Blackpink’s Lisa’s Net Worth: Is It True She is the Richest Member Of The Group?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Endorsements And Advertisements

On July 24th, 2020, representatives of Bvlgari claimed to admire the appearance and fashion choices of the woman born in Thailand 23 years ago. “We chose Lisa to be our official brand ambassador because we believe in her bold and unmatched appearance and a modern and trendy self-image as a fashion icon, true to our brand identity.”

That was the statement from Bvlgari, as reported by Soompi. After becoming a brand ambassador, Lisa immediately participated in the Bvlgari signature collection campaign, such as for Serpenti and B.zero1 as the brand’s latest collection. Lisa also uploaded a photo of herself with Bvlgari’s jewelry collection on her Instagram account. In the first photo, she looks so elegant in a black off-shoulder dress and a collection of gold jewelry around her neck, fingers, and wrists.

From the line of jewelry she uses, the silver Bvlgari serpenti (snake)-style silver watch on her wrist stands out.

South Korea’s expansion is not over. Especially now, the skillful young talents have succeeded worldwide. Like BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who was appointed as MAC Cosmetics Global Brand Ambassador. Starting October 2020 on a long-term contract, Lisa will be the icon behind the MAC collection and other initiatives.

As one of the legendary brands in the beauty industry, MAC Cosmetics has met a number of strong profiles from influential Koreans ranging from pop culture to trends in the beauty industry. BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the first Korean female artist to be appointed a MAC Global Brand Ambassador. MAC is constantly bringing out creativity and makeup in a professional manner.

Lisa, who is known for her charisma, ability on stage, and a trendsetter in the beauty, fashion, and music industry, not only has a connection with MAC Cosmetics, but her profile has values ​​that are the pillars of MAC Cosmetics and are considered capable of being an inspiration for MAC Cosmetics to grow.

“I’ve always been a big fan of MAC! I love how a makeup brand is able to transform self-expression by always being able to cultivate confidence on stage,” Lisa said. “Together with MAC, I am very excited to invite and motivate fans with the diversity that exists.”

The synergy between Lisa and MAC Cosmetics certainly breaks cultural boundaries, to set a positive example globally in speaking about beauty. “Lisa is a bold talent, has a cutting edge fashion style, and has a charismatic charm,” Drew Elliot said as the Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director for MAC Cosmetics.

As is well known, Lisa is also a dancer, rapper, and a member of one of the most successful girl groups, BLACKPINK. With more than 40 million followers on Instagram, she is a trendsetter, she also often appears at the front row of a number of prestigious fashion events. Being an inspiring young talent, Lisa who is born in Thailand, debuted in South Korea in 2016, at the age of 23 she joined YG Entertainment, and speaks a number of languages, from Thai, English, and Japanese.

Her achievements are also very many, one of which was in 2019 when she and BLACKPINK filled the Coachella stage. As MAC Cosmetics Brand Ambassador, Lisa will be starring in a number of campaigns, becoming a muse for MAC in the project that will be worked on. Lisa will also work with MAC Makeup Artists to present her signature makeup, and share her beauty secrets, skincare rituals, and lifestyle with MAC.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Being Generous For Her Members

According to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa is the member who treats her friends the most. “Lisa buys a lot of food when we are in the dorms and she feeds it directly to us,” said Jisoo during an interview with a radio program in Korea Volume Up. “She has a food delivery app and always pays for it (for us). We can eat deliciously because of her,” added the oldest member of BLACKPINK.

In an interview released by The Swoon in October 2020, BLACKPINK members revealed what would happen if Jennie and Lisa went shopping together. In the interview, the members were asked about who likes to buy things that are not needed when shopping. The answer is really intriguing, Jisoo and Jennie chose Lisa, Lisa chose Jennie, and Rosé chose Jennie and Lisa. After seeing each other’s answers, they agreed that Jennie and Lisa have the same shopping habit, namely, they like to buy things that are not really needed.

Jennie agreed with the members and admitted that she would have chosen herself if she could. Rosé even mimicked Jennie’s reaction when she sees things that she is interested in. “Oh, this one is funny, this one is really funny,” said Rosé imitating Jennie. Jisoo said that the members usually shop fast, what are their needs, but Lisa and Jennie buy a lot of things.

“What (only) this (that you buy)?” Jisoo said. Responding to this, Lisa admitted that she could not hold back when she saw something cute. “I can’t stand it when I see something funny,” Lisa answered. “Yes, me too,” Jennie said after her. “I can’t control myself,” continued Lisa.

Well, that’s all the information that we have gathered for you about BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s net worth based on several published sources. As fans, maybe many think that the members of BLACKPINK have all achieved their respective successes and are wealthy idols.

However, behind all that, they have also taken the time to do some charity, like what has been done by BLACKPINK’s Lisa. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media, and stay tuned for the upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!