Learn More About Former Black Beat Member Jang Jin-young: Profile, Solo Career, Marriage, Latest News

black beat jang jin young

Everything You Should Know About Black Beat’s Maknae Jang Jin-young

Black Beat was a boy group that debuted in 2002 under SM Entertainment. Many don’t know about the existence of Black Beat because they only lasted for about 5 years after their debut as the individual members had their own busy schedules and were given the opportunity to work outside promotions with the group. Black Beat comprised of 5 original members in the line-up that had great potential as K-Pop idols.

Unfortunately, Black Beat just sank into the history of the K-Pop industry because there were no further promotions provided by SM Entertainment. But that didn’t stop the members of Black Beat from continuing to work in the music industry. One of them is Jang Jin-young, the youngest member of the group who is still active by working behind the scenes for a K-Pop group that is getting more and more famous, especially under SM Entertainment.

For more detailed information about Black Beat’s Jang Jin-young, let’s take a look at his full profile, career journey, and the latest news in this article below!

Jang Jin-young’s Profile

black beat jang jin young

Real Name: Jang Jin-young (Hangul: 장진영)

Stage Name: Jang Jin-young (Hangul: 장진영)

Date of Birth: July 1st, 1983

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 174

Blood Type: O

Position in the group: Lead Vocalist

Agency: A-Top Company

Official Sites:

Jang Jin-young’s Debut with Black Beat

black beat jang jin young

Black Beat’s Jang Jin-young made his debut as a member of the K-Pop boy group when he was 20 years old. In an interview that was held with YTN Star on October 14th, 2017, Jang Jin-young was talking about his experience while being a member of boy group Black Beat.

He said, “Yes. I debuted after five years of being a trainee, but as a singer, my activities in the first album of Black Beat were almost all, and the second album did not come out in the end. I was active in my 1st album for about a year and eight months and I kept preparing for my 2nd album, but the 2nd album couldn’t come out due to various practical problems.”

Black Beat was a group released by SM Entertainment under the title of the second H.O.T, but it was disbanded without sound rumors after the first album activity. As it was a group composed of talented members, it was a big regret.

black beat jang jin young

Then, Jang Jin-young was also asked about Black Beat which was given the title as a group that lacked luck because they didn’t last long while promoting as a whole group.

Regarding the disbandment issue, Jang Jin-young answered, “In the past, I was upset and disliked the way people see it. I’m living well, and why everyone thought that way. Until I appeared on SBS’s K-Pop Star Season 1 as a vocal trainer from SM Entertainment, I was aware of that. But after I appeared on the show for a short time, I got a lot of contacts after I went out. At that time, it was like this in the end, in the eyes of other people. I’m not going to control it.”

Jang Jin-young, who debuted as the lead vocalist of Black Beat and turned to a vocal trainer, has reached his second heyday. Appearing as a trainer in various audition entertainment shows, showing hidden entertainment and charm.

Jang Jin-young became more famous after his appearance on KBS 2TV’s Sisters’ Slam Dunk 2 while leading the students for 11 weeks as a vocal teacher in Mnet’s Idol School.

Jang Jin-young’s Appearance in Sisters’ Slam Dunk

black beat jang jin young

Jang Jin-young appeared in KBS2’s Sisters’ Slam Dunk Season 2 as a vocal trainer. In the reality show, he was one of the trainers that Jeon So-mi liked the most. One episode presented Jeon So-mi’s sweet voice while studying vocals with other members. In the trailer for the latest episode, Jeon So-mi and the members of Sister Slam Dunk can be seen singing in front of the vocal coaches. When it was her turn to sing, So-mi tried her best and showed her unique voice.

Unfortunately, So-mi’s voice actually drew criticism from the vocal trainer from SM Entertainment. The trainer named Jang Jin-young suddenly stopped So-mi’s singing and asked the idol from JYP Entertainment to practice more often.

black beat jang jin young

“Wait a minute. I’m sorry to have to say it like this but you need to practice more,” the coach said. As if she couldn’t stand the criticism, So-mi burst into tears. “I even practiced until midnight,” So-mi said, crying. So-mi’s crying naturally shocked the other Sister Slam Dunk members. Hong Jin-young even immediately hugged So-mi and tried to calm the beautiful idol.

Loyal viewers of KBS2’s Sisters’ Slam Dunk Season 2 should know that Jeon So-mi admired the members’ vocal coach, Jang Jin-young. The former IOI member even publicly praised Jang Jin-young in front of the camera and other members of Sisters’ Slam Dunk.

black beat jang jin young

After hearing the news of Jang Jin-young’s wedding plans, the members teased the vocal trainer who also worked at SM and called him hiding it on purpose. “The family meeting was held while I was meeting with the producers,” explained Jang Jin-young, who admitted that he had no intention of hiding the marriage.

“Don’t be disappointed, I won’t look at you again,” So-mi said. “I’m also in an awkward situation. When I read the news articles, all of them include photos of me and Jang Jin-young. All the comments say, ‘What about So-mi?’ I was included when I didn’t have to be.”

black beat jang jin young

Hearing this, the crew couldn’t help but tease So-mi. Producer Kim Hyun-seok made the whole studio laugh by telling the singer of “Very Very Very”, “So-mi, isn’t it time for you to release a ballad?”