Blackpink Shares Their Makeup Tutorial and Collection


Blackpink and their makeup styles!

Korea is well known for their makeup and skin care revolution. I bet all of you, as K-Pop fans, known about this. Every Korean girl or boy band usually puts on makeup whenever they perform. Nowadays Korean makeup and skin care have become the most wanted and searched for, not only on Korea itself, but around the world. Everyone has instantly fallen in love with the Korean makeup trend right now. Korean makeup is well known because of its ‘natural’ makeup. This concept of makeup making a women become pretty without having too much makeup on her face. The concept focus is to apply a thin layer of foundation or BB cream but more on skin care layer. Moreover, this makeup concept does not pay attention to shading like Western styles but more on natural and cute styles. Lately, Blackpink is also popular with their own makeup styles. Every members of Blackpink has their own characteristic makeup and style. Without further do, let’s see every Blackpink members and their own makeup style 🙂

Lisa’s Make Up Style 2017

Some of us may think Lisa is the most masculine among the Blackpink members. But don’t be shocked, Lisa is the Blackpink members who extremely loves makeup. She also has her own makeup style. When she and other Blackpink members became guest at Get it Beauty, one of Korean variety shows, she showed us her makeup tools and skin care which she recently used. Lisa has the most complete makeup tools and products. Below is one of the video clips of Lisa as a guest on Get it Beauty variety show.

When you are watching a full video of Get It Beauty when Blackpink was the guest star, there is a interesting scene. In the scene, Jenni, one of Blackpink members, told us that Lisa is very addicted to makeup especially when she is buying a makeup product. “Lisa would spend a whole day buying all the makeup products and skincare, and she will continue her shopping online when she has to be back at the dorm” Jenni added. How cute Lisa is, right? 😛

Here is some picture of Lisa, hope you guys enjoy it:)


In every situation, Lisa mostly colors her hair. Like the picture above, she colored her hair with blond and purple or pink which made her become a little bit ‘boyish’ but still cute right? LOL. And her makeup is absolutely cute and pretty. With her peachy eye shadow, it makes her look natural and not too heavy.

Jennie’s Make Up Look 2017

Jennie is the second member of Blackpink who also loves makeup just like Lisa. Lisa and Jennie are known to have a preference of makeup. While Lisa has a slightly ‘boyish’ style, Jennie is more feminine. Jennie is also tends to color her hair with a darker colors than Lisa. Jennie makeup look is focuses on the eyes. Jennie makes puppy eyes with a mixed color of brown eye shadow. And it makes her become cute. She is never absent from wearing eyeliner which makes her eyes bigger. She is also using a nude or peachy eye shadow color in order to make a natural look without having too much. She also adds a gradient orange-pink lips shade to complete her pretty and cute makeup look. Wow! Below is the picture of Jennie’s styles and makeup. Take a look 🙂




Rose’s Make Up Look 2017

Park Chae Young, or well known as Rose, is a Korean actress who was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. Like her stage name “Rose”, her makeup is dominated by pink-peach colors. Just like other K-Pop actresses who prefers cute styles rather than sexy ones, Rose prefers a cute styles and makeup in every performance. She is usually wearing a pink or peach eye shadow color and adding a little glitter on it to make a perfect combination!


In her makeup look above, we can see the dominance of peach and warm colors. From her eye brow color to her lips she has the same tone.

Jisoo’s Make Up Style 2017


Jisoo’s makeup style is focused on her eye makeup. Cited by one beauty blogger, Jisoo eye makeup is glamourous with a sense of pink on it. Adding eagyopsal makes her eyes instantly bigger and cuter. Jisoo always uses a pink or pinky red lips color in order to make her makeup look become fresh. While she usually draws her eyebrows with a firm line in the end of eyebrow, the result is still natural. Below are some pictures of Jisoo with her makeup results. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


So that’s all about Blackpink member’s makeup looks for 2017. Hope you guys enjoyed it 🙂