BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Profile, ‘SOLO’ Debut, YouTube, Dating News

blackpink jennie

Jennie Kim: The Secret Weapon of YG!

Do you know that Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK has the nickname The Princess of YG? No wonder, she has the longest trainee period among the BLACKPINK members, has been featured in music collaborations with famous artists before her debut, and more! Through this article, Channel Korea will inform you more about BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s news, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of BLACKPINK’s Jennie

blackpink jennie

Birth Name: Kim Jennie (김제니)

Stage Name: Jennie

Birth: Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, January 16, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: Korean

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Years Active: 2016 – Present

Label: YG Entertainment

Associated With: BLACKPINK

Weibo: jennierubyjane

Instagram: @jennierubyjane / @lesyeuxdenini

YouTube: Jennierubyjane Official

10 Fun Facts About Jennie That You Have To Know!

blackpink jennie
  • Jennie is called the Human Gucci and Human Chanel since she often wears items from the expensive fashion brands Gucci and Chanel.
  • Jennie studied at ACG Parnel College in Auckland, New Zealand, for 5 years.
  • Jennie studied Spanish when she was in New Zealand.
  • When Jennie was 17 years old, she appeared in a lot of songs with various artists.
  • Jennie is described as being cheerful and jolly.
  • She loves Korean food and Mexican food.
  • She doesn’t like pizza very much.
  • Jennie is the best at cooking among BLACKPINK’s members.
  • Her favorite colors are black and pink.
  • Jennie said that she is the type to fall in love easily.
  • Jennie was caught wearing hip pads during some of BLACKPINK’s performances.
  • Jennie was rumored to be dating BTS’ V.
  • Jennie avoid foods that contain salt on her diet days.

Be a Fashionista Like BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Let’s Copy Her Style!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie: The Journey To Become a K-Pop Idol

blackpink jennie

Jennie started her dream of becoming an entertainer when she was younger. She also listened to a lot of K-pop songs when she lived in New Zealand. Initially, her parents wanted to make her pursue a lawyer’s career. Luckily, they allowed Jennie to pursue a music career, and now we have Jennie as a part of BLACKPINK!

Jennie as a Trainee of YG Entertainment

blackpink jennie

Jennie joined an audition for YG Entertainment in 2010 and was successfully selected as a trainee. Later, she spent six years as a trainee. Jennie improved her dancing and singing ability which allowed her to be featured in various projects during her pre-debut era! Some of her famous pre-debut appearances include G-Dragon‘s “That XX” MV, G-Dragon’s “Black” single, and Seungri‘s “GG BE” single.

Check out Jennie’s pre-debut performances here:



Jennie’s Official Debut with BLACKPINK


Jennie made her debut as a member of the girl group BLACKPINK on August 8, 2016, when the group released the digital album Square One with the lead singles “Boombayah” and “Whistle.” BLACKPINK consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa and has drawn attention from people due to their chic yet fierce visuals and various vocal characteristics!

blackpink jennie

In the group, Jennie perfectly performs both vocals and raps with amazing dance skills as well. Boombayah and Whistle also led them to gain more achievements and fame. 13 days after their debut, BLACKPINK also won their first music show award on SBS’ Inkigayo which marked them as one of the fastest artists to do so.


Then, BLACKPINK released its first mini-album titled Square Up with “Ddu-du Ddu-du” as its lead single in 2018 and held its first Japanese tour in the same year. Currently, BLACKPINK has raised its popularity internationally after its performance at 2019’s Coachella in the U.S.A!

How She Made a Solo Debut With “SOLO”

blackpink jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie made her debut as a solo singer on November 12, 2018, by releasing the single “SOLO.” The single became very famous and led her to win on SBS’ Inkigayo! In “SOLO,” Jennie portraying herself as a vulnerable girl who is suffering from heartbreak, but then she transforms into a badass independent girl after she recovers.

blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie

The song is filled with Jennie’s remarkable rap in English and lovely tone. Later, Jennie performed “SOLO” in various music shows with her amazing vocals and powerful dance while being accompanied by a bunch of back-up dancers!


Her First Debut as a Fashion Editor

blackpink jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie seems to always find a way to make her fans feel proud of her. This time, she debuted as a fashion editor for Vogue Korea magazine! Previously, Jennie revealed that her dream job was to be a fashion designer or magazine editor. Currently, she can do both!

Jennie took part in Vogue Korea’s March 2021 issue as the lead model as well as a fashion editor. She participated in the planning and deciding of the photoshoot’s concept, including the hairdo, makeup, and outfit. The photoshoot results looked beyond fabulous with a mature concept and mixture of monochrome color!

blackpink jennie

People can see a different side of Jennie from the concept, whether through the chic and mature Jennie or even the vintage version of Jennie. Check out BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s breathtaking images from the photoshoot here:

blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie


BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has Started a YouTube Channel!

blackpink jennie

For her birthday celebration, BLACKPINK’s Jennie decided to start her own YouTube channel under the name Jennierubyjane Official! The first video was released on January 16, 2021, which was Jennie’s 25th birthday. Not only that, but Jennie’s YouTube channel also received over 4 million subscribers within only a few days!

Jennie’s first video was a mixture of a daily vlog and a song cover clip for “When Will My Life Begin” by Mandy Moore. Although she looked quite shy during her vlog, Jennie managed it and provided fresh content for her fans!

Watch her videos on YouTube here:


BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Are Dating?

blackpink jennie & g dragon

Dating news from our favorite K-pop artists is enough to get our hearts fluttering. This holds true when BLACKPINK’s Jennie was reported to be dating BIGBANG’s G-Dragon for a year! The fans were very surprised by the fact that both Jennie and G-Dragon were scouted under the same agency, and they used to have some projects together before Jennie’s debut.

Jennie and G-Dragon were reported meeting secretly and often dating at home. She also went to G-Dragon’s penthouse after her activities were done. However, YG Entertainment hasn’t confirmed nor denied the relationship between their artists. They only explained that since it was their artists’ privacy, they couldn’t confirm anything and asked for people’s understanding.

g dragon & jennie
g dragon & jennie

Previously, Jennie also surprised fans after dating news regarding her and EXO’s Kai surfaced back in January 2019. Unfortunately, after YG Entertainment confirmed their dating news, the agency also announced their breakup shortly afterward.

blackpink jennie & exo kai

That’s it for today’s article about Jennie Kim! After a long journey, she made it to become one of the most famous girl group members and even rose her fame as a soloist as well. She is truly a princess with various talents, isn’t she? Let us know your opinion about Jennie through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!