BIGBANG’s T.O.P: Profile, Solo Act, Controversy

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Get to Know Big Bang’s TOP

Good-looking visual, deep-soft voice, amazing skills in the music-making process are short descriptions to introduced BIGBANG’s T.O.P! Started his career with BIGBANG in 2006, T.O.P has been stolen every fans’ heart within one seconds only. The lead rapper and visual in BIGBANG also had a bunch of details that the fans must know, so Channel Korea will explain you the details about him, please keep on reading!

T.O.P’s Full Profile

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T.O.P which often styled as TOP (탑) who born in Seoul, South Korea, on November 4, 1987, as Choi Seung-hyun (최승현). His zodiac sign was Scorpio, and he has 181 cm of height as well as 64 kg of weight. Meanwhile, his blood type is B.

His name raised after joined YG Entertainment and debut with boy group BIGBANG. In BIGBANG, he’s in charge as a lead rapper, vocalist, and visual. Aside of that, his other occupations are song-writer, record producer, and actor. For education necessary, T.O.P went to Dankook University and majored in theatre department. His family also consisted of parents and one older sister named Choi Hye-yoon.

You can also reach him through his personal social media:

@choi_seung_hyun_tttop (Instagram)

T.O.P’s Facts

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  • In his first audition with YG Entertainment, T.O.P was being rejected due to his overweight. Then T.O.P got accepted after lost 20 kg only in 40 days afterward.
  • T.O.P also able to count the number of calories in food very quickly.
  • He loves eating sweet foods, meanwhile tuna sushi is one of his favorite food.
  • If he didn’t become a singer, he would do something related with fashion industry.
  • He wanted to be a rapper since 4th or 5th grade, after listening to music from Notorious B.I.G, American rapper.
  • T.O.P also participated in lyrics writing as well as music producing in several BIG BANG songs.
  • When he was written the song lyrics, he would edit what he has written multiple times until got the right part.
  • T.O.P got his inspiration during music writing from a phrase “Things that don’t speak, beauty and pretty objects rather than people”.
  • He also listening to classical music, as well as enjoys music from Pink Floyd (an English rock group).
  • T.O.P can do beatbox.
  • T.O.P has been involved in a lot of charity event, such as donated money for Hope Bridge National Disaster Associaton, Seungil Hope Foundation, Asian Cultural Council, even he participated the Ice Bucket Challenge to donated money.
  • T.O.P’s ideal type is someone who well-dressed, has a good manner of speech, and respectful.
  • He said that he wouldn’t date a fan.
  • T.O.P became one of the ‘Hottest Sex Symbols’ in 2013 by Rolling Stone magazine.
  • He also the first K-Pop idol who involved in the Top 200 Artist list by Growse Magazine.

Details About Bigbang’s T.O.P’s Suicide Attempt

T.O.P’s History with BIGBANG


Since he was a child, T.O.P has been passionate about hip-hop. With his group mate who also known as his childhood best friend G-Dragon, both of them were really often danced and rapping together. Until one day, G-Dragon was called him to join an audition in YG Entertainment.

Although he was rejected the first time, T.O.P has also proven his earnestness to become a rapper. When he got accepted and finally made his debut with BIGBANG in 2006, T.O.P became rappers of the group along with G-Dragon. He also made a lot of great achievements and history with BIGBANG, since their first debut project which was studio album Big Bang Vol. 1 – Since 2007 has released and welcomed nicely by the fans.

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Through the album, there was a single titled Big Boy as T.O.P was involved as the singer as well as the co-lyricist! Another single hit from BIG BANG such as Lies, Last Farewell, Haru, and Stand Up also increasing their popularity which lead him to received a bunch of solo project offer!

Together with BIGBANG, they have been released a lot of studio albums, extended plays, single albums, live albums, and many more! They also reached global popularity by held Made World Tour where they went to several cities in Asia, North America, and Oceania as well.

T.O.P’s Solo Debut

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Not only known as song-writer and record producer, but T.O.P was proven his amazing talent as a singer by released his solo debut in 2010! The single Turn It Up was marked as his first solo debut project.

The single was blown up, and got a lot of compliments from the fans. It also sold more than 1.3 million downloads in 2010, which such a great achievement. Moreover, he was involved as the lyricist and co-composer for Turn It Up as well! With his famous deep voice, great ability in producing music, and visual appearance, T.O.P successfully became one of the ‘It Guy’ in the K-Pop music industry!

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Following the success of Turn It Up, then he also released his second single Doom Dada in November 2013. He also performed it for the first time in the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards which held in Hong Kong.  Another project from his as a solo singer also marked within several collaborations such as collaboration albums GD & TOP with group mate G-Dragon, collaborations performance with NBK Gray, Gummy, Zia, SE7EN, Pixie Lott, and many more!

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T.O.P also involved within OST performances for TV series such as Friend featuring Taeyang for Friend, Our Legend OST as well as Hi Haruka for Secret Message OST.

T.O.P’s Controversy

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Despite all of his great achievements as a K-Pop star, T.O.P used to involved in controversy as in 2017 he was pleaded guilty of using marijuana. He was caught up with trainee named Han Seo-hee while they were in T.O.P house at that time, even though at first he also denial that he only using an electric cigarettes. The case also occurred at the same time as his military service schedule.

Police have been paying attention to him for a quite long time, but since they didn’t have any strong evidence, they weren’t investigating him any longer. But after several evidence has been found, the police finally could sent him to an further investigation, even did the medical check to revealed the result whether he was negatively or positively using marijuana.

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Previously, T.O.P also made people getting really surprised and worried when he went to hospitalized due to over-doze by using anti-anxiety medicine as well. Later on, it was revealed that T.O.P has been admitted that he smokes marijuana almost four times since October 2016.

He was revealed his apology towards public, especially for his fans. He also regret for everything that he has been done, and accepting every punishment that he should have taken. Due to this case, T.O.P also received two years of probation. Then he was continued his military service as a public service worker in the police department afterward.

That’s all of the information and details regarding BIGBANG’s T.O.P! From his debut until the present, T.O.P has been proven his amazing talent as a K-Pop idol and made a lot of history with BIGBANG of his career journey. Even though he used to involved in the controversy, but his great talent and his generous personality also stay in place. Let’s always supporting T.O.P and we’re looking forward for his project in the future!

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