BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Diet Tips: Meal Plan, Workout Routine, Transformation

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie No-Salt Diet

Every woman will do anything to achieve a body like Jennie Kim‘s from the YG Entertainment‘s girl group BLACKPINK. She got that proportional body not in only a day or two, but she manages to be very strict when it comes to her diet journey.

When she had an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Jennie explained that she was quite strict with her diet. Even when other BLACKPINK members were eating something delicious, she only ate porridge since she was on a no-salt diet.

It was also revealed that her face and body swells if she eats too much salt, so to keep her body in shape, Jennie is well-known for avoiding salt in her diet. During her diet days, Jennie would eat these three meals:

  • Breakfast: simple and light food.
  • Lunch: avocado salad.
  • Dinner: porridge and detox juice.
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Do you want to know more tips from Jennie about her diet and exercise routine? Just keep on reading!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Diet Plan and Meal Preparation

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Many fans have been wanting more details about Jennie’s diet meal and preparation. And, luckily, the K-pop idol is very kind to share it with her fans. As Jennie is well-known for her no-salt diet, some people might find it difficult to follow Jennie’s diet routine.

But, don’t worry! Jennie’s diet also includes eating three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, she goes for something simple and a light meal before she does her yoga routine.

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Then, for the lunch, she has avocado salad, and the other tip is to drink a lot of water as well. For dinner, Jennie goes for porridge and detox juice. Aside from that, Jennie also strives to avoid any kind of food that contains salt during her diet, especially when she is in a strict diet mode.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Workout Routine

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As many K-pop idols have done, dance practice is one of the most common exercise routines that they do. Well, BLACKPINK’s Jennie also does it as a part of her exercises, but the K-pop idols also have other options that you can follow.

BLACKPINK’s members like Jennie and Jisoo are well-known for their fondness for yoga and Pilates. Even Jennie also shared her pose while she did a flying yoga or other gesture in her Pilates session.

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Jennie has been into yoga and Pilates regularly, so it is no wonder that she can stay in shape and successfully achieve that proportional body goal. Some of the other exercises that she likes to do are crunches on the wall, leg circles, side leg lifts, child pose, and many more!

Check Out Jennie’s Transformation Before and After Her Diet Here!

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After getting to know Jennie’s diet preparation and what kind of exercises she has been through, you might be curious about the result. Is Jennie’s diet worth trying? You can see the differences by comparing the before and after transformation of BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s diet!


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Before she did the diet, you can see that Jennie looked more chubby back then.

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Through some full-body pictures, her face and her thighs weren’t as slim as her current appearances.

blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie

In her past appearance, the S-body line wasn’t showing yet even though Jennie’s body already looked good. But, after the diet, you can see her amazing S-body line!


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After Jennie constantly did her diet, you can see the huge differences. From a bunch of photoshoot sessions, Jennie has shown off her S-body line that can make every woman jealous of her. She still has beautiful curves on her body, yet she also looks very tiny in such a good way! Check out some of her transformations after the diet:

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blackpink jennie
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Do you want to follow the diet method and exercise routines just like BLACKPINK’s Jennie? You can also check out other BLACKPINK members’ diet, here! Share your opinion regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!