BIGBANG’s G-Dragon: Profile, Love Life, Solo Act


Get to Know Big Bang’s G-Dragon

The almighty idol who had extraordinary taste in fashion, please welcome G-Dragon from Big Bang! Started his career since a young age, G-Dragon was proven that his journey in K-Pop music industry was something that made up from his talent and struggle as well. Through this article, Channel Korea will bring you closer with him, as we’re gonna inform you all details about G-Dragon. Keep on reading!

GDragon’s Full Profile

GD or G-Dragon (지드래곤) who born in Seoul, South Korea, on August 18, 1988 as Kwon Ji-young (권지용). His zodiac sign was Leo, and he has 177 cm of height as well as 58 kg of weight. Meanwhile, his blood type is A. In BIGBANG, he’s in charge as the leader, main rapper, main dancer, producer, and lyricist.

G-Dragon has been appeared in entertainment industry since 1995, but started active in 2006 until present which also scouted by YG Entertainment, he also known as record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur outside his original occupation as singer and song-writer.

You can also reach him through his personal social media:

@xxxibgdrgn (Instagram)

@ibgrdgn (Twitter)

Gdragon (Facebook)

GDragon’s Facts
  • G-Dragon used to be a trainee in SM Entertainment, but he decided to resigned.
  • After he was listening to rap music, G-Dragon started to learn about freestyle rap and went to YG Entertainment in the age of 12.
  • Since he was a child, G-Dragon has been involved in entertainment industry. His first appearance was in Bbo Bbo Bbo.
  • If he didn’t become a singer, G-Dragon would like to be a fashion designer because fashion was his other passion.
  • G-Dragon’s ideal type is someone who can cook.
  • In Girls’ Generation, Yoona was the member who closest the most with his ideal type.
  • He speaks in Korean, Japanese, and English.
  • Even though his appearance was looked rough and cold, but actually he’s really modest and shy in person.
  • Some of his favorite artist are Rihanna, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, Jay-z, Blackstreet, and Wu-Tang Clan.
  • He famously known for his fashion taste, which also lead him to became the brand ambassador of Chanel in Korea.
  • His hats, shoes, and accessories are valuable for him. He also called as ‘Pinky Boy’ because he loved to wearing his pink scarf.

Do You Prefer G-Dragon With or Without Makeup?

GDragon’s History with BIGBANG

In 2006, YG Entertainment was officially announced that their new boy group named BIGBANG would be debuted. The group was consisted five members, and G-Dragon was in charge as their leader, since his training period also the longest among the other members. Their official debut was made in YG’s Family 10th Anniversary concert which located in Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

In addition, the single album Big Bang also marked as their first debut, which G-Dragon has been involved as co-written and co-composed as well. Ever since back then, BIG BANG has made a lot of great achievement in K-Pop music industry, which also lead them to be called as ‘Kings of K-Pop’. Later on, G-Dragon was describe BIG BANG as “boy group who wasn’t born thanks to talent, but efforts”.

Aside of that, G-Dragon with BIG BANG was became the first K-Pop artist who written their own song and music, since self-writing songs in K-Pop wasn’t a norm at that time. Some of BIG BANG hit such as Last Farewell, Haru Haru, and Lies also written by G-Dragon. Moreover, their official lightstick named ‘Bang Bong’ also marked as the first lightstick in K-Pop industry!

As the time went by, BIG BANG was expanding their popularity outside of South Korea. After the collaboration of G-Dragon with rapper Florida for Heartbreak single remix in 2009, their popularity was increasing rapidly, not to mention that their music and style also caught up attention from overseas fans as well!

Although G-Dragon was debuted as boy group member, he could receive such a big achievement as the Artist of The Year/Daesang Awards in 2013. It already proven that the journey of BIG BANG and G-Dragon’s career was undeniably meaningful!

GDragon’s Solo Debut

It was very common for a singer-songwriter like G-Dragon to made his solo debut! His first studio album Heartbreaker in 2009 also marked as his first debut of being solo singer. Previously, he has been involved as song-writer or co-production in Big Bang’s album, Big Bang’s Taeyang album, and many more! Heartbreaker album also lead him to won Album of The Year in 2009 from Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Through Heartbreaker album, G-Dragon also made several collaborations with other celebrity such as Teddy (1TYM), CL and Sandara (2NE1), Taeyang (Big Bang), and Kush. Following by the successful of Heartbreaker album, G-Dragon was held his first concert which titled Shine a Light Concert.

One of a Kind was became his first extended plays (EP) which released September 15, 2012. The EP was consisted of seven tracks, which all of them were co-written and co-composed by G-Dragon as well! Some of the lead single from the EP such as One of a Kind, That XX, and Crayon also became really famous as they entering several music charts.

The second studio album by G-Dragon which titled Coup d’Etat was released on September 2013 in physical and digital platform. Coup d’Etat has became as huge as Heartbreaker, even more than that! Through the album, G-Dragon was marked as the first K-Pop act with several entries on Billboard 200 as well as Gaon Album Chart.

Overall, G-Dragon has been held 3 different concert such as Shine a Light Concert (2009), One of a Kind World Tour (2013), and Act III: M.O.T.T.E World Tour (2017).  One of a Kind World Tour was became one of the most successful and also made his popularity raising even more. From that concert, he went to 9 countries and 13 cities based in Asia. In addition, it also marked as the most attended concert tour by Korean solo singer!