BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Net Worth: Her Wealth, Endorsements, and More!

blackpink jennie net worth

The Truth Behind BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Wealth and Income

Many K-pop idols always appear with such luxurious outfits and live such amazing lives. They get everything from their hard work which becomes their income. Just like BLACKPINK members including Jennie Kim. But, have you ever wondered about how rich BLACKPINK’s Jennie is or think about her income? In this article, Channel Korea will give you the answer, so stay tuned!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Net Worth Is Approximately $10 Million!

Who doesn’t know about BLACKPINK? The biggest girl group from YG Entertainment currently has been in the spotlight, especially with the appearance of the four amazing members.

Let’s talk about one of BLACKPINK’s members who is also considered the princess of YG, Jennie Kim! Not only does she have visuals and talents, but Jennie is very grateful that she was born into such a wealthy family.

According to some sources, her family is all rich. When she was younger, her parents took her on vacations abroad several times, and even her mother supported her while studying abroad. However, despite the rich family, Jennie is an independent woman who earns money by herself after she decided to pursue her music career.

As a BLACKPINK member, Jennie gets her income from various projects and deals, and she even runs her own YouTube channel. On average, Jennie’s net worth is approximately $10 million, and the amount could be increased even more!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Endorsements and Advertisements

BLACKPINK members have proven their popularity by having lots of huge deals with famous luxury brands. So does BLACKPINK’s Jennie who has many endorsements and deals with various brands from the endorsements for herself to the endorsements with other BLACKPINK members. Check out some of them here:

HERA– a Korean cosmetic luxury brand. Jennie has been the brand ambassador for HERA since 2019 and is popularly known to promote the brand’s lipstick collection.

Chanel– Jennie is the ultimate “Human Chanel” where she is also a fan of the luxury brand and became their brand ambassador.

Calvin Klein– Not long ago, Jennie had endorsements with the famous brand Calvin Klein. She is even the first K-pop star to adorn the iconic Houston Street Calvin Klein in New York City!

Gentle Monster– Jennie has been chosen as the style ambassador for the brand, and you can see her many times wearing the classy glasses from the brand’s collections!

Details of BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Assets

BLACKPINK has expanded its career globally from concerts, many deals with luxury brands, and other income that makes each member wealthy. Jennie also spends her income by purchasing some assets as in a luxury house and even cars as well!

Expensive Car

According to some sources, BLACKPINK’s Jennie purchased a luxury car from the brand Porsche. For more details, it is the Porsche Turbo 911 S with a price of approximately $203,500!

Luxury House

In early 2021, BLINK (BLACKPINK’s official fandom name) found out about the new luxury house that belongs to Jennie. It was revealed through one of her videos on her YouTube channel.

Jennie purchased a luxury house located in Hannam-dong which is also known as the elite residential area of Korea. It is a two-story house that has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The price is approximately between $4.9 million and $5,8 million!

All of the wealth that she has received is well-deserved, especially after a lot of hard work that Jennie has done in her career path. Do you also think that BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s net worth amount makes your jaw drop? Tell us your response by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!