BLACKPINK’s Cultural Appropriation Scandal You Must Be Aware Of!

blackpink cultural appropriation

Did BLACKPINK Show Culture Appreciation or Culture Appropriation? Find Out Here!

BLACKPINK is known for having catchy, superficial songs that can uplift your mood. Their songs become hits whenever they are released. In every music video, they have also shown cool and swag vibes which are considered a match with their style. The group consists of four members: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose.

Some cultural appropriation in their music videos or actions became a problem nowadays. K-pop, in some ways, wants to be crossed with the West but also recognizes cultural appropriation. It includes the styles, choreography, or movements that are considered not appropriate to be treated or shown as they did. Let’s dig more into BLACKPINK’s cultural appropriation in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay tuned!

BLACKPINK’s Cultural Appropriation Issues

blackpink cultural appropriation

Since BLACKPINK became more popular and is recognized internationally, every action and move is easy to judge with opinions about whether they’re intended or not. Cultural appropriation is related to the core of the nation or certain ethnicities which could bring misunderstanding and cases to the society and community if something crosses paths with a certain culture.

It would be a proud and grateful moment if the culture could be campaigned and shown in the right way. Otherwise, it could be dangerous if the culture shown is treated disrespectfully.

BLACKPINK Disrespects Indian Cultures

blackpink cultural appropriation

Some BLACKPINK members did inappropriate actions to Indian culture and religion. Some sacred dances, clothes, and symbols must be aware of and learned by their team before being executed in the music videos or any promotional event. Here are some examples of BLACKPINK showcasing Indian cultures.

Lisa’s Disrespect to Hinduism in “How You Like That”

blackpink cultural appropriation

Lisa was reported showing disrespect to Hinduism because of sitting on a throne with Lord Ganesha with the statue beside her in the music video of “How You Like That.” Lord Ganesha is sacred and historical and is a big part of religion in Hinduism.

Jennie’s Disrespect to India by Wearing Bindi and Maang Teeka in “Kill This Love”

blackpink culture appropriation

Jennie is also found wearing Bindi and Maang Teeka in the “Kill This Love” music video which are part of Indian sacred history.

Rose and Jennie’s Disrespectful Indian Dance During “Kill This Time” Promotion

blackpink culture appropriation

Jennie and Rose mocked Indian culture by dancing part of Bharatnatyam. This dance is a classic Indian dance so it was found inappropriate to imitate the movements in a fun way like they did in BLACKPINK Diaries episode 7.

BLACKPINK Disrespects Native American Cultures

blackpink culture appropriation

BLACKPINK members also even did the noises and dances of Native Americans in the music video for “Boombayaah.” It’s also talked about as cultural appropriation in some communities.

Lisa’s Braids Disrespect Black Culture in Her Solo Debut Song “Money”

blackpink culture appropriation

Lisa just released her solo album LALISA with side B song “Money” in 2021. Besides the excitement and happiness caused because she could showcase her hard work, Lisa got hatred for her style in the “Money” music video. In her music video, Lisa is styled with box braids that are linked to African culture.

The Thai-born star is criticized for using cornrows and box braids hairstyles, and she has been showing discrimination that leads to negative stigmas of the swag and badass concept. Black fans are angry and upset about this styles issue. This issue became wider on social media, and they have sent letters to YG Entertainment related to cultural disrespect.

BLACKPINK’s Response to Cultural Appropriation Scandals

blackpink culture appropriation

Some issues regarding cultural appropriation that happened to BLACKPINK members are not fully responded to publicly. However, Lisa is the first member that apologized related to this. Lisa listened to her fans and said sorry to people who got hurt from the cultural appropriation. She expressed she didn’t have bad intentions and thinks it is a cool hairstyle. She acknowledged this and doesn’t want this happening again in the future.

That’s all about cultural appropriation that happened to BLACKPINK. Which one do you think is the most appropriate? Put your comment below and share it on Twitter, too! Keep supporting BLACKPINK’s career in the future!