All About BLACKPINK Members’ Plastic Surgery (Comparation Picture Before and After Debut)

blackpink plastic surgery

Have All BLACKPINK Members Done Plastic Surgery?

As we know, BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups who successfully stole the attention of netizens since their debut under YG Entertainment. What makes BLACKPINK a netizen franchise is that they are suspected to be the successor of the legendary girl group 2NE1. This can be seen from their member formation, song concept, stage concept, and fashion. However, YG Entertainment confirmed that BLACKPINK and 2NE1 are a different blend.

The striking difference between BLACKPINK and 2NE1 is its members. If in 2NE1 each member has a different talent and is unique, BLACKPINK members all look like visuals. The faces of the members are so beautiful and perfect, especially Jennie. She is known to have a very proportionate face. Some netizens have speculated that BLACKPINK members have done plastic surgery, but many netizens have also denied that they had done plastic surgery.

Let’s See Comparation Photos of All BLACKPINK Members Before and After Debut

YG Entertainment has exact standards they expect their artists to live by, including not getting plastic surgery. In any case, that hasn’t prevented netizens from guessing which of their artists have had work done. A plastic surgery specialist recently shared her opinions on BLACKPINK members and if they have had work done.

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Apparently, the plastic surgery specialist had only praise for Jisoo. For Rose, she presumed that maybe there was minor plastic surgery. She doesn’t think Jennie has had any plastic surgery, though she’s questioning her skin tone. Lastly, the plastic surgery specialist had the most to state about Lisa who has consistently been accused of having done plastic surgery.

Has Jennie Done Plastic Surgery?

Jennie’s plastic surgery issue is the one that steals the most attention from netizens. Her well-proportioned shape and face make women envious of her and men fall in love with her. Prior to her debut with BLACKPINK, Jennie had appeared on G-Dragon’s Music Video titled “That XX,” and since then netizens have started paying attention to her.

After debuting with BLACKPINK, Jennie has been getting searched by netizens, as her figure is similar to the leader of 2NE1, CL. Many netizens are curious to know if Jennie has done plastic surgery or not before debuting with BLACKPINK. Some netizens agree and some netizens disagree whether or not Jennie has done plastic surgery.

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Netizen once talked about the shape of Jennie’s previously stout face, which after her debut with BLACKPINK became a bit skinny. Fans concluded that Jennie only went on a diet before her debut with BLACKPINK and Jennie kept her shape and weight. YG imposed a strict diet for the members, especially Jennie. She only ate bread for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch, and boiled eggs for dinner.

But still, some netizens accused her to underwent plastic surgery. Do you think Jennie had plastic surgery? Let’s see these photos first!

Jennie’s Photos Before Debut

Jennie’s Photos After Debut


Has Rose Done Plastic Surgery?

Rose is known as the successor of Park Bom, due to the resemblance of their voices. Before her debut, Rose was known to have had a slightly fat chubby shape, but lately, the shape of Rose’s face and body look a little skinny. Netizens revealed that Rose has done plastic surgery and liposuction to get the perfect face and body shape.

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However, until now, it has never been proven that she has actually done plastic surgery. This is because Rose has not been observed by the media and internet users because the group is still new. Park Chaeyoung, better known as Rose, is a member of BLACKPINK. The 19-year-old singer is a Korean born in Australia.

She became the main character in G Dragon’s song titled “After All” which is in the mini-album One of a Kind. Rose told the public that one of the things BLACKPINK can not do when under YG Entertainment is plastic surgery.

Rose’s Photos Before Debut

Rose’s Photos After Debut


Has Jisoo Done Plastic Surgery?

Jisoo is a shy member of BLACKPINK. She has never done anything weird, including doing plastic surgery before debuting with BLACKPINK. However, netizens have been surprised by the appearance of Jisoo’s graduation photo when in senior high school. Jisoo with bangs and short-haired looks different from the current Jisoo. Even her face is different after debuting with BLACKPINK.

Netizens concluded that, before entering YG Entertainment, Jisoo did plastic surgery on her face. But some netizens have also denied it and said it was just part of Jisoo’s puberty.

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Jisoo, like the other members, has not done plastic surgery. She is not rumored to have done it at this time, which means she is clear of the allegations.

Born under the name of Kim Jisoo, she is a member of the BLACKPINK group from South Korea. She leads vocals and visuals in BLACKPINK and prior to debut, she had already appeared in a Music Video of Epik High.

Jisoo’s Photos Before Debut


Jisoo’s Photos After Debut