24, 2020, at 3 PM South Korean Time until October 8, 2020, users will be able to view a special video from BLACKPINK that was specially created to celebrate the collaboration. This video can be watched on the in-game events page.

In addition, users can also move to Personal Spaces and send My Room gifts to BLACKPINK members. Later, there will be six levels of prizes that can be won. Prizes include official lightsticks, BLACKPINK’s latest album, game items, and more.

YG Entertainment and PUBG Corporation stated, “Along with the release of BLACKPINK’s first full album titled The Album, various content and collaborative events will be revealed one by one.”


For BLINKs, the inclusion of BLACKPINK in PUBG Mobile is certainly good news. Previously, this collaboration was criticized by a handful of active PUBG players because not all users come from Asia and like K-pop.

However, after seeing the details released by PUBG Mobile, most of the players couldn’t wait to play games with BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” as background music for the lobby.

Then, the PUBG Mobile marketing technique for this collaboration received praise from BLACKPINK fans. The reason, they even released a schedule for the events to be held.

In addition, there are many prizes that will be distributed. BLINKs then questioned the performance of YG Entertainment which had never released such a schedule ahead of BLACKPINK’s special events, including comebacks.


“PUBG was much more organized than YG. They even made a schedule for BLACKPINK,” said a BLINK on Twitter. “Not with PUBG releasing a teaser poster when YG never even did for their upbringing group including BLACKPINK,” wrote a BLINK.

“PUBG is cool. They made a schedule for BLACKPINK so fans can look forward to every date to play games. YG will never be able to do this,” said another BLINK.

Best Moments From BLACKPINK During PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Korea Live Streaming


There are many exciting moments from the BLACKPINK X PUBG live streaming. Here are some highlights, including the selection of ONE Esports. The BLACKPINK X PUBG live streaming managed to bring excitement to the audience. K-pop girl group personnel played the PC battle royale game for two hours on the Douyu broadcast platform.

This PUBG BLACKPINK stream saw Jennie and Jisoo go head-to-head on PUBG Battlegrounds along with their PUBG streamer partners DDDD and Waking Up (깨어난).

From the broadcast, there were many exciting and unique moments that occurred. Here, ONE Esports has selected some of the best highlights from the PUBG BLACKPINK live stream.


Here is when Lisa and Rosé cheered on Jisoo and Jennie.

Similar to the PUBG Mobile fun match setup, Lisa and Rosé sat in the audience to watch the game of Jisoo and Jennie’s teams competing in two rounds of PUBG Battlegrounds.


Throughout the match, Lisa and Rosé seemed so enthusiastic, encouraging the two unnies (a nickname for older sisters or older female friends) with chants of “fighting!” vigorously.

Lisa and Rosé watched each match attentively and gave some insightful comments between matches.


Jennie managed to escape from the Blue Zone.

This PUBG BLACKPINK live streaming successfully showed how competitive Jennie is while playing. BLINKs saw the main rapper from their favorite girl group manage to escape the blue zone.


In one moment, Jennie rushed to the Play Zone just in time before she ran out of HP. Shortly after this moment, Jennie’s team managed to win the second game.

Jisoo and her team danced to “DDU-DU DDU-DU” using PUBG emotes.


Jisoo is known as a unique and spontaneous person in the group. Of course, her funny personality also appeared during the PUBG BLACKPINK live stream.

In the first game, Jisoo and her teammates danced to “DDU-DU DDU-DU” using the latest PUBG x BLACKPINK collaboration emotes. In addition, Jisoo even sang in English through voice chat and invited her friends to dance in the middle of the battle.


This showed the audience that she really enjoys playing with her fans. After that, Jisoo looked competitive again and joked by saying “Kill Jennie, please!”

This live stream from BLACKPINK’s collaboration with PUBG was part of their collaboration with the battle royale game. The collaboration also brought many special items to the game such as skins, emotes, and other bundles.

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