Get Ready To Be Surprised By BIGBANG’s Members With No Make-Up Faces

Take a Look at the Normal Daily Appearance of the Members of Big Bang

On the concert stage, the members of BIG BANG show a striking appearance in dazzling outfits and cool hairstyle. They are currently the pack leaders of male idol groups. Each member has their own persona and character. Off-stage, G-dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri show their true character. One has an easygoing character, and the others with cool, cute, clumsy, or manly characters. Without makeup, each member can represent themselves as an individual person.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about what the BIG BANG members are like without their makeup. So stay tuned!


G-Dragon, Taeyang, Se7en, and other YG Entertainment artists went on a holiday trip. G-Dragon posted the picture above on his Korean SNS account on September 10. 2009. They enjoyed time sunbathing without their shirts. He wrote, “Prepare your body before going on traveling in the summer.” G-Dragon looked extremely happy with a wide smile. All the YG Entertainment artists have to maintain regular body management programs in order to look good and stay in perfect shape throughout the year.

G-Dragon posted another picture of himself without makeup to his Instagram account on June 20, 2016. He looked tired with drowsy eyes. There were traces of a pimple on his right cheek. However, he still looked dapper and handsome in his striped black jacket. The picture was probably taken inside a hotel suite.

On December 13th, 2019, G-Dragon posted a selfie on his Instagram account. It was two months after he completed his military service. After his discharge from the military, he took some time to rest and avoid the spotlight. In the picture he posted, he showed up with a little bit of facial hair, making him look more mature. In another selfie that was posted a week later, he showed up with thicker facial hair.



On April 23, 2012, the BIG BAMG members departed from Gimpo airport and headed to Japan to promote the group’s fifth mini-album. T.O.P looked handsome and cool in his shining gray coat, electric green hair color, and stylish sunglass.

On January 31, 2020, T.O.P posted his natural look to his Instagram account. Even though his hair looked messy, his overall appearance was simple, casual, and neat. His face was clean-shaven and he looked fair and well-groomed. t

Through his Instagram account, which was deleted soon after, T.O.P posted several selfies and revealed that he will not return and make a comeback in Korea. He said that people had been mean to him recently. Fans of BIG BANG were worried about his physiological status since he looked awful, with messy hair and a pale face. He looked like he had not been sleeping for days. However, he still looked kind of neat without any facial hair. Even though he looked tired, he must have still been maintaining his skincare and haircare routines.


Without makeup, Taeyang simply looked like an ordinary Korean. He has small, monolid eyes, a well-defined jawline, a pointed nose, and a masculine face that gives him the kind of tough and cool appearance. Even without makeup, Taeyang looks extremely manly and handsome.

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Taeyang epitomized coolness in the picture that he uploaded to Instagram on November 22, 2019. Surely, the picture was taken by his wife, actress Min Hyo-rin, while they were traveling to foreign countries. Taeyang looked handsome and masculine in close-shaven hair. His sporty dark sunglasses and neon yellow t-shirt added style to his appearance. He has the aura of a celebrity even in his normal daily appearance.


Taeyang greeted his Instagram followers on the first morning of the Lunar Calendar New Year in 2018. He didn’t look like BIG BANG Taeyang. People could easily mistake him for somebody else, since he dyed his hair and was wearing a baseball cap. He just looked like an ordinary neighborhood friend.


In his early debut days, Daesung looked chubby and cute. With his natural look, Daesung resembles any young Korean because he has the typical Korean look, with small and monolid eyes. He isn’t considered among the most handsome idols, but he surely is considered among the cute and youthful idols.

Daesung joined military service on March 13, 2018. Before going to the military base, he cut his hair to a military hairstyle. Daesung’s usual cute face, wide smile, and friendly look changed into a more tense and serious look after discharging from military. The military hairstyle certainly fit his appearance. Without makeup, he looked pure and friendly. With makeup and stage outfits, Daesung looks cool and stylish. Without makeup, he must have trouble ordering drinks in a pub because he looks so young.

During an appearance in MBC’s I Live Alone, Taeyang invited Daesung and Seungri to visit his place. The three of them wore floral patterned pajamas, danced, and played around. With minimal or no makeup, Daesung looked much younger than Seungri and Taeyang. He has a baby-faced look and contagious smile. His face is clean, and he has no problem with blemishes or pimples.


In his early days with BIG BANG, Seungri looked lean and listless without makeup. He has the typical sad and melancholic eyes. As he got older, he looked more handsome, with fuller cheeks and a more mature look.

Without makeup, Seungri looked sleepy and tired, you could see dark circles around his eyes. Because of the dark circles, Seungri earned the nickname of Panda Face. However, his bright and cheerful personality energizes people around him.

Seungri went through a difficult time during the Burning Sun scandal in early 2019. During his trial, he looked tired and exhausted. His wide smile and overflowing energy had vanished, and giving him a listless appearance.

That was all the information about BIG BANG members with no makeup. They looked handsome even without makeup. Their celebrity aura and confidence exude from their appearance. Which member do you think loos the best without his makeup? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section below!