BLACKPINK’s Most Beautiful Member and Their Visual Ranking

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

Check Out BLACKPINK’s Most Beautiful Member From Their Visual Ranking and Popularity!

BLACKPINK‘s member appearances certainly never disappoint people when they see their natural beauty, and they are indeed born with perfect visuals. The beauty of BLACKPINK’s members often fascinates many people because they always shine on any schedule, even when they are not wearing makeup.

This is proven because the names of BLACKPINK’s members will definitely be nominated or listed as celebrities who have the most beautiful visuals in the world. However, is there a member who is the prettiest of the four? To find out the answer, make sure you don’t skip the article below!

The Most Popular BLACKPINK Members According to Google Trends in 2021

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

There will always be differences in popularity between K-pop groups in different countries, even between members of the same group. So which BLACKPINK member is the most famous on a global scale?

BLACKPINK is widely considered to be one of the most successful K-pop girl groups today. Judging from Google Trends, the largest search engine in the world, there is little difference in terms of the popularity of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa in a number of countries.

The Google Trends system provides a number indicating the amount of interest in search activity related to a keyword. The number 100 represents the maximum popularity level for that keyword compared to the overall population. The information below has been updated to have information from October 10, 2020, to September 30, 2021.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member
No. Country Name Search Result
1 South Korea Jennie 29
2 Rose 14
3 Jisoo 13
4 Lisa 5
1 China Jennie 12
2 Rose, Lisa 11
3 Jisoo 8
1 Japan Jennie, Lisa 26
2 Jisoo 17
3 Rose 8
1 Thailand Lisa 16
2 Jennie, Rose 4
3 Jisoo 3
1 Vietnam Lisa 38
2 Rose 27
3 Jennie 19
4 Jisoo 17
1 South Afrika Lisa 33
2 Jennie 28
3 Jisoo 14
4 Rose 11
1 France Lisa 25
2 Jennie 24
3 Jisoo 12
4 Rose 10
1 England Lisa 30
2 Jennie 27
3 Jisoo, Rose 11
1 Germany Jennie 39
2 Lisa 38
3 Rose 21
4 Jisoo 18
1 Australia Jennie, Lisa 26
2 Rose 15
3 Jisoo 12


When viewed from the data above, Lisa is far behind the other three members in the country where BLACKPINK is most active, South Korea. Jennie is more famous than the other members while Jisoo and Rosé have the same reputation.

China is also a market where BLACKPINK has a lot of fans. It seems that there, BLACKPINK has received relatively the same attention from the public. In Japan, Jennie continues to lead but is on par with Lisa. The one that got the least attention was Rosé.

As Lisa’s hometown, it’s no wonder that the most sought-after member in Thailand is her. The big difference in popularity between Lisa and the other three members is understandable.


BLACKPINK’s member scores in Vietnam are quite high, showing the group’s popularity in that country. Lisa once again took the lead, becoming well ahead of Rosé in second place. Lisa continues to be the most popular member in South Africa.

Lisa and Jennie lead the popularity ladder in France. The popularity ranking of BLACKPINK members in the UK doesn’t seem too different from the order in France.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

It seems that Lisa and Jennie take turns holding the number 1 position in European countries. In Germany, Jennie took first place followed by Lisa. Rosé and Jisoo also have pretty high scores in this country.

In Australia where Rosé used to live, her reputation ranking is not the highest. In contrast, Lisa and Jennie remain at the top of the leaderboard. Rosé only ranked third.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Chosen As the 6th Celebrity With a Great Body Shape

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was mentioned on the latest episode of TMI News for her impressive body shape. The group stylist likes to dress up this beautiful idol made by YG Entertainment the most.

TMI News revealed that Lisa was ranked 3rd out of six female celebrities with the best body shape. In second place was actress Kim Seo-hyung and the first was occupied by Lee Si-young.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

In the episode, Lisa is said to have a slim body and beautiful long legs. The episode even featured her iconic “LILI’s FILM #3 – LISA Dance Performance Video” where her legs caught the attention of the whole world. Besides her long legs and ant-like waist, Lisa also has an adorable little face. For example, the show showed a picture of Lisa holding a smartphone that was actually bigger than her face.

Because of her stunning figure and beautiful visuals, BLACKPINK’s stylists love to dress her up the most. “Her body proportions are on another level, out of this world. Her body proportions make us think that she is not human,” the MC said.

The show also revealed that the group’s stylist can give Lisa any outfit that doesn’t suit the other members. “According to YG Entertainment’s stylists, Lisa’s body proportions are so perfect that all the styles that are not good on the other members are shifted to Lisa,” the MC said.

BLACKPINK's Most Beautiful Member

The MCs also commented on how Lisa is able to pull off the most unique fashions. No matter how crazy her styles are, Lisa is capable of it. Lisa is basically born with a great figure. But, she maintains her health with several types of sports such as boxing to maintain her physical shape.