BLACKPINK Members Diet Plan (Exercise and Workout)


How to get a body like the members of BLACKPINK?

Having good facial features and a proportional body is a must for Korean people, especially K-Pop idols, regardless of whether they are males or females. As for every female idol, each one of them is working hard in order to have a slim body, and chopstick legs.

For that, each K-pop idol has her/his own strict diet plan that includes the amount and type of food they can have, and the type of exercise and workout they need to follow through. But BlackPink members actually have their own kind of diet which we will reveal, so check them out!

BLACKPINK members’ weight order

BLACKPINK members' weight order

Everyone has a different body type and condition. So it’s always different for each of the members. Below is the Blackpink members’ weight in order!

  • Jennie: Her weight is 50 kg equivalent to 110 lbs with 163 cm in her height for comparison.
  • Rose: She is 46 kg equivalent to 101 lbs with her height of 163 cm for comparison.
  • Lisa: Same as Rose, Lisa is 46 kg or 101 lbs and her height is 167 cm.
  • Jisoo: Jisoo is the shortest member of the group, she is 45 kg (99 lbs) and her height is 162 cm.

BLACKPINK members’ diet plan that you can try


Debuted under YG Entertainment in 2016, BLACKPINK have become one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea. Not only they are known for their abilities in singing and dancing, but they are also known for their good charming looks. Like other girl groups, they have their own diet tips, which were revealed when they were guests in Weekly Idol and during their appearance in the YG Moonshot Flagship Store.

Considering that they are global superstars, it’s a must to have a healthy body in order to be able to do their hectic schedules. Don’t take this diet plan as it is but take it only as a reference since every person has a different body condition. Let’s go!

When BlackPink came to the YG Moonshot Flagship Store, they were asked about their diet secret by a reporter. Jennie revealed that they are actually not on a tight diet, but they just control the amount of food and calories they eat. The other reason they don’t gain weight is because they have a lot of activities and they move a lot.

BlackPink also shocked the Weekly Idol MC when they came to Weekly Idol during their “As If It’s Your Last” promotion. The MC asked the girls, “With the comeback ahead, you guys must have not eaten a lot right? You guys are on a diet recently right?” Jennie shyly responded “Yes.” Continuing to ask, the MC asked further questions such as “How many meals do you have a day?” All of the BlackPink members gave very unusual answers, as they have three meals a day. Jisoo even added: “Three meals with supper!” which shocked the MC.

During BlackPink’s appearance in SBS’ Power FM, they were also asked whether they are currently dieting, but all of them burst out laughing. Jisoo mentioned that they used to have a tight diet when they were trainees, but they have given up dieting a long time ago.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s diet plan

BLACKPINK's Lisa's diet plan

For Lisa’s diet plan, she does not actually have any diet plan but Lisa regularly consumes detox juices every day just like Jennie. She does not need to lose weight because alongside Rose they are the type who should actually gain weight rather than lose. So when the group orders food, Lisa and Rose would be the ones that eat the most.

She even eats three times a day even during promotions, this is seen a little bit differently as a common girl group usually reduces the intake of calories during promotion days. Her way of maintaining her figure is only by their dance practices since she hates working out.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s diet plan

BLACKPINK's Jennie's diet plan

The key to Jennie’s version of the diet plan is to eat healthy foods such as a salad with avocado and detox juices. According to Jennie, a snack or a little at night aims so that she can eat a larger portion the next day.

When the group is getting ready for promotions or other TV appearances, she becomes more careful with her diet. Since she tends to swell a lot when she eats salty food, she follows a no-salt diet in order to maintain her figure. Jennie stated that everyone can have a fun diet, as long as they find the right pattern. Other than that, she focuses more on losing weight by working out rather than doing a diet.

BLACKPINK’s Rose’s diet plan

BLACKPINK's Rose's diet plan

In an interview at the YG Moonshot Flagship Store, Jisoo mentioned that Rose is the kind of person that should actually be gaining weight, so when they order food she just eats a little while Rose eats a ton.

The Rose-style diet does is not limited to consuming various foods. Rose admits she can eat anything but the vegetables themselves have become her favorite food. In addition, according to Rose, the healthiest snacks to eat are fruit. She like vegetables such as bell peppers and carrots.

Rose and each BLACKPINK member can actually eat a whole chicken at one time. But, her eating pattern usually is to eat regularly and steadily throughout the day rather than eating a big amount of food at once.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s diet plan

BLACKPINK's Jisoo's diet plan

Different from Lisa and Rose who do not easily gain weight, Jisoo is the member who can easily gain weight. So, she tries to do more practice as much as possible and move around. Jisoo admitted that one of her tricks to maintain her weight is to keep her eating portions small.

Along with being together with BLACKPINK members, Jisoo felt that her body had changed and she no longer easily gains weight like she used to be. The same with the maknae of the group, Lisa, Jisoo does not like working out too, she relies on their dance practices in terms of exercise.

BLACKPINK members’ exercise and workout routines


Being asked about food, all of the BlackPink members mentioned that they actually eat a lot, and when it comes to exercise, they also mentioned that their one and only exercise is dancing. When being asked about the diet tips by a reporter, Jennie said that they don’t have any special exercise. “It’s not like we don’t eat or anything. Because we have so much dance practice, it just seems like we naturally make use of all the food we eat.”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s exercise and workout

2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 1

For Lisa, there is no specific workout that she likes to do on a regular basis. In general, Lisa hates working out. So she rarely hits the gym or any other type of exercise that people usually do. But as the main dancer of the group, Lisa practices so much for her dancing; that way she can exercise while polishing her dancing skills.

In one of the episodes of Youth With You, when Lisa was one of the mentors there, she stated that when she was a trainee she would practice for more than 12 to 15 hours a day. “Generally, we had class from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., I usually kept practicing until 3 or 4 a.m. It might be hard, but it’s worth it.”

With the amount of time she has spent on practice, no wonder that her body looks fabulous without other exercise needed.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s exercise and workout

blackpink jisoo jeannie

Among the four members of BlackPink, Jennie is known as the most dedicated in terms of her health. As revealed, she works out a lot even during their break from the spotlight.

Although BlackPink members aren’t pushed to have an exercise or a workout plan, Jennie is actually practicing Flying Yoga, which was revealed in March 2017. Yoga is known as a good workout routine as it helps people to get a good body, body balance, and relaxed soul. Practicing Flying Yoga helps them maintain their good body shapes and reduce calories from their body. Recently, she does a lot of pilates, and as a K-Pop star, Jennie does a lot of dance practices too as exercise.

BLACKPINK’s Rose’s exercise and workout

BLACKPINK's Rose's exercise and workout

Just like her unnie Jennie, Rose likes to do Flying Yoga. Flying Yoga, known as aerial yoga, is a modern branch of yoga that uses the help of tools/props in the form of a special scarf (some call it swing, some call it a hammock) and combines traditional yoga movements.

Rose also does pilates too! She usually does it once every two days religiously. This routine was revealed in one of BLACKPINK’s reality shows titled Blackpink House Episode 12. You can see Rose exercising with her personal trainer in that episode.

There are many benefits of doing pilates, pilates supports the core of the body to stabilize body coordination, so as to maintain good posture. Pilates trains the muscles of the lower back, hips, and pelvis to work in harmony. Luckily again, pilates can stabilize the body by reducing the wear of the spine.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s exercise and workout

BLACKPINK's Jisoo's exercise and workout

Same as Lisa, Jisoo is the type of person that hates working out. She does not have any specific workout routine like Rose or Jennie. Other than workouts, she uses another type of exercise and that is dancing. As she is in one of the biggest girl groups in the world right now, her schedule is filled with practice, both vocal and dance practice.

She spent so much time practicing to the extent that she even has abs without her knowing. It was revealed that in most of her performance photos, her abs always stood out the most despite the fact that she does not do work out. This was a shock to Jisoo too as she said to fans that maybe her abs are showing because of the stage lighting but the fans refuse to believe.

Now, after knowing about the BLACKPINK diet, of course, you now realize that having a body like Korean idols doesn’t always have to be torture. But still, better to consult with your doctor first before implementing any diet and workout plan. Everybody has their own history and condition, so please be wise and mindful with your workout and diet plan! So, are you interested in trying the BLACKPINK members’ diet?