Let’s Check Out BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Full Discography Here!


Meet Jennie Kim, the Girl Crush From BLACKPINK

Who doesn’t know this girl crush from BLACKPINK? She is Jennie Kim (born on January 16th, 1996), a singer and rapper from the girl group BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment. As her career with BLACKPINK is super popular worldwide, Jennie has made quite a big number of fans. She is pretty cute and sexy at the same time, super swag on stage but acts like a cute baby off stage. Not only for her appearance, but also her love scandal with EXO’s Kai, contributed to the rise of her fame and popularity, especially since they are both members of two very popular idol groups. She has also been dubbed as YG’s Princess and Channel Girl, as she very often wears Channel stuff and has even sponsored them.

Jennie has a unique voice which is quite deep and sexy. Her voice fits with her rap so much that you will go crazy when listening to her voice. This time, Channel-Korea will provide you with information on Jennie’s complete discography along with BLACKPINK, but also as a solo artist and featured artist. Stay tuned and get ready to snatch your wig!


Kill This Love Extended Play

This is the most recent of BLACKPINK’s comebacks, which was released on April 9th, 2019. As always, the songs are always hype and dope! The title song is already trending worldwide and has gained 71M views in 24 hours only. “Kill This Love” tells about how the girls stupidly fall in love and get heartbroken, and they want to kill the love and come back stronger. The song is quite fresh and different from BLACKPINK’s previous songs, but really a YG anthem. Additionally, around 60% of the lyrics are written in English, mainly because the EP targets the US market.

Jennie’s part is quite memorable in this song. The first one is her part as the black and white swan, opening the song with her strong rap. The second one (and we believe it’s everyone’s favorite) is her duet with Lisa as they appear extremely swag and beautiful! Jennie also fills the chorus with memorable epic lyrics “Rampapapapam”. Jennie, are you meaning to sing this song to Kai?

The other songs of this EP are “Don’t Know Without You,” “Hope Not,” “Kick It,” and “Ddu-du Ddu-du Remix.” This EP shows a large range of BLACKPINK’s vocals. Every song of this EP begins with Jennie, and it’s really dope!

Square Up Mini-Album

In this mini-album, BLACKPINK presented “Ddu-du Ddu-du” as their title song and “Forever Young” as the second title song, released on June 15th, 2018. The title song already broke many records with the sales and won many awards.

Everyone who has watched the “Ddu-du Ddu-du” MV has to remember Jennie’s amazing fast rapping with her diamond tank while throwing some popcorn! Rapper Jennie really showed her high ability in rapping.

Beside “Ddu-du Ddu-du” and “Forever Young,” Square Up also contains many other good songs, like “Really” and “See U Later.” 

Square Two Mini-Album

Almost two years ago, BLACKPINK released their second mini-album titled Square Two. The album consists of two songs, “Playing With Fire” and “Stay.”

Playing With Fire tells us about a girl who loves a boy but the love itself is quite dangerous, so this is why they call it ‘playing with fire’ as mom has said. Jennie shows more of her ability in singing, and the epic part of the MV is Jennie with her match inside the bath up.

“Stay” is one of BLACKPINK’s ballad songs. BLACKPINK used to sing this song in their last moments of their concerts, as they wish the BLINKs will always stay with them! Although it’s a ballad song, Jennie’s rap part still rocks the song and perfectly fits. This song is so chill to hear.

Square One Mini-Album

This is the very first BLACKPINK mini-album, or we can say it’s their debut album. BLACKPINK debuted with the very hype song (very YG style) “Boombayah” and the hip-hop song “Whistle.” BLACKPINK successfully debuted with these songs and they were nominated as the ‘monster rookie’.

You have to remember that unique “Clickclack badabim badaboom” and “Prangpang parapara pang pang pang” in Jennie’s rap part of “Boombayah.” Jennie always sings a memorable rap part with her nice deep voice.

In “Whistle,” Jennie shows her unique style of rapping with the very thick hip-hop vibes. Although she was still a rookie in this song, she really presented her ability as a professional rapper.