All About BLACKPINK Members’ Plastic Surgery (Comparation Picture Before and After Debut)

Has Lisa Done Plastic Surgery?

blackpink lisa plastic surgery issue

Lisa is the other member who stole the attention of netizens in BLACKPINK besides Jennie. Lisa has a face that is quite unique and she was also born in Thailand. Lisa is the youngest member of BLACKPINK but her face looks older than Jennie’s. Sometimes netizens think that the youngest member is Jennie instead of Lisa.

There have been speculations that she got a nose job based on a set of photos that emerged online before her debut, in which some say her nose ridge is rather flat and her nostrils wider.

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However, in another set of photos from when she was in BLACKPINK, her nose looks smaller with a taller nose ridge. It is unknown if this is just a make-up effect.

Lisa’s Photos Before Debut

Lisa’s Photos After Debut


Comparison: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Before Plastic Surgery, True or Not?

Lisa has been reported to have had plastic surgery on her nose, but BLACKPINK fans said it’s just the effect of makeup, and Lisa has not really done plastic surgery.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Having been born in 1997, Lisa is the youngest member of BLACKPINK. She moved to Korea because YG Entertainment successfully declared Lisa to have passed the audition in Thailand. She immediately became a topic of netizens’ conversations because of her unique face shape. Even before her debut, she was the face of YG Entertainment and became a model of YG NANO9ON outfit because of her swag style.

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However, it appears that photos on an online site triggered the question of whether she has done plastic surgery or not, especially on her nose. Lisa’s childhood photos show that she has a large, slightly protruding nose that doesn’t really fit with Korean beauty standards. Her recent photos show that she has a more defined nose bridge and a smaller nose. Moreover, it seems that her skin is fairer compared to her old photos.

YG Entertainment still does not want to confirm whether Lisa has actually done plastic surgery or whether it is just a makeup effect. YG Entertainment is known as an agency that does not care about the artists’ appearance and also one of the best known YG rules is that the artists are not allowed to undergo plastic surgery.

The nose and face shape of Lisa from BLACKPINK is already a conversation topic for netizens. Netizens assumed that Lisa had plastic surgery to perfect her face shape, but Lisa and BLACKPINK fans have denied the allegations, saying that Lisa has not done any surgery at all and that from her debut until now her face and nose look the same.

Blackpink’s Plastic Surgery Meter

According to a plastic surgery specialist, Jisoo is naturally beautiful and has a particularly exquisite quality. Based on her pre-debut photos and those of her sibling, she is a natural beauty.

Rose is also an extremely beautiful lady, with such quiet and royal visuals. The plastic surgery specialist doesn’t think she has had plastic surgery aside from Blepharoplasty which is very common in South Korea. It revises droopy eyelids or mono-lids to amplify the eye and eliminates infringing tissue from the corners.

Like Jisoo, Jennie is naturally beautiful. The only thing that has changed is her skin tone since she appears to be fairer now.

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Last but not least, Lisa has certainly had plastic surgery. She absolutely had rhinoplasty. Her nose used to be flat, wide, and bulbous yet now she has an adorable, upturned, and smaller nose. You can see the adjustment in her nose when you look at different photos of her when she grins.

She additionally has had lip fillers, not to make them very filling but rather to make them smooth and full and you can see that when she smiles. Her lips become lopsided and a few sections become more bulbous than other areas. She has likewise bleached her skin and uses double eyelid tape since her double eyelids are always positioned in different places.

So, that’s all about the possible plastic surgery BLACKPINK members might have done in the past. However, let’s not focus on how they look alone since they also have talents to showcase. This way, let’s also hope that BLACKPINK’s popularity will continue to advance and succeed like their seniors. If you want to learn more information about these girls, make sure to stay tuned on Channel-Korea’s official website.