BLACKPINK’s Jisoo VS TWICE’s Tzuyu; Which One Do You Think Will Be The Best Visual Of The Group?

Adorable Personalities

jisoo & tzuyu

Even though Jisoo and Tzuyu have different vibes for their visual appearance, we can still see a little bit of similarity in their adorable personalities! Both Jisoo and Tzuyu are known for having cheerful personalities, which often leave the people around them really amused!


As we’ve said, Jisoo is well known for being cheerful. Her fans have said that she has a 4-D personality, meaning that she has a unique and weird personality in a good way! You can really see it when BLACKPINK goes to variety shows, fan signs, or gives interviews during events! Jisoo will often show her natural playfulness and says or does hilarious things. You can tell she’s fearless and doesn’t get embarrassed easily!

Sometimes, it even seems like she forgets that she’s an K-Pop idol! She often behaves in a childlike way that is amusing and cute. One of those moments was when she put on the Krunk costume and enjoyed that moment, as well! Sometimes she also makes hilarious gestures, amusing the people around her!

blackpink jisoo


TWICE’s Tzuyu

Just like Jisoo, TWICE’s Tzuyu also often has her funny moments and ‘honest’ appearance. She’s not the type of person who tries to disguise who she is! You’ve realized that her goddess appearance is totally different than her funny personality, right?

Once, one of the TWICE members said she was happy to have Tzuyu as their maknae. Instead of feeling grateful, Tzuyu jokingly replied, “Did you just propose to me?” causing the other member burst into laughter! Well, Tzuyu was just being as real as Tzuyu, right?

twice tzuyu

Loved By Other Members

tzuyu & jisoo

If we take a look at Jisoo and Tzuyu’s physical appearance, it’s kind of easy for us to fall in love with them. But that’s not the most important part of being interested with someone, right? We also should know their personality, as well! Jisoo and Tzuyu have shown that they are truly loved by people, especially the other members in their groups!


Due to her adorable and cheerful personality, it is really easy for people to be in love with Jisoo! She’s known for her close friendships with the other BLACKPINK members, especially Jennie. When the fans asked Jennie about which BLACKPINK member she would pick if they were guys, then Jennie easily said that it would be Jisoo!

Moroever, when BLACKPINK went on several variety shows and interviews, Jisoo effortlessly made people fall in love with her personality. Mostly, people are impressed with Jisoo’s personality, since she looks like someone who doesn’t have a lot of worries and enjoys her life peacefully!


TWICE’s Tzuyu

Since Tzuyu is a maknae of the group, her fellow members of TWICE really take care of her. But it’s not just because of her age, it’s also because her personality makes people around her love her, as well! We have seen the other members of the group being really amused by Tzuyu for uncounted times!

Every time Tzuyu talks about her doll, Minjung, people tend to laugh out loud. She talks about the doll felt in a way she might talk about her about her boyfriend! She will describe her love for Minjung because he never gets angry and is really soft, which also made people burst into laughter!

That was all for our comparison between BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and TWICE’s Tzuyu! Even though they are both well known as visuals and tend to be compared, but something we have to remember is that Jisoo and Tzuyu are each charming in their own way. Let’s always support them!

Comment down below which one is your favorite visual member between BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and TWICE’s Tzuyu!