Billie’s Kim Suhyeon: Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-Debut, ‘Produce 101’

billlie's Suhyeon

Everything You Need To Know About Billlie’s Main Vocalist Kim Su-hyeon!

There are a lot of new girl groups in South Korea, especially those that debuted in 2021 with talented members. Even though they are not from big agencies, they are able to compete by bringing their own concepts that are different and unique. One of them is Billlie (Hangul: 빌리), a South Korean girl group that debuted under Mystic Story Entertainment.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of Billlie who used to be a contestant on the survival show Produce 101 by Mnet. Can you guess who the member is? If not, then you should get to know the talented member from Billlie, which is Kim Suhyeon, starting from her full profile, fun facts, pre-debut story, until her debut era with the group in the article below!

Billlie’s Suhyeon: Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Su-hyeon (Hangul: 김수현)

Stage Name: Su-hyeon (Hangul: 수현)

Birth: Daegu, South Korea, January 15, 2000

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 163 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Nationality: Korean

Education: Sillim High School (Graduated)

Official Site: Instagram ( su_hyun1052 )

Billlie’s Suhyeon: Fun Facts
  1. Billlie’s Suhyeon has a brother.
  2. Billlie’s Suhyeon was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 1 but was eliminated in ep. 5 and ranked 69.
  3. Billlie’s Suhyeon along with Soomin also participated in MIXNINE and was eliminated in the final episode.
  4. Billlie’s Suhyeon has her own lip tint brand.
  5. Billlie’s Suhyeon played Yeo Bo-ram in the web drama A-Teen.
  6. Billlie’s Suhyeon is currently focusing on her acting. However, Mystic stated that they are helping her “grow into an all-around celebrity.”
  7. Billlie’s Suhyeon is friends with APRIL’s Naeun.
  8. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s nicknames are Happy Smile and Ddu-Babi.
  9. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s roles in the team are impersonator and weathercaster.
  10. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s hobby is making beads.
  11. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s role model is IU.
  12. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s motto is “Work hard, play hard. Let’s play when we need to.”
  13. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s songs she sang for her audition are “Love Rain” by Kim Tae-woo and “Have A Drink” by Zia.
  14. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s charm is the difference between her on-stage and off-stage presence.
  15. Billlie’s Suhyeon would like to live like Haram for a day because of her voice.
  16. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s specialty is smiling with her eyes.
  17. Billlie’s Suhyeon has a solo song released called “Around the World.”
  18. Billlie’s Suhyeon appeared in SEVENTEEN‘s “Chocolate” MV.
  19. Billlie’s Suhyeon’s MBTI type is ISFJ.
  20. Billlie’s Suhyeon likes ice cream and rice.
  21. Billlie’s Suhyeon can’t eat seafood (clams and scallops) and spicy foods.
  22. Billlie’s Suhyeon said she always brings lip balm and perfume when she goes out.
  23. Billlie’s Suhyeon almost appeared as the main character in the song’s music video after its debut.
  24. Billlie’s Suhyeon said that she dreamed of becoming an idol after seeing Girls’ Generation’s performance.
  25. Billlie’s Suhyeon looks like Girls Day’s Minah.

Billlie’s Suhyeon: Pre-Debut Story

During her pre-debut era, Billlie’s Suhyun attended a celebrity audition class by Five Music and Dance Academy located in Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City. She learned dancing and singing and practiced for her audition. At that time, even at the academy, she was known as a very famous student who always came to practice.

Billlie’s Suhyeon was very popular as a student and was loved by the teachers by following her vocal teacher, practicing repeatedly, and receiving a lot of criticism and mockery from other trainees at the academy.

Then, she joined on January 7, 2015, as the first and only idol trainee at Mystic Story. She was known for struggling to become the first girl group member of Yoon Jong-shin’s agency after coming up from Daegu.

It was reported that Mystic Story had 6 trainees as of November 2015. Among them, Kim Suhyeon was included. Her active social media activities gave a glimpse into her trainee life. Before debuting as a Billlie member, Kim Suhyeon appeared on 2 survival shows, Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 1 and JTBC’s MixNine.

Besides that, she’s also known as an actress who has played main roles and cameos in several web dramas since 2017 such as Girls’ Generation 1979, A-Teen, Top Management, Dumpo Girls, Twenty Twenty, and many more.

Billlie’s Suhyeon: Appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101

There are many contestants and trainees who are trying their luck to quickly debut and start a career as a K-pop idol. However, to debut is not easy, and they have to take advantage of various opportunities to have good potential to gain attention from their fans.

Through several survival shows that were broadcasted on television, there are so many trainees that participated as contestants. One of them was Kim Suhyeon who previously appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 1 that was aired in 2016.

In the first introduction video released a month before the broadcast, she established the image of a cute dialect girl by promoting her hometown of Daegu. She showed cuteness, sexiness, shyness, and silliness at the same time during the show. During the Hidden Box mission, there was a mission to guess raw pork belly, but, unfortunately, she couldn’t guess it. She was confused and her dialect exploded.

Kim Suhyeon was a contestant who was eliminated in the first elimination round. Even though she didn’t get enough recognition through this show, she gave her best in the episodes that aired.

On February 12, 2016, Kim Suhyeon was in Group 2 with other contestants and performed a very beautiful performance while performing A-Pink’s “I Don’t Know” on stage. Through this eye contact focus fancam, we can see Kim Suhyeon’s excellent potential to debut as an idol soon.

Their stage voting results included a total of 61 votes, considered excellent results, and placing 3rd overall and 2nd place as a team.

As a result of the 5th episode, Kim Suhyeon was ranked 69th and ended her journey on the show. As a trainee with the largest drop in the ranking (47 → 69 ▼22), she was the most unexpected emitter because she had previously recorded a number of votes in the top 40 and showed a good performance in the group performances.

What do you think about Kim Suhyeon’s performance on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 1?