BLACKPINK’s Contract: Disbanding in 2023? What Happens Next?

blackpink disband

The Badass South Korean Girl Group With Swag, BLACKPINK’s Disbandment Issue You Should Know!

The fame of BLACKPINK is incredible both locally and internationally since the group’s debut in 2016. The South Korean girl group consists of Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo. Each member has charming and unique beauty with cool music and dance that brings them to the peak.

In the K-pop industry, there is a line about a 5-years curse for idols or K-pop groups which means usually girl groups or boy groups only last 5 years after debut. BLACKPINK has already exceeded the cursed year. However, fans are still curious about the possibility of them disbanding at this crucial time. Let’s get to know if BLACKPINK will really disband, the contract with YG Entertainment, and more in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

BLACKPINK Disbandment Issue and Why It Started

blackpink disband

BLACKPINK’s disbandment rumor started circulating on the Internet for some reason. The disbandment of a group always makes fans upset but also empowers the members to do their own careers. BLINK, the fan base of BLACKPINK, also feels the same feeling regarding what will happen with Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo. Besides, the usual 5 to 7-year contract of girl groups is also used as a hashtag on Twitter.

Now, let’s continue to the beginning of the reason for the BLACKPINK disbandment issue below!

Hashtag #BLACKPINKDisband Arose on Twitter

blackpink disband

The power of social media is strong nowadays, and it can bring movement and response from another party. This hashtag began when one of the members BLACKPINK, Lisa, was doing a solo and made a collaboration with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Megan Thee Stallion. This stimulated fans of Jennie and Rose to start a war on Twitter. They were angry because one of the members was getting more of the spotlight and work. Moreover, there’s also a bunch of people that admitted to being YG fans who bashed BTS, which led ARMY to react on Twitter and start #BLACKPINKDisband.

So, it’s a war between fans with nothing related to the artists themselves.

BLACKPINK’s Contract With YG Entertainment

blackpink disband

YG Entertainment has been working on the contract of BLACKPINK. It revealed that BLACKPINK signed a 7-year contract, and they will be together till 2023 for sure. After 7 years, possibly, each member will have a further discussion with YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Member Career Predictions After Disbandment

blackpink disband

Some assumptions about good things could be explored if every BLACKPINK member is not together anymore as a group. Here are some career predictions about what they might do in the future.

Lisa’s Career Prediction After Disbandment

blackpink disband

In 2021, Lisa released her solo debut “LALISA” with strong dance choreography combined with her rapping skills. Lisa could surely be the next badass solo singer. Moreover, she even became a dance judge on one of the survival shows in China. She may also possibly be considered a dance mentor or anything related to choreography.

Jennie’s Career Prediction After Disbandment

blackpink disband

Jennie did a solo debut first compared to the other members with “SOLO” which had massive success. Her charismatic and powerful figure became the most attractive besides her rapping skills. Jennie could be a solo singer too with her amazing skills.

Rose’s Career Prediction After Disbandment

blackpink disband

Rose has a unique and melodious voice that sets a high bar for any ballad singer. Rose has released a single album too with R. She will possibly focus on singing and creating songs for her own music.

Jisoo’s Career Prediction After Disbandment

blackpink disband

Before the group’s debut, Jisoo was working in the entertainment industry as a model. She is also active in the acting industry. Besides singing, she may possibly pursue acting to be her career. Recently, in 2021, Jisoo was the main lead in the drama Snowdrop.

That’s all about the BLACKPINK disbandment issue with the short answer being no. They will be stuck together until 2023 at least. What do you think about this issue? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below and share it on Twitter. Keep supporting BLACKPINK’s music and career!