BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Name Appears in the ‘Squid Game’ Ending Credits!

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Know More About BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Squid Game Relation!

Everybody was addicted to the Korean survival drama named Squid Game! This series which was aired on Netflix starting on September 17, 2021, is one of the biggest Netflix series ever with fantastic coming-ins and viewers. Also, the series won a trophy at the 2021 AFI (American Film Institute) awards. But, there’s something special about this series, namely BLACKPINK Jennie’s name appears in the ending credits. So, it has brought up people’s speculations and curiosity about Jennie and Squid Game‘s relation.

To get rid of your curiosity, Channel-Korea already provided all of the information about why BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s name appears in the ending credits. So, keep scrolling down the article!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Name Appears in the Squid Game Credits

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Because of BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s name appearing in the ending credits of this Netflix series, everyone is curious and asking why Jennie’s name exists there. Usually, the ending credits of a film includes people’s names who participated in or had a hand in the course of the film production.

On September 27, 2021, BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s fans found her name among the 456 participant names in the credits. According to the cast, Jennie gave her best support to the cast and this series. So, that’s why her name appeared in the “Special thanks to” ending credits of Squid Game.

Jennie’s Possibility of Starring in Squid Game 2

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Not only because her name appeared in the ending credits but at the end of September, there was a poster showing her and the group in Squid Game costumes with their own participant numbers. It makes their fans think that BLACKPINK (especially Jennie) will contribute to the series in season 2.

Even though Jennie’s name was written because she contributed to the series by giving support, there’s a possibility that Jennie will be starring in the series as a special guest or cameo. But, there’s no official statement from the director or producer.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Support for Jung Ho Yeon and the Cast

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As we know, Jennie and Jung Ho Yeon who acted as Sae-byeok have been good friends for a long time. Everybody calls their relationship “friendship goals” because the two of them always support each other. For example, BLACKPINK’s Jennie sent a food truck to Jung Ho Yeon when she was filming.

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Jung Ho Yeon says that Jennie cheered her up by sending a coffee truck, and she uploaded it on social media. Jennie also congratulated her happily when Ho Yeon was chosen to play in Squid Game which was Ho-yeon’s acting debut. For Jung Ho Yeon, Jennie’s heart is like an angel!

Blackpink jennie and jung ho yeon

This is also stated by actor Lee Jung Jae. According to him, Jennie and Ho-yeon are best friends. Jennie visited them when they were filming to give her support to Ho-yeon and the crew.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Received a Doll From Squid Game

Blackpink jennie squid game doll

Jennie is one of the big fans of the Squid Game series. In September 2021, Jennie showed off a gift set that she got from the squid game production team which contains the iconic creepy doll, a special Squid Game tracksuit, and a set of marbles. That’s all she posted through her personal Instagram account @jennierubyjane.

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According to the production team, it was given to Jennie because she had given Ho Yeon and the team a coffee truck previously, and it was also a special thanks to Jennie.

So, that’s the answer to why Jennie’s name appears in the ending credits of Squid Game. After reading this article, are you sure that Jennie will participate in season 2 of this series? Please kindly write your thoughts in the comment section!

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