Black Pearl’s Hwieun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel, And More!

black pearl hwieun profile

Everything You Should Know About Black Pearl’s Main Vocalist Kim Hwi-eun

Black Pearl was a girl group that had a line-up consisting of 4 original members and debuted under Core Contents Media in 2007. However, after 5 years of working in the group, management did not provide further activities to promote together after the group released their latest single, “Gogossing”. Many fans hope that the disbanded Black Pearl can make a comeback soon and release another song.

But then, what about the members? What are they up to? Let’s take a look at the detailed information about one of the members of Black Pearl, Kim Hwi-eun: from her full profile to her latest news, in this article below!

Black Pearl’s Hwieun’s Full Profile

black pearl hwieun profile

Real Name: Kim Hwi-eun (Hangul: 김휘은)

Stage Name: Hwi-eun (Hangul: 휘은)

Date of Birth: September 15th, 1990

Star Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: B

Position in the group: Main Vocalist

Education: Dongduk Women’s University

Official Sites:

Black Pearl’s Hwieun’s Fun Facts

  1. Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun was in charge of vocals during the days with the group together with Black Pearl’s Young-joo
  2. Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun has a dog
  3. Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun debuted as a solo artist on March 14th, 2016
  4. Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun owns a café, 79 Founyard in Seoul
  5. Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun owns an apparel and clothing online store, You Are There (
  6. Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun is also active on her YouTube channel and likes to upload some cover songs

Black Pearls’ Hwieun’s Visual

black pearl hwieun profile

The member who had a position as a vocalist looks naturally beautiful with a beautiful smile. Debuting when she was 17 years old was not a problem for her because she already looked shining and could meet the standard as a female idol full of charisma. Her small face and the concept of make-up and hairstyle suited her well, making Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun also present with a face that is not boring and always fresh.

black pearl hwieun profile

For a while, you must have been unaware of the physical changes that Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun has gone through. During her days while promoting as a member of Black Pearl, Hwi-eun looked very innocent and was the smallest among the members. However, this didn’t prevent Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun from shining more and more throughout time. With her cute and innocent appearance when she was young, Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun now looks more beautiful and mature.

Want to see the change in her face today? Let’s take a look at the next picture!

black pearl hwieun profile

If you visit Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun’s Instagram, then you will get lots of the latest selcas that she has posted. Not much has changed from Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun’s past appearance to date. It’s just that her facial features have become more mature and beautiful and there are no bangs covering her forehead. You can see from the selca she took above, her smile is still bright like before and her round eyes are also the hallmark of Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun.

black pearl hwieun profile

Not only did Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun miss the time when she was still promoting with her previous girl group, but she also shared a photo collage when she was performing with Black Pearl in the photo she uploaded on Instagram. In the photo, Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun looks very bright with blonde hair with a ribbon above her head and looks cute when singing on stage.

In the caption of the post, Black Pearl’s Hwi-eun wrote, “It’s been 7 years ago,” when the photo was uploaded in 2017. If we flashback, the performance in the photo shows the moment Black Pearl made a comeback stage during the “Gogossing” era.

black pearl hwieun profile

If you visit Hwi-eun’s Instagram, now we can see that Hwi-eun is living her life as a non-celebrity and has also been actively opening businesses that she manages herself, such as a café and online clothing store. Hwi-eun also often shares some daily pictures on her Instagram that capture moments where she is hanging out or just spending her free time at several tourist attractions or cafés that she usually visits every day. You could say, Hwi-eun is living her life like a socialite, right?

black pearl hwieun profile

There was also a moment when Hwi-eun went to visit Boracay for a vacation. In some of the photos she shared on Instagram in early 2018, Hwi-eun uploaded photos of herself wearing a red swimsuit and beach hat. She can be seen smiling at the camera and showing her slim body. Beside that, she also shared the atmosphere of the beach and swimming pool at her hotel which looked very cool and, of course, very healing to enjoy the early-year holidays.

black pearl hwieun profile

Hwi-eun also shared photos where she was on vacation as well as visiting a very popular tourist spot in South Korea, which is Gyeongbokgung Palace, where there are many tourists who come from abroad and domestic ones who want to see the beauty of one of the historical relics in South Korea, which is a kingdom from the Joseon era and also the Official Blue House of the country. In the uploaded photo, Hwi-eun looks beautiful wearing a Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) while walking around the area.

black pearl hwieun profile

Hangouts with friends for quality time are also very well used by Hwi-eun because she often uploads photos to her Instagram where she can be seen visiting aesthetic-looking cafés in Korea. She also uploaded a photo of the food she ordered and looked really good to eat, so fans could also get ideas about what to order from the menu from the uploads on Hwi-eun’s Instagram.

black pearl hwieun profile

Being talented and also successfully debuting as an idol in a girl group, did not prevent Hwi-eun from continuing to work and trying new challenges to continue working. Now she has been living her personal life as a non-celebrity and is also managing the café she owns, 79 Founyard Bakeshop, where people can order coffee and bread for hangouts and taste sweet and light foods. Beside that, 79 Founyard Bakeshop also looks very aesthetic with a simple and comfortable interior to enjoy.

black pearl hwieun profile

On her Instagram, Hwi-eun often uploads photos of her dog, Paeng, who is small and very cute. Paeng is a Maltese toy dog, a breed of dogs that are generally white, have small noses, and also have long, curly hair. In general, K-Pop idols have a lot of this type of dog because they are not too big and easy to take care of. Likewise, Hwi-eun really loves Paeng as the only dog she has and always shares her photos on Instagram whenever she takes Paeng out or sees Paeng’s funny behavior.