BLACKPINK Members’ Pets: Names, Breeds, and Cute Moments

blackpink pets

Let’s Check Out BLACKPINK’s Cute Moments With Their Pets!

BLACKPINK has gone globally popular through their masterpieces. Not only the members but their pets are also widely known by people around the world. Did you know that it is because BLACKPINK members often show their pets at various moments and are always accompanied by the pets? Fans called their pets “PinkPet.”

Here is the list of BLACKPINK members’ pets, and check out their cute moments with pets!

BLACKPINK Member Pet Name Type/Breed Lives
Jisoo Dalgom Maltese BLACKPINK’s Dorm
  • Kuma
  • Kai
  • Pomeranian
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Jennie’s Parents’ House
  • BLACKPINK’s Dorm
  • Luca
  • Lily
  • Louis
  • Leo
  • Lego
  • Love
  • Ragdoll
  • Ragdoll
  • British Shorthair
  • Scottish Fold
  • British Shorthair
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Hank
  • Joohwang
  • Special Breed
  • Fish (blood parrot cichlid)
  • BLACKPINK’s Dorm
  • Rose’s Parents’ House


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s Pet Dog: Dalgom

Jisoo and dalgom

This Maltese dog is named Ban Dalgom. Jisoo has taken care of Dalgom for more than 6 years. The cute Dalgom lives with Jisoo in the BLACKPINK dorm along with several BLACKPINK members’ pets. She often spends her time with this white Maltese dog, and Jisoo is protective of Dalgom like its mother.

Jisoo and dalgom moments
Jisoo and dalgom

Not only Jisoo but all BLACKPINK members really love Dalgom. Lisa said that she wanted to marry Dalgom, and Jennie often takes pictures with Dalgom.

Jennie and Dalgom

Jisoo is called the face of Dior Korea because she is the brand ambassador. Meanwhile, Dalgom is also a special pet for Dior because the dog got a special gift from the brand. Dalgom got a pretty pink bag with “Dalgom” written on it.

dalgom bag dior

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Pet Dogs: Kuma & Kai

blackpink jennie pets

Jennie has 2 adorable dogs named Kuma and Kai. Her dog’s name is the same as her ex-boyfriend, EXO’s Kai, but apparently, the Cocker Spaniel dog Kai has been cared for by Jennie’s mother for more than 10 years.

blackpink jennie and Kai

Meanwhile, her brown Pomeranian is named Kuma. Unlike Kai, Kuma has been cared for by Jennie since Kuma was tiny. Kuma comes from Japanese which means “bear,” and BLINK (BLACKPINK fans) calls her dog Boss even though Kuma wasn’t Jennie’s first dog. It is known that Jennie often brings and shows off Kuma at every photoshoot, and it made Kuma be called Boss.

Kuma is also known to live with Jennie and has a special bond with Jisoo’s pet, Dalgom.

Blackpink Jennie and Kuma
Jennie and Kuma vogue
Dalgom and Kuma

BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Pet Dog and Fish: Hank & Joohwang

Blackpink rose pets

Rosé has just adopted a special breed dog named Hank. In December 2020, Rosé introduced her new pet to fans and opened a personal Instagram for Hank named @hank_says_hank. Within a day, the cute dog’s Instagram reached 500K followers, and in November 2021, the account already reached 2.6 million followers! Through Instagram, Rosé shares her moments with her baby, Hank.

Blackpink rose and Hank
Blackpink rose and Hank

As an idol, Rosé also has an unusual pet. She has a blood parrot cichlid fish. The fish is named Joohwang which means orange. Rosé often talks about Joohwang everywhere, and she shares her moments with fans on various programs such as on “We Will Channel You” BLACKPINK special edition. But, unfortunately, her fish is taken care of by her parents.

Blackpink rose and joohwang
Blackpink rose and joohwang

Joohwang is the older sister of Hank because she is a female.

hank and joohwang

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Pets: The L Family

blackpink lisa and cats

Just like her cute face, Lisa also has 5 cute cats namely Leo, Lily, Luca, Louis, and Lego. At first, Lisa introduced Leo as her first cat in April 2018. Leo is a Scottish Fold cat and is very smart, sweet, and always wakes her up every morning. The cat named Leo was given by another BLACKPINK member, Rosé.

Blackpink lisa and leo

Meanwhile, Luca is a Ragdoll cat that was born in June 2018. Luca is a female cat with beautiful blue eyes, but according to Lisa, Luca isn’t as sensitive as Leo.

BLACKPINK lisa and luca

Apparently, the pretty Luca has a kid named Lily that is Lisa’s 3rd cat. Lily has beautiful eyes, is soft like Luca, and was born in June 2019. Unlike Luca, Lily is known as the bravest cat and is spoiled with his mother.

Blackpink lisa and lily

Lisa’s fourth cat is Louis. This British shorthair was born in August 2019. Lisa adopted it because Lily and Luca were always together and Leo was very lonely, so she thinks that Louis can be Leo’s friend.

Blackpink lisa and louis

In 2020, Lisa found Lego the adorable yellow kitten, but at that time, she would only have 4 cats. But then, on February 11, 2021, Lisa introduced Lego as her fifth cat. “Baby Lego” was trending on Twitter, especially in the Philippines and Thailand.

Blackpink lisa and lego

Besides having 5 cats, Lisa also adopted a dog named Love. On August 7, 2021, she introduced a new member to the “L Family” named Love in her Instagram story. Lisa also opened her pets’ Instagram with the name @lalala_lfamily.

Blackpink lisa dog

That’s all the information about BLACKPINK’s pets and their cute moments. After seeing BLACKPINK’s pets, which one do you think is the cutest? Please write your opinion in the comment section. And, if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your fellow BLINKs!