Check Out The Amazing Performance Of BLACKPINK At ‘Coachella 2019’!

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The euphoria of BLACKPINK during Coachella wouldn’t stop there since their popularity was beyond expanding, which also made people acknowledged their music and style as well. After their performance at Coachella, BLACKPINK also shared their thoughts and reaction about that during some documentaries and interviews!

BLACKPINK Thoughts About Performing At ‘Coachella 2019’

Since BLACKPINK was the first female K-Pop group to performing at Coachella, people have started to realize that they were made the new K-Pop history in the music industry! Moreover, their skills in both Korean and English transition also gained a lot of compliments.

Jennie also revealed her amazement with Coachella’s crowds! According to her, she didn’t expect that people would have known their music. But right after BLACKPINK was entering the venue, they could be heard all of the people were screaming ‘BLACKPINK in the area’ which also made the members were excited! Meanwhile, Rosé and the rest of BLACKPINK members were thought that Coachella’s performance was a dream since they have never expected to perform there.

Not only that but with their performance at Coachella also brought them to met several Hollywood stars! Even Khalid also said congratulations on them and revealed that they were the biggest K-Pop female group as well.

BLACKPINK’s documentary at Coachella:

For further information, BLACKPINK also appeared through the Zach Sang Show and revealed everything about their Coachella performance! Jennie has started her thoughts by saying that they had received a lot of energy from the crowd, following by Rosé’s feeling that Coachella’s performance was the best experience of her 22 years life! Then BLACKPINK also used to had pressure since Coachella was a colossal music performance, but they ended up successful during the performance!

Watch the full interview of BLACKPINK with Zach Sang here:


Through ‘BLACKPINK DIARIES’ EP. 8, we could see the preparation of BLACKPINK before they were performing at Coachella! The members were done their rehearsal performance, have a sight around the venue, checking out their stage, and also meet several Hollywood celebrities there such as Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith! Then Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie were come by and said simple greeting towards him and also watching the performance of Jaden Smith as well! Suddenly, Jisoo came by and following the other members to watch him.

blackpink & the smith family
blackpink & jaden smith
blackpink & khalid

Right before their performance, BLACKPINK is also taking time to have a little conversation with US singer Khalid, even they also received support from him as well. During the backstage, BLACKPINK seemed to be nervous but excited at the same time since the crowds were thunderous!

blackpink & diplo

Then as people could be expected, BLACKPINK was ‘slay’ their performance at Coachella with their style of music! Rosé also said that even though they were coming from different countries, but through Coachella and their music, it also brought them as one! There was a little surprise for them after the performance. After that, members met with Diplo, who was also watching their Coachella performance!

That’s it for today’s article about BLACKPINK’s performance at Coachella 2019! Eventually, they were becoming the first female K-Pop group to performing there and successfully slew the crowds! Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa were grateful for that, and also thanked their international BLINKs as well. Let’s always supporting their career and wait for another project from them!

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