Blackpink Members Dating Rumors

Other Black Pink Members Dating Rumors

1. Black Pink Jisoo Dating Rumor


Jisoo entered YG Entertainment in July 2011. Jisoo stated that she has never been in a relationship with anyone so far, that is why there are no rumors about her with any guy.

2. Black Pink Jennie Dating Rumor


Previously, we have revealed about Jennie’s dating rumor with Teddy Park, but a long time before, Jennie was also in a rumor with Bigbang’s Taeyang as she was posted in one of Taeyang’s Instagram photos. This happened when Jennie was still studying in New Zealand. But YG Entertainment clarified the rumor that it was spread by YG hater and the hater had been arrested. The rumor was made due to his hate toward YG Entertainment.

3. Black Pink Rose Dating Rumor

black pink rose

Rose joined YG in May 2012 during an audition in Australia. She is most likely single now because of YG’s dating restriction. Along with Jisoo, they revealed about the dating rules in MBC Radio Star.

4. Black Pink Lisa Dating Rumor


Since accepted as a trainee in 2010, Lisa has never been in any dating controversy till now. She is single due to the restriction of alcohol, dating and such ever since she was a trainee.