BLACKPINK’s Most Beautiful Member and Their Visual Ranking

BLACKPINK’s Jennie As the Visual Queen in Forbes Korea

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Forbes Korea has just announced the voting results of the top K-pop visual queens. The names of the finalists are getting a lot of attention because they are not female idols that are often seen in other visual rankings. The idols who got the most votes are also a bit surprising.

In September 2021, Forbes Korea collaborated with the Idol Champ app for the Visual Queen poll. This vote was held to find the visual queen of K-pop among female idols.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

The nominations this time are a little different as other female idols are now receiving more votes in this poll, such as LOONA’s Yves with 0.45% votes at the 10th rank, Oh My Girl’s Jiho with 0.64% votes at the 9th rank, Weeekly’s Zoa with 0.68% votes at the 8th rank, and other female idols such as ITZY’s Yuna, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, CLC’s Yujin, Red Velvet’s Joy, and many more.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Jennie received 7.28% votes at the 4th rank as the most beautiful idol announced by Forbes Korea. Even though she did not get first place in the rankings this time, the winners such as TWICE’s Nayeon at the 2nd rank and Dreamcatcher’s JiU at the 1st rank also deserve appreciation for their respective visual beauty.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo As a K-Pop Idol With Great Visuals in 2019

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

The popular website K-Community Names recently released the results of the “2019 K-Pop Idols with the Best Visuals” voting for male and female idols. BTS’ Jin and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo were chosen by getting the most votes.

In the male idol category, Jin took the top spot with 43 percent of the votes. The second place went to veteran idol SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong followed by ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo in third place. In the female idol category, Jisoo took over the throne. T-ara’s Jiyeon took second place and third place was Dream Catcher’s JiU.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Many Korean netizens agree with the voting results. They say that BTS’ Jin and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo are the two right representatives for the best visuals of third-generation K-pop groups.

“Both are handsome and beautiful standards,” commented one netizen. “I always thought that Jin and Jisoo looked like brothers,” added another netizen. “It’s not easy to look handsome and comfortable naturally. Seeing his perfect facial features, Jin’s face clearly has a golden ratio,” praised netizens. “Jisoo has a perfect beauty that makes you not bored even if you see it many times,” said netizens.

“When I went to the Genie Music Awards last year and I saw it [Jin] directly, I knew why even celebrities praised his handsomeness. I didn’t think anything until I saw his physique. His handsome appearance made me stunned,” concluded another. “Jin’s father is a CEO and his mother has entered a beauty contest,” said a netizen.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was in Nubia Magazine As Part of the “10th Most Popular K-Pop Idols”

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Some time ago, a well-known British magazine, Nubia Magazine, released a list of the 10 most famous K-pop idols in the world!

The rankings on the list are based on data collected from more than 70 different social media platforms around the world, Google trends, and Google news. In addition, data was also obtained from the results of a survey they conducted. BLACKPINK’s Rosé got the 9th position as the most famous K-pop idol in the world according to Nubia Magazine.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

BLACKPINK’s lead vocalist and dancer was ranked first in the YG Entertainment audition in Australia that she participated in at the beginning of her career. Rosé is very well known for her vocal abilities and unique voice. Not only that but Rosé’s visuals are also considered very pleasing to the eye. She even managed to enter the list of “100 Most Beautiful Faces” in the 2019 version of TC Candler by being ranked 66th.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Not only that but BLACKPINK’s Rosé became the cover for the latest edition of W Korea. The 1997-born idol looked luxurious and sexy wearing accessories from the famous jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. This proves that Rosé can also shine with her beautiful appearance through this solo photoshoot.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

In the video released by W Korea, Rosé greets viewers on the sidelines of a photoshoot. The video also shows behind-the-scenes footage of her photoshoot in different outfits. Netizens noticed a moment in the video when Rosé was sitting on the sofa wearing a black dress with a low slit. She was seen wrapping her two legs around each other allegedly because they were too long. This way of sitting immediately became a netizen conversation.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

“But it’s kind of stable and comfortable when you’re sitting with your feet up like that. I did it subconsciously.”

“Why do I only see Chaeyoung’s arms [Rosé’s real name]? Are they real? So skinny.”

“Oh, but it’s very comfortable.”

“That’s how I twist my legs when I’m sitting and it’s very comfortable.”

“That’s comfortable. Especially if you have long legs like Rosé.”

“I can stay in that position for two hours. I’m like that when I read a book. It’s very comfortable.”

“That’s probably because she’s skinny.”

“Hey, I’m amazed.”

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

For this photoshoot, Rosé wore a necklace like the one worn by Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. The price of the necklace will really astonish you. The necklace, which is part of the Tiffany & Co collection, is priced at USD 885,000 or about 1 billion Won.

Netizens Choose BLACKPINK’s Most Beautiful Member

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Recently, one of the posts in the online community Pann attracted the attention of netizens. The post asks for opinions on who is the prettiest member in BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and Twice who are arguably the three most popular K-pop girl groups today.

“Red Velvet, BLACKPINK and Twice. If you only look at their appearance, who do you think is the prettiest? For me is Joy, Jisoo and Nayeon. But lately I like Jennie’s style,” said a post.

Other netizens then mentioned the name of the member who they thought was beautiful for various interesting reasons. The following are the comments of netizens with the most upvotes.

“I think Jisoo, she’s pretty. I think she’s at least in the top 3 among all idols. She’s quite pretty with oriental style.”

“I’m a fanboy but Jisoo is very beautiful. Her face without makeup is very beautiful.”

Wendy! I like people who look elegant and luxurious.”

“Idols who look like beautiful bunnies like Irene and Jisoo. They look like they grew up receiving lots of love. And also people who look kind like Wendy and Rosé.”

“Rosé and Seulgi. I like people who look innocent and funny.”

How about you guys? Who is the prettiest member of the three groups?

BLACKPINK Ranked the Most Beautiful Member by Themselves

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

BLACKPINK is known as a girl group with beautiful visuals and spectacular stage actions. Recently, Jennie and her friends were asked to choose who is the most beautiful among them.

A fan shared a short video showing the BLACKPINK members behind the scenes at their concert. At that time, they were asked to choose the prettiest member by using their respective photo pickets.

Lisa counted to three before they picked up the selected member’s photo picket. This made fans curious about who would be chosen.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Lisa, Rosé, Jennie, and Jisoo turned out to be compact in picking up their own photos. They then embraced when they realized what they were doing. Jisoo was especially excited because it meant they were very cohesive about lifting themselves up. This left the fans in awe of them.

“Wow, BLACKPINK is really compact, I’m moved to the point of crying,” commented one fan. “I already thought that they would not choose one member, hahaha,” added another fan. “I’m proud of BLACKPINK. I wish you more success,” concluded another.

Well, that is all of the information about BLACKPINK’s most beautiful members and everything you should know about their visual ranks based on different sources. Don’t forget to give your support for BLACKPINK so that their career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!