Black Pearl’s Nami: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Solo Career, And More!

black pearl nami profile

Everything You Should Know About Black Pearl’s Leader Oh Na-mi

Debuting as a member of a girl group and having a position as a leader is a big responsibility for Oh Na-mi, a female K-Pop idol who is also a member of Black Pearl. Oh Na-mi debuted in 2007 as a member of Black Pearl. During her debut with the girl group under Core Contents Media, she also had many opportunities to continue to pursue a good career as a singer. After 5 years with Black Pearl, management decided that the group should disband in 2012 after the release of their last single “Gogossing”.

Nevertheless, Oh Na-mi continued her career and re-debuted in 2014 as a member of the trio, The Unnies, also known as The Sisters. Different from Black Pearl, The Unnies has a concept that is more catchy and mature than Black Pearl which is energetic and fresh. After joining The Unnies, Oh Na-mi resumed her career as a solo artist and released several K-Drama soundtracks in 2018. In this article, we are going to take a detailed look at the sea of information provided about Black Pearl’s Oh Na-mi’s profile, career journey, her latest news. Without waiting any longer, let’s check out the article below!

Black Pearl’s Nami’s Full Profile

black pearl nami profile

Real Name: Oh Na-mi (Hangul: 오나미)

Stage Name: Nami (Hangul: 나미)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, October 24th, 1981

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 165 cm (5’4.9″)

Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)

Position in the group:  Leader, Vocalist

Education: Baekje College of Arts (Musical Department)

Official Sites:

Black Pearl’s Nami’s Fun Facts

black pearl nami profile
  1. Black Pearl’s Nami used to be a member of The Sisters.
  2. Black Pearl’s Nami sang a song for the K-Drama Unasked Family titled “Bring You Back”, for Gracious Revenge a song titled “Sometimes”, and for Flower Bloody Sunshine a song  titled “Lie”.
  3. Black Pearl’s Nami started pursuing a solo career under the stage name Blackpearl Nami.
  4. Black Pearl’s Nami has a Chihuahua named Han Kong that was born on April 5th, 2015.
  5. Black Pearl’s Nami also has 2 cats, named Black and Pearl.

Black Pearls’ Nami’s Visual

black pearl nami profile

Visuals are the most important aspect for idols so that they can stay in the entertainment industry. The beauty or good looks possessed by K-Pop idols is of course one of the main aspects because they have to appear in front of many people. Not a few of the public always comment on their visuals. Therefore, management has set the standard for the visuals of idols who debut under their agency.

To get to know Black Pearl’s Nami more closely from the visuals, let’s check out the information in the section below!

Debuting in 2007, Black Pearl became one of the girl groups who were quite active in promoting performances on stage. Thus, the stylists provided the best outfit concepts for the members to wear. The mid-2000s also became a pivotal point in fashion for celebrities and remained trendy on stage.

Black Pearl’s Nami also nailed it in the outfit she wore on stage like the picture above. The member who is also the leader of the group wore a denim mini-skirt and also a top with a slanted cut on the shoulders in orange with asymmetrical lace starting at the top of the arms to below the chest.

black pearl nami profile

In the red circle in the picture above, Black Pearl’s Nami is seen as the member on the left side. Not much has changed from the face of Black Pearl’s Nami from the past to date. Her small face and cute smile are still shining on her. Debuting as a K-Pop idol in that era was also an advantage for Black Pearl. Nami has arguably met the beauty standards of that era with her natural beauty.

black pearl nami profile

K-Pop idols like Black Pearl’s Nami look really pretty with natural make-up as we can see from the selca above, right? With nude lipstick and very simple eye make-up, her beauty looks very natural and not excessive. Beside that, the camera which was still very low quality at that time even looked really good when photographing Black Pear’s Nami’s face while wearing thin and simple make-up. Looks like this selca was taken when she was going to a schedule to promote with her group.

black pearl nami profile

From a long time ago, Black Pearl’s Nami has a hobby of taking selcas. With a simple pose, just staring at the camera with a natural expression and without a smile, she already looks shining in the selca she took. The mid-2000s was a time when K-Pop idols were struggling to get fans’ attention. The selcas taken by Black Pearl’s Nami are also believed to be shared with fans and the simple selcas also seem to captivate fans’ hearts.

black pearl nami profile

After debuting with Black Pearl, Nami has also been a member of the female trio, The Unnies or The Sisters. In the photo above, we can see the concept of The Unnies which has a retro theme with hairstyle, make-up, and also an outfit full of sparkling blink that looks shining.

In the photo taken above, there are 2 members of The Unnies who are in front of Nami. After debuting with Black Pearl, Nami was appointed leader and also didn’t have much change from her previous appearance with The Unnies. It’s just that the retro concept of The Unnies was abandoned and featured a fresher concept like a teenager with Black Pearl.

black pearl nami profile

You can see the difference from Black Pearl’s Nami’s appearance when she promoted with the girl group that popularized “Gogossing”. When on stage, Black Pearl’s Nami was seen wearing a simpler outfit with orange hotpants and a white crop top with an aesthetic image on the front. Black Pearl’s Nami’s make-up and hairstyle also look more natural and simple, as she exudes a teenager’s aura from her appearance when promoting with Black Pearl on stage.

black pearl nami profile

Black Pearl’s Nami was also well-known as one of the members who really liked taking selcas. If you do a search of Black Pearl’s Nami on an online site, you will see several results showing selcas from Black Pearl’s Nami. The selca certainly shows the very natural beauty of Black Pearl’s Nami and if we take a quick look, Black Pearl’s Nami’s visual looks similar to the combination of Jessica Jung and also Goo Hara, right? Her small face shape looks beautiful from every angle and is also the hallmark of Black Pearl’s Nami’s appearance.

black pearl nami profile

If we head over to Black Pearl’s Nami’s Instagram, then we’ll get to see some of the latest selcas she has uploaded to show her fans her visuals. In the videos and images she uploads to Instagram, fans can see Black Pearl’s Nami in her activities or in the middle of working. She doesn’t seem to have had any significant changes since she debuted. The cute smile and unchanging eye smile of Black Pearl’s Nami are still very clear, right?

black pearl nami profile

On her Instagram, Black Pearl’s Nami often uploads her daily activities. Beside working, she also looks happy enjoying her free time to go to a restaurant or go out with her friends for a hangout. She also often uploads photos of her favorite foods on her Instagram and also her working life when on certain occasions.

black pearl nami profile

Black Pearl’s Nami also seems always flawless in the selcas she uploads to Instagram. Without the need for filters or editing that beautifies her face, Black Pearl’s Nami looks beautiful as is. Her aura as a K-Pop idol is also still clearly visible and she looks like a celebrity who is still active in the entertainment industry. In the photo that she uploaded to her Instagram, Black Pearl’s Nami looks beautiful while taking a walk on the beach with the wind blowing her hair.