Black Pearl’s Nami: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Solo Career, And More!

Black Pearl’s Nami’s Solo Career

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Since Black Pearl disbanded, Nami is a member who immediately continued her career as a solo artist and started working under the stage name Black Pearl Nami. Even though the girl group that debuted in 2007 has been disbanded, it is possible for Nami to continue her work by carrying the name Black Pearl so that the existence of this girl group can still be remembered in history by fans and K-Pop fans around the world.

Nami, from the group Black Pearl, shared the latest news through a drama OST after a long time. Nami, who received an OST song proposal for KBS2’s daily drama Elegant Mother and Daughter, finished recording the track “Sometimes” and released it on February 15th, 2020.

The new soundtrack, “Sometimes”, is an impressive ballad song expressing the heart of a woman who is suffering from unattainable love and a sorrowful melody line. Producer Kang Woo-kyung and lyricist Kang Byeol, composer Park Hyun-am devoted their attention to the work of the song.

Nami, who participated in the recording, said, “I’m going to give my fans a new song in about two and a half years. It’s fun and glorious just to be able to hear your voice through a drama that is loved by many people.”

Nami debuted in the music industry as the lead vocal of Black Pearl in 2007 by releasing the single that was loved by many, “What Can I Do, I Like You” for their debut, followed by “Finally… It’s You”, “Gogossing”, and “Blue Moon”. At the time, during Black Pearl activities, she participated in the OST song of the drama East of Eden and Cinderella Man and received a positive response.

Elegant Mother and Daughter is a melodrama about the dangerous love surrounding her with Han Yu-jin (played by Joo Sangwook‘s wife, Cha Ye-ryun), a woman raised by her mother Cha Mi-yeon (played by Choi Myung-gil) as a tool of revenge. From middle-sized actors such as Kim Myung-soo and Ji Ji-won, and rookie actors such as Yoon Ra-young, they are loved by viewers for their perfect performance by the old and new union.

Before continuing with her solo debut, Black Pearl’s Nami also made a re-debut in 2014 and joined The Sisters. In an interview with Newsen, Black Pearl’s Nami explained her experience of debuting as a previous member of the girl group that popularized “Gogossing”.

“In the days of Black Pearl, I played the role of leader. It wasn’t very difficult, but something was really difficult. The leader doesn’t want to do something even if she received a billion because they have been through some hard times. As the youngest in The Sisters, I am grateful and kind of feel sorry that my older sisters understand and take good care of me. There is no intention to replace the leader like the days before,” she said while explaining the pros and cons of becoming a leader.

During the interview, Black Pearl’s Nami also said that she can’t always contact the members. “I can’t do it often, but I do it sometimes. If there were any OSTs that I couldn’t work with, I was able to connect them to other members. The two members are now working as vocal trainers, and the youngest, it has been a long time since I haven’t been able to contact them, honestly. I would have contacted more often if I had been active because of my strength as an older sister.”

Well, that was all of the information about Black Pearl’s Nami: starting from her full profile, fun facts, career journey with Black Pearl, The Sister, to the present. She is busy as a solo artist who got the opportunity to release soundtracks for several K-Dramas that are still ongoing.

Black Pearl’s Nami really worked to the fullest so that her aspiration as a singer can continue to be achieved well and become her main job at this time. Let’s keep giving support to Black Pearl’s Nami so that her career can shine even brighter in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and check out the other interesting scoops from the collection of Channel-Korea articles!