Black Pearl’s Hwieun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel, And More!

Black Pearl’s Hwieun’s YouTube Channel

black pearl hwieun profile

Many K-Pop idols have started YouTube channels to share their daily vlogs or other content just to entertain fans who reach out to them through social media. Hwi-eun is also one of the former K-Pop idols, opening a YouTube channel called hwieun to upload interesting content for fans.

What kind of content does Hwi-eun share on her YouTube channel? Let’s check out the information about Black Pearl‘s Hwi-eun in the section below!

In November 2020, Hwi-eun uploaded the latest cover song content to her YouTube channel by singing one of the songs popularized by Black Pearl and at the same time becoming her debut song in 2007. In the video, Hwi-eun smiled at the camera while singing the lyrics from the start to the end with ease, like the times she was promoting with the group a few years ago.

On October 7th, 2020, Hwi-eun uploaded a cover song by singing an OST: Jung Seung-hwan’s Another Miss Oh with the title song “If It Is You”. In the video, Hwi-eun looks very deeply into the ballad song which is quite popular among K-Drama fans. Her voice also sounds melodious and very suitable when singing this soundtrack. Is there a chance for Hwi-eun to make a comeback by singing K-Drama soundtracks in the future?

On April 12th, 2020, Hwi-eun also uploaded another cover song by singing a song popularized by Kwon Jin-ah titled “I Got Lucky”. Predictably, her favorite genre is the ballad genre. On her YouTube channel, Hwi-eun often sings ballads from several very popular Korean singers. In every cover song video she does, she also shows a very good performance for her fans to enjoy.

Let’s wait for the next video that Hwi-eun will upload on her YouTube channel and continue to support Hwi-eun to keep her passion for singing!

Hwieun After Black Pearl’s Disbandment

Debuting as a K-Pop idol and immediately gaining popularity and good responses from fans is certainly a good achievement that Hwi-eun could enjoy during her days with Black Pearl in the past few years. Not only promoting with the group, but she also had the opportunity to pursue a solo career after Black Pearl disbanded in 2012. Although there are no further activities in a group, the existence of Hwi-eun, who once debuted as a vocalist from Black Pearl, will be remembered in the history of the music industry.

After Black Pearl were declared disbanded, Hwi-eun resumed her activities as a non-celebrity and opened her own businesses by managing a café as well as an online clothing store. Thus, fans can also provide support just like when Hwi-eun was still busy with her activities as an idol, but in a different way right now. Whatever the job, let’s provide support for Hwi-eun so that she can continue to be enthusiastic in her current career.

Well, that was all of the information about Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun, starting from her full profile, fun facts, to getting to know her appearance in visual. Hwi-eun, who is doing her job as a non-celebrity at the moment, looks very happy with what she is doing and it’s good if we continue to support her. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned to Channel-Korea for more interesting articles!