Let’s Check Out Blackpink Members Instagram Feeds!


The World’s Most Phenomenal Girl Group – Blackpink

Blackpink is a Korean girl group that consists of four members: Jennie the leader, Lisa, Ji-soo, and Rosé. Having debuted in 2016, Blackpink has impacted the K-Pop industry in a very impressive way. Because of their concept and catchy songs, they have fans from all over the world. Prior to their debut, YG Entertainment opened up Blackpink’s official Instagram. On their Instagram, Blackpink was posting their activities and music promotions. Now, the account has over 15 million followers. Their first post was posted in 2016 to promote their debut single, “Boombayah.” Until now, the post has been liked by more than 200k users.

They are not only posting as a group but each member is often posting her own photos and videos. Even though they look elegant and classy, Blackpink members also have their goofy side!

In June, Blackpink made a comeback on the scene with their mini-album SQUARE UP with the title song “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” Since then, they have opened their personal Instagram accounts and started sharing posts regarding their own interests. Do you want to know what kind of photos Blackpink members have posted? Let’s check out their Instagram feeds!


Jennie’s Instagram Feed

Jennie’s username is @jennierubyjane and has already been verified by Instagram. In her feed, Jennie often posts photos depicting her daily activities and her personal life.

While she was on holiday, Jennie posted several photos from her trip to Disneyland. She looks cute photographed with a Mickey Mouse headband. Happy to see her enjoying her free time!

As a model for the brand Chanel, Jennie was invited to the Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Show that was held in Paris, in October 2018. She posted some behind the scene photos from her appearance at the event.

At the fashion show, Jennie also took a photo with Vanessa Paradis, a model and ex-wife of Johnny Depp.

Jennie has two dogs named Kai and Kuma. She loves to post photos of her dogs on Instagram. Her dogs are too cute to handle!

As a Blackpink member, Jennie is working with many people, including her team members. To show her gratitude to her co-workers, she shared some photos with her band members and the staff after Blackpink’s concert.

Recently, Jennie released a solo song, “Solo.” She posted several teaser photos and a behind the scene shots from the music video made to promote her song.

Have you seen Jennie’s music video? Here’s the video!


Ji-soo’s Instagram Feed

Ji-soo’s Instagram account is @sooyaaa_ and her account has been verified by Instagram. Most of her photos are her personal photos showing her activities. Like Jennie, Ji-soo also likes to share photos from her holidays. This one is from her holiday in New York. She looks pretty with a beret hat and a grey dress.

In August 2018, Blackpink did a Japan Tour in Fukuoka. After performing, Ji-soo was captured enjoying her free time at the bridge. She looks casual with an oversized shirt and light make-up.

Ji-soo also often posts selfies with various concepts. One time, she used a refreshing concept with an orange filter around her face. She looks very adorable!

On Halloween day, Ji-soo posted her photos with a scary effect to celebrate Halloween.

Not only she posts photos, but she also posts videos of her doing finger heart. The caption of this post says, “Turns out it’s a video,” where she smiles awkwardly while doing a gesture. Seems like she didn’t realize that she took a video!

Ji-soo has a hobby of taking photos with a film camera. She has posted several photos of her taken as mirror selfies with her camera. Because of the authenticity of the film camera’s result, most of her photos look aesthetically pleasing!

In July, Ji-soo posted a photo with Jennie on the filming location for the reality show Running Man. She and Ji-soo were photographed with a nametag with their name and posing under an umbrella. Have you already watched their appearances in the show?

She also posted several photos with her team members. The first photo Ji-soo posted was with Lisa in New York. The second photo Ji-soo posted, was with Jennie at the show’s backstage. And the third photo Ji-soo posted was taken at an event for the brand COACH with Rosé. They look so close to each other!


Lisa’s Instagram Feed

Lisa’s Instagram username is @lalalalisa_m that comes from her real name, Lalisa Manoban. Her account also has been verified by Instagram. Looking at her feed, seems like Lisa is very much into photography. On the profile, she put a link to her Youtube channel, Lilifilm Official.

She has posted her videos with Ji-soo when they were on holiday in Japan and also at the backstage of Blackpink’s Seoul concert. Her videos are so simple yet very unique. Fans get to know what’s happening at the backstage. Then, what about her photos? Let’s check them out!

Right after it was announced that Blackpink members have opened personal Instagram accounts, Lisa shared her photos taken on the set for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video. She was photographed holding Blackpink’s light stick and wearing a pink suit.

Like Ji-soo, Lisa also has a hobby of taking photos with a film camera. She has shared some of her photos in her feed. Not only she has a film camera, but Lisa also has Polaroid. She has taken photos of herself with Polaroid and has posted them.

In November 2018, Lisa shared a photo of her with Kiel Tutin, a choreographer and dancer. Both of them are dancing together in a video that was posted by X Academy, a dance academy from YG Entertainment.

Not only with Kiel Tutin, but Lisa has also shared a photo with Lee Seung-hoon from Winner and Kim Dong-hyuk from iKon. The three of them were collaborating for X Academy too.

Lisa also shows her activity as a Blackpink member in her feed. She shared a photo of her and Krunk, YG Entertainment’s mascot, at the backstage.

Like Jennie, Lisa also has a pet. Her pet is a cat named Leo. She shares her moments with Leo posting some photos. Both of them looks very cute!


Rosé’s Instagram Feed

Rosé’s Instagram username is @roses_are_rosie and her account has been verified. That means all Blackpink members are verified users of Instagram. In her feed, Rosé has shared a childhood photo of hers on Chuseok. She still looks the same!

Rosé likes to post her mirror selfies. Even though it’s just a simple mirror selfie, but her photos are so unique and show what Rosé really likes.

On her Instagram, Rosé shows her affection for her team members. She posted a photo with Jennie at a Sprite event with the caption “>mywifey 🔫🖤.” They both look happy and refreshing while holding a water gun in the photo.

While Rosé was on her way to Osaka, Lisa and she were joking with each other at the airport. When Rosé took a video of herself walking, Lisa ran towards her trying to photobomb her video. But, Lisa came back and hugged her. They are too cute!

Rosé not only posts photos of her band members, but she also posts photos of the staff as well. She shared some photos from her holiday in Tokyo Disneyland, with the band’s make-up artists. All of them look very happy at the most amusing place in the world.

Rosé has also shown her connection with other artists. She and Ji-soo shared a selfie taken at an event for the brand COACH, with model Kiko Mizuhara.

Rosé also helped to promote Dua Lipa’s collaboration with Blackpink for the single titled “Kiss and Make Up.”

Because of her popularity, Rosé has been invited to the launching events of many brands. She has shared some photos of her at the events.

Overall, it is obvious that the four of them share certain similarities in their feed, such as their hobbies and holidays. Follow their Instagram accounts if you want to get updated about their most recent activities. So, which member’s Instagram feed did you like best?