Let’s Check Out Blackpink’s Funny Moments on ‘Running Man’ Here!


The Phenomenal Girl Group Blackpink on Running Man

What fan doesn’t know the phenomenal girl-group BLACKPINK? BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl-group, with four talented and beautiful members, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose. The group debuted on August 8, 2016, under YG Entertainment. Since their debut, their songs are frequently big hits and rule the top of all the charts. Even though the group has only released nine songs so far, they have a very large fandom and have won some major awards, including the most-viewed girl-group music video Boombayah in YouTube, with up to 400 million views, similar to their phenomenal hyung boy-group BIGBANG with Fantastic Baby. 

This monster rookie-group’s appearance on television shows is always highly anticipated by viewers, since people want to know more about BLACKPINK members’ personalities. Even if they show swagger, and are cool, beautiful, and classy on stage, they’re actually a bunch of dorky girls who often fool around each other! This other side of BLACKPINK became evident in one of SBS’s popular TV shows, Running Man.

In BLACKPINK’s Playing With Fire era, they were invited on Running Man as guests with the full team. In the Ddu-du-du era, BLACKPINK was once again invited on episode 409, but only the unnies, Jennie and Jisoo, participated,  and Jennie was alone on episode 413. Let’s find out about Jennie and Jisoo’s funny moments on Running Man!

Episode 409


In this episode, the entire cast and guests Hwang Chi-yeol, Yoon Bora, Pyo Hye-jin, Han Eun-jung, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo were running through their mission in a water park. Yes, this time it was all about a couple’s race, where each team consisted of a boy and a girl. At the beginning of the show, all the boys determined their partner by choosing one of the rainbow curtains with childhood photos as a clue about who was behind the door.

Haha was desperate to be with Jennie from the beginning, because he adores the fashionista Jennie so much. Unfortunately, Kwangoo chose Jennie first. Jisoo was Haha’s second choice, but she was also taken, by Jongkook (Jisoo also said that she wanted to be paired with Jongkook). Haha ended up paired with Somin, instead. Poor Haha…


One of the first games was acrostic poem, done with aegyo style. Jennie took Lee Kwangsoo’s name as the subject of her poem, and she did it very very well! If you expected the swag Jennie, after she spelled Lee Kwangsoo in her poem, you would see that she was 100% aegyo! Lee Kwangsoo become really shy after that. Jisoo took Kim Jongkook as her target. She did well, but turned out to a litte bit awkward. After the first game was over, they could choose a briefcase which contained either a boom card or heart card. Jisoo and Jennie both chose cases with a boom card in it.


The teams continued to the second game,where they the couples were competing to see which couple could hold a glass full of water the best, while they were going through a haunted house or house of mirrors. Because there were only seven teams, one team had to compete against a staff team to make it even (and of course the staff team is hard to lose since they know the route well). Lee Kwangsoo and Jennie ended up being the couple that had to compete against the staff.

Jisoo and Jongkook choose the mirror house, and Jisoo led the game. She found the route wel,l and kept their glass full of water, and her team won the game. Bad luck Kwangsoo and Jennie, Jennie confidently chose the haunted house while Kwangsoo looked anxious and scared. Before they went in, Jennie asked Kwangsoo to let her lead him because she saw Kwangsoo looked so scared.

Not long after they entered the house, brave Jennie suddenly turned into baby Jennie as she yelled and screamed all the way through, because she was afraid of the human ‘ghosts’. Jennie was crying hard when they came out, but she seemed so cute! Yoo Jaesuk said that Jennie’s crying is the best part in the Running Man, and would get a million viewers.


The third game was quite barbaric. The couples had ride the arcade in order to choose one of three briefcases, which could be added their heart or boom card. If a couple wanted to get more heart cards to win, they could take it from another couple (barbaric? yes). Jisoo and Lee Kwangsoo seemed to be leading the game, since they got some heart cards. Still not as lucky as her unnie, Jennie and the bad-luck Lee Kwangsoo only had some bomb cards in their bag. Even when they were given their last chance to pick heart cards, the stubborn Jennie once again made the wrong choice by picking up the case holding a bomb card, instead.

Before having to take the final penalty, a butterfly suddenly flew into Jennie, making her yell and start running! The whole cast started laughing, and declared Jennie be the most unlucky guest, ever! It made her the perfect fit with bad-luck Kwangsoo. Lee Kwangsoo remarked that it was rare to have a beautiful girl with such bad luck. Poor Jennie! This episode was perfectly wrapped up with seeing Jennie’s cute (and super bad-luck) side.



Episode 413


That summer, Running Man once again invited Jennie to be a guest on the show! Since her appearance in the haunted house, she’d become a viewer favorite with her innocence and cuteness. This time, the other guest on the show was Ki-joo, who was a newcomer artist. All the cast, especially Kwangsoo, were really happy when they saw Jennie coming into the room. Kwangsoo tried to give Jennie a high five, but Jae-suk immediately blocked all the possible physical contact between Kwangsoo and Jennie. Poor Kwangsoo!

As usual, the beginning of the show involved figuring out what team the guests would join. Everyone divided into two groups. One team had the lucky members, who were wearing comfortable, tailored suits, but the other team wasn’t as lucky, and had to wear animal pajamas in the hot summer weather. Jennie and Ki-joo had to choose between two boxes, each of which held one type of costume. As you can imagine, Jennie confidently chose the box that she thought had the tailored suit, but instead, it held shark pajamas! Jae Suk said that it was Kwangsoo’s unluckiness that cursed Jennie, but she looked cute in those shark pajamas, anyway. *playing baby shark*


To heat up the atmosphere, Jennie was asked to make an acrostic poem once again. Jennie picked Lee Kwangsoo as her subject, again. She said, “(Lee) now that happen, (Kwang) Kwang-soo oppa… , (soo) are you free this Wednesday?” Lee Kwangsoo immediately declared that he was free on the upcoming Wednesday, but, sadly, Jennie said that she had a job in Japan on that Wednesday. Unlucky Kwangsoo…

The first games were a soccer game, archery, and fruit ninja. In archery, it was like the lucky goddess was giving her blessings to Jennie, so that Jennie could save the entire team by shooting 9 points and defeating the lucky Jongkook. Once again, in that moment of celebration, Lee Kwangsoo failed to give Jennie a high five because Jennie was too focused on watching Jongkook take his turn.


In the fruit ninja session, Jennie was paired with Kwangsoo. They had to wear a connected couples t-shirt, and since Jennie and that giraffe Kwangsoo have such a large difference in height, the t-shirt looks really funny! While they were playing the game, Kwangsoo pulled Jennie everywhere, until she lost her control and slashed the bomb and lost. Jennie blamed Kwangsoo for their bad luck all the way.


The second game involved guessing something with their eyes closed. The first part was to guess other cast members by touching them. Jennie was so cute, wearing a frizzy wig with a black mustache! for the second part, they had guess an object by touching it with their cheeks. When Jennie had her turn, with Ji hyo, to guess a disgusting thing, Ji hyo accidentally kissed Jennie’s cheek! How cute. After that, the unlucky team members let Jennie and Ji hyo know it actually a pig skin they had to touch. Jennie was so revolted that she pretended to vomit. The second game ended with a tied score between two groups.


The last game the teams played was outside, in the pool. This time, they only the cast members wearing booms hat to sit above the pool tire. It was a game of musical chairs, where they had to sit when the music stopped. The atmosphere suddenly got turned up when the Running Man PD played BLACKPINK’s Ddu-ddu-du, during Jennie’s body roll part. Also, don’t forget Haha’s strange dance choreo to a reggae song!


The game ended with a penalty, which involved Jennie (the prettiest and unluckiest Jennie had made a comeback) having a hot sweet potato on the street corner (in hot weather of course) wearing all-black suits. Well, good luck with that sweats, Jennie!