billlie’s Tsuki: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-debut, Official Debut

billlie’s Tsuki: Debut

billlie's tsuki

billlie’s debut song titled “RING X RING”, is a song that will wake up all the billlie in the world. Their debut album ‘The Billage of Perception: Chapter One’ includes the title song “RING X RING” and “Flipping a Coin”, “FLOWERLD”, “The Eleventh Day”, “Everybody’s Got a SECRET”, “The Rumor” up to 6 songs have been recorded.

The title song “RING X RING” contains a mysterious story surrounding what happened in a village.

The sound reminiscent of the emo-core rock of electric guitar and synth combination and the siren from the introduction of the song is impressive. Lyricist Kim Ina, who is called ‘IU’s division’, composer Lee Min-soo, and music video director Hwang Su-ah worked together for billlie’s debut album.

billlie is receiving a lot of attention from inside and outside the industry as it is the first K-Pop idol project of Mystic Story, a comprehensive entertainment content company that includes talented producers and writers, along with artists of various colors such as Yoon Jongshin, Harim, Jeongin, Hongja, Minseo, and LUCY.

billlie's Tsuki

During their debut, billlie’s Tsuki confidently said, “It’s a wonderful song that all the members dance, sing, and rap well. I really want to receive the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award that I can only receive once in my life,” she said.

billlie sent their affectionate greetings to the fans who waited for their debut, raising expectations for their future activities. “Thank you for waiting for so long. I would be grateful if you make many happy memories and stay with us for the rest of our lives.” Tsuki said.

billlie's Tsuki

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