Let’s Check Each Member of BigBang Ideal Type


Are you BigBang’s Ideal Type?

It has been everyone’s dream to be the girl of a K-pop star, it also happens to those who are big fans of BigBang, the K-pop male group which is known for their super cool songs. They boyband that consists of G Dragon, Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri has revealed their ideal type, in term of appearance and personality, but of course it keeps changing as time passes by. Here we will provide you the updated info, so make sure you check them out and get busy to learn to be one of BigBang’s ideal type!

G Dragon Ideal Type 2017


This BigBang member that is known for having a stylish and unique style, not surprisingly also has a lot of requirement for his ideal type. First, his ideal type is someone who works hard in everything, and he would like his ideal type to be someone who he can share his ideas with, especially in music, so in principle she must also have interest in HipHop just like G Dragon, or at least music.

As for personality, he likes someone who has good leadership, but can be shy when she is with him. His ideal type is also someone who can be crazy, funny, and easy going.

G Dragon’s ideal type is actually super hard to be, as he wants someone who is playful (has a lot off aegyo), but smart and unpredictable. He wants his girl to be someone who loves him fully.

As for appearance, he likes someone who looks good even when she only wears a white t-shirt and jeans and has a beautiful smile.

Since he can’t cook at all, he would like his ideal type to be able to cook for him. And surprisingly, G Dragon’s ideal type is someone who runs away when he’s chasing her, but will run into his arms when he almost stops trying, basically someone who is hard to get. But for him, the most important thing is that he can be comfortable around her.

Daesung’s Ideal Type 2017

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The “Smiling Angel” of BigBang, talked about his ideal type in an interview. For him, his ideal type must be someone who can understand his career as an idol. Besides that, he wants his girl to be able to support him and give him strength and it is okay whether she is younger or older than him as long as she can console him. Basically, he likes someone who can connect with him both emotionally and mentally as well as love him fully.

As for physical traits, he likes someone who looks beautiful when she smiles, and looks a little chubby. But, he doesn’t like her wearing mini-skirts because he will be worried. Someone who is nice and not only takes care of her appearance but also her health is definitely Daesung’s ideal type.

Taeyang’s Ideal Type 2017

Big Bang Taeyang

The singer of “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, once revealed that he likes someone who works hard at her job, to the point that she could influence him to work hard as well. Taeyang’s ideal type is someone who can understand him well, not only his personality, but his career as idol. He wants his girl to be on the same page with him, has a nice personality, has a good temperament and is able to understand him fully.

As for physical traits, Taeyang’s ideal type is someone who looks cute and has a lot of aegyo but also is intellectual. Taeyang mentioned that he liked western features on girls. He also prefers someone who has petite body but looks a little chubby. He loves girl who go to church and can speak out about things on her mind. But he also mentioned that his ideal type keeps changing as he has liked some girls who aren’t his ideal type so it is complicated thing for him.

T.O.P’s Ideal Type 2017

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T.O.P’s ideal type is someone who looks innocent rather than chic. He likes girl who looks sexy and stylish. He would like his ideal type to be someone who can laugh with her whole heart, but also speaks beautifully and doesn’t curse (he dislikes girl who swear). She must be someone who has good manners especially to older people and is polite and calm.

As he wishes that he could be able to learn from the girl he likes, he prefers someone who has a different sense to him. He likes a girl who can be good and welcome her surrounding and speak out for herself (but doesn’t hold a grudge). But the most important thing, he wants someone who can match herself to him. And as bonus, he also revealed that he wanted to marry late.

Seungri’s Ideal Type 2017

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BigBang’s magnae, Seungri has an unique qualification for his ideal type, he wants someone who not only has a lot of aegyo, but also has bright cute voice because he mentioned that he wanted to call his girl often, for example Miyazaki Aoi. Not only that, he wants someone who he can communicate well with.

For her appearance, he wants someone who look more innocent instead of chic. Someone who is careful, able to dance, cute, has a petite body, and is fun is definitely Seungri’s ideal type of girl. When he was asked further about the artist that is closest to his ideal type, he chose UEE – After School.

Is T.O.P’s ideal Type Beyonce?


T.O.P mentioned in the past that he adored Beyonce a lot, and even after years, it is still declared that T.O.P’s ideal type is Beyonce. The reason why he likes Beyonce is because she has a good appearance, and charisma. As well as that, she has a unique style of black music. Since he mentioned that he liked Beyonce, many fans misunderstood him for liking sexy girls. Maybe this is the reason why T.O.P is still single.