K-Drama Review: A Full Package Drama, ‘Black’ Has Romance, Fantasy, and Thrilling Moments!

black drama

Drama About Tragedy of Human Greed Starring Song Seung-heon and Go A-ra

Black (블랙) is a 2017 fantasy-thriller television series from South Korea. Starring Song Seung-heon, Go A-ra, Lee El, and Kim Dong-jun, Black is the story of a grim reaper who is forced to track down his fugitive partner and ends up breaking supernatural rules against involvement in human affairs. The drama has elements of romance, fantasy, thriller, and comedy. It aired on OCN from October 14 to December 10, 2017, on Saturday and Sunday at 22:20 KST. Written by Choi Ran and directed by Kim Hong-sun, Black aired in South East Asia and is also available on Netflix. Stay tuned to find out more about Black!

Black: Review

black drama

Black is a detective possessed by the Grim Reaper. In the process, he uncovers the truth about a series of cold-case murders from 20 years ago. Investigating the murders complicates the reaper’s primary role of guiding the deceased to their respective afterlife, especially after he falls in love with a mortal woman (Ha-ram).

Ha-ram can see the shadows of death. She initially is drawn to the detective (before his body possessed) since he tries to help her prevent death using her premonition skills. She also unknowingly keeps a videotape revealing one of the masterminds behind the crimes and serial murder of the series. Her supernatural abilities and broken childhood kept her socially isolated and caused her to be easily misled. These two struggle to save the lives of people, breaking the supernatural rules of heaven.


In short, Black is searching for his partner who ran away when he went to take the souls of dead people through the body of Han Moo-gang. His partner is an ex-human who committed suicide and ended up to be a grim reaper. In the middle of seeking, Black meets Kang Ha-ram. Kang Ha-ram assumes that Han Moo-gang (who is possessed by Black) is Kim Joon’s first love. Ha-ram, who had supernatural skills, is being used by Black to search for his partner, but what actually happen is that Black is asked by Ha-ram to prevent people from dying. During his search, Black faces to various death case related to an incident from 20 years ago, until Black finds out who he actually is and what happened to him until he became a grim reaper. For the sake of his love for Ha-ram, he’s willing to accept the punishment so that Ha-ram can live happily.

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Black: The Cast

black cast drama

Main Cast

  1. Song Seung-heon as Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper) – A grim reaper who has taken over the body of Han Moo-gang, a detective who was investigating the serial murders surrounding the death of his older brother, Kim Joon.
  2. Go Ara as Kang Ha-ram – A woman who can foresee death as a dark shadow looming over someone, which turns out to be a grim reaper following them to their moment of death.
  3. Lee El as Yoon Soo-wan – A doctor who is in love with Han Moo-gang.
  4. Kim Dong-jun as Oh Man-soo – A second generation chaebol (conglomerate family)

Supporting Roles

  1. Kim Won-hae as Na Gwang-gyun
  2. Jung Suk-yong as Bong Man-shik
  3. Lee Chul-min as Oh Soo-tae
  4. Huh Jae-ho as Park Gwi-nam
  5. Ji Su-won as Seo Young-hwa
  6. Kim Jung-young as Ha-ram’s mother
  7. Kim Hyung-min as Kang Soo-hyuk / Ha-ram’s father
  8. Go Seung-bo as Hoon-seok / Ha-ram’s stepbrother
  9. Park Jung-hak as Ha-ram’s stepfather
  10. Kim tae-Woo as Grim Reaper #444
  11. Park Doo-sik as Je Soo-dong / Grim Reaper #419
  12. Jo Jae-yoon as Grim Reaper #007
  13. Lee Kyu-bok as Grim Reaper #416
  14. Jung Joo-woon as Jang Hyun-soo
  15. Lee Do-kyung as Oh Chun-soo / Man-soo’s father
  16. Choi Min-chul as Oh Man-ho / Man-soo’s half brother
  17. Choi Won-hong as Oh Sang-min / Man-ho’s son
  18. Kim Jae-young as Leo / Kim Woo-sik
  19. Oh Cho-hee as Tiffany / Lee Young-hee
  20. Kim Young-sun as Man-soo’s mother
  21. Lee Hae-young as Min Jae-hong
  22. Woo Hyun as Wang Yong-chun
  23. Lee Kwan-hoon as Chen
  24. Bae Jung-hwa as Han Jin-sook
  25. Lee Hyo-je as Kim Joon / Han Moo-chan
  26. No Tae-yeob as Steve
  27. Lee Jun-suk as Park Seung-chul
  28. Song Min-hyung as Woo Byung-sik
  29. Cha Chun-hwa as Clara
  30. Yeon Jae-wook as Lee Byung-tae


Black: The Soundtracks

black drama

Original Soundtrack

Part 1

No. Artist Title
1 Nam Tae-hyun Take Me Out
2 Nam Tae-hyun Take Me Out (Instrumental)


Part 2

No. Artist Title
1 leeSA (리싸) Like A Film
2 leeSA (리싸) Like A Film (Instrumental)


Part 3

No. Artist Title
1 Han Min-Chae (민채) Another Me
2 Han Min-Chae (민채) Another Me (Instrumental)



5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Black

black drama

The Cast

black casts drama

The cast is incredibly amazing. Besides being good-looking, they play their roles wholeheartedly. The supporting roles are also great and get along with the main characters of the drama.

Film Director

black drama

Black is directed by Kim Hong-sun. Kim Hong-sun is a film director who has produced other thrilling dramas such as Voice and Pied Piper. He excels at adding tense nuance to his dramas.

Grim Reaper

drama black

Grim Reaper is an Angel of Death. The Grim Reaper is supposed to be scary and ghost-like. But, we’ve got a good-looking Grim Reaper, here! Grim Reaper is charismatic and good-looking enough to catch the attention of K-Drama lovers.


black drama

The original soundtrack is suited to the drama. The original soundtrack is sung by Nam Tae-hyun, leeSA, Han Min-chae and various artists.


black drama

The plot is amazing and unexpected. It brings you into strange situations and it also gives you a thrilling-fantasy experience.

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