Bigflo Discography: List of Songs and Albums

Bigflo “Stardom” Japanese Album


Bigflo ventured their career to the neighbor country, Japan, after the drastic adjustment of its members by releasing their debut mini-album titled ‘Stardom’. The album was released on the 15th of February 2017 and it only charted at number 165 on the Oricon Albums Chart with the total sale of 925 copies. ‘Stardom’ contained six tracks, such as ‘Intro’, ‘Stardom’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Better Life’, ‘Stardom’ (instrumental version), ‘Sometimes’ (instrumental version). Here you may listen to ‘Stardom’ which you can find on Bigflo’s ‘Stardom’Japanese album.

Bigflo “Singles” Songs


Bigflo has not only released albums, they have also released singles which are not included in their albums. Aren’t you curious about them? Well, let’s watch and listen to the videos below!

2015 – We, Now

2015 – My Answer Is (Z-UK and High Top)

2015 – Delilah (Japanese version)

2015 – 1,2,3,4