BigBang’s GD & TOP’s Album and Tracklist You Have to Download

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South Korea’s Rapping Duo from BigBang

Who doesn’t know the legendary boy band BigBang? They debuted in 2006 with 5 members, including TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, G-Dragon, and Seungri. They have been delivering unique music to the K-pop industry and was nominated as King of K-pop together with Super Junior. After years of success, they then formed a duo (sub-group). The duo consists of G-Dragon and TOP, the rappers of BigBang. Their debut, of course, was another success for BigBang. They released an album and singles that might include one of your favorite songs. To know more about G-Dragon and TOP’s album and song list, stay tuned!

All You Need to Know About GD and TOP’s 1st Album

GD and TOP’s first album was released on December 24, 2010, with the title “GD & TOP”. From this first album, GD and TOP wanted to deliver a different kind of music than those they have released before with the other BigBang members. They tried to focus more on hip-hop rather than electronic music. As a duo, both of them not only sang, but they also co-wrote most of the album’s lyrics. For you who want to listen to GD and TOP’s first album’s complete songs, here is the tracklist!

No. Track Title Music Lyrics Arrangement Length
1. “Intro” G-Dragon, TOP, and e.Knock G-Dragon and TOP e.Knock 2.08
2. “High High” G-Dragon, TOP, and Teddy Teddy Teddy 3.06
3. “Oh Yeah” ft. Park Bom G-Dragon, TOP, and Teddy Teddy and Sunwoo Jungah Teddy and Sunwoo Jungah 3.17
4. “Don’t Go Home” G-Dragon G-Dragon, Teddy, and e-Knock Teddy and e.Knock 3.18
5. “Baby Good Night” G-Dragon and TOP G-Dragon, TOP, and e.Knock Teddy and e.Knock 3.32
6. “Knock Out” G-Dragon and TOP Dipl, G-Dragon and TOP Diplo 3.27
7. “Oh Mom” TOP TOP, e.Knock, and 1 ON e.Knock 4.32
8. “Obsession” (G-Dragon Solo) G-Dragon G-Dragon and e.Knock e.Knock 5.17
9. “Of All Days” (TOP solo) TOP TOP and Choice37 Choice37 3.25
10. “What Do You Want?” (G-Dragon Solo) G-Dragon G-Dragon and e.Knock Sunwoo JUngah and 1 ON 3.25
11. “Turn It Up” (TOP Solo) bonus track TOP TOP and Teddy Teddy 3.32

Top Songs from “GD & TOP”

All 11 tracks on “GD & TOP” are worth listening to, but if you want to pick a few of them for now, here are some recommendations you can go with.

1. G-Dragon and TOP – “Knock Out”

“Knock Out” is a very catchy song with fun hip-hop style music. With the same rhythm played with different lyrics, this song will stick in your mind after listening to it once.

2. G-Dragon and TOP – “High High”

You will instantly know this song belongs to GD and TOP as GD’s famous rap appears right after the short opening. The pop-rap and electro-pop music in the song makes it very easy listening. It is also not a song that you will feel bored of after several times playing it. You will be able to see how well G-Dragon and TOP’s rap skills are from this song. High High also brought GD and TOP trophies home from Mnet and Inkigayo back in 2011.

3. G-Dragon and TOP – “Oh Yeah”

Another best hit from GD & TOP is Oh Yeah. What makes this song even more special is that you will hear Park Bom’s voice that you probably miss. Their collaboration in this song is just perfect with the catchy voice of Park Bom along with the rap from the duo. Make sure you listen to this one!

4. G-Dragon and TOP – “Baby Good Night”

If you want to see a big turn-up in GD and TOP songs, then this song is a must to listen to. Baby Good Night is composed as a mellow, easy listening, and catchy song. The one string on the guitar makes the beat even more awesome. It creates an R&B style. The music video was released on January 31, 2011. You will probably scream out loud watching the music video as both GD and TOP look extremely handsome.

5. G-Dragon and TOP – “Don’t Go Home”

If you want to see how well G-Dragon’s singing is, make sure this song is on your list. Don’t Go Home is a very easy-going song as well. Although it might not be as catchy as High High, this song is full of positive energy that will make you fall in love.

G-Dragon and T.O.P’s Latest Hit Song “Zutter”

People were waiting for the duo’s comeback, and the wait ended after 5 years with the single Zutter. Zutter was released on August 5, 2015, as one of the tracks on BigBang’s album “Made”. This song was written by G-Dragon. GD admitted that he had a very difficult time writing the lyrics for Zutter as there is a lot of controversy in South Korea regarding rap lyrics. The song was banned by KBS, but YG Entertainment still continued the song without changing the lyrics to keep its originality.

Zutter is a combination of hip-hop and trap-driven melody. The song is not only easy to listen to, but it is the definition of “a song that you will never be bored with”. The catchy music and rap are just awesome. It sold more than 1,015,038 copies in Gaon Chart. Not only in South Korea, it was also a big hit on US World Digital Songs. Zutter also ranked second on Billboard World Digital Songs. Make sure to listen to Zutter and get yourself stuck on this song by G-Dragon and TOP!