Do You Know That BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang Are BFF?

gdragon and taeyang big bang

A Long Lasting Friendship Between G-Dragon and Taeyang

Most people have a number of casual friends, either from your school, university, or working environment. But, how about BFFs? A friend that is always by your side and keeps the communication with you until now? Well then, these popular idol group members have been best friends for a long time.

They are G-Dragon and Taeyang. The two are both members of the idol group Big Bang, which is popular around the world. These two have been building their friendship even before their debut as idols. Today, Channel-Korea will tell you more information about G-dragon and Taeyang’s friendship, from before debuting up until now.

So without any further do, let’s get into our main topic today!

Friendship During the Pre-Debut Era

g-dragon and taeyang big bang

In a past interview, G-Dragon tells about his friendship with Taeyang during their pre-debut days. Both of them were cast in Jinusean’s music video, called A-yo. G-Dragon says:

“When I first meet Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name), he wasn’t somebody i could just pass by. I thought to myself ‘Uh.. Who’s this?’. We quickly grow closer after that. We have opposite personalities so we never fought, even ’til this day. When i was young, i was shy. But after going through puberty, I gained more confidence. While Youngbae is a energetic kid but now he was more serious and quiet. Youngbae was so outgoing when he meets Yang Hyun Suk, he says ‘I want to be part of YG.’ Yang Hyun Suk answer him by saying ‘You should come over yourself'”.

Taeyang joined YG Entertainment a month after filming the music video. He went straight to Yang Hyun Suk;s office, to inform him that he hafn’t got any calls from Yang Hyun Suk for over the past month long. From there, Yang Hyun Suk decided to take Taeyang as a trainee, making G-Dragon more happy than before.

“Cleaning is more fun with a friend, we had so much fun together and have a lot of memories together. Now we look back on those time, we laugh and cry. Because we are the youngest that time, we went through a lot of hard times. We were backup dancers at that time, for example at Se7en hyung’s concert. Afterwards, we came back with the train, we would hear people say ‘Aren’t those the boys we saw on the stage?’. Well we might look cool on the stage, but to be seen on the subway is kinda embarrassing.”

Once, around 2015, Yang Hyun Suk posted an old picture with G-Dragon and Taeyang. We could see how young and fresh they are on those picture:

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Once upon a time

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And here are other pictures of them at the past:

taeyang and gd big bang
taeyang and gd big bang
taeyang and gd big bang

They also like to do dance routines together, like in this video:

Became a Duo in the Good Boy Era

Good Boy Era

On November 21, 2014, G-Dragon and Taeyang came out as a duo, using the name ‘GD X Taeyang’. They produced a hit song called Good Boy, making them a chart-topper on Billboard’s World Digital Song chart and a Top 5 hit on the Gaon Digital Charts.

In April 2016, the music video for Good Boy surpassed 100 million views, making Big Bang become the first Korean boy-group to have three of their music videos to pass this mark. Critically, Good Boy was picked as an ‘Amazing Club Song’ while Billboard stated, “G-Dragon and Taeyang are at the top of vocal, rap and dance game in one of the year’s most epic club tracks”.

Here is the music videos for you to take a look at:

Here is one of the legendary performances of Good Boy by G-Dragon and Taeyang, at the 2014 MNet MAMA Awards: