BIGBANG’s G-Dragon: Profile, Love Life, Solo Act

GDragon’s Love Story


G-Dragon used to be rumored in dating scandals with several celebrities such as former member 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Wonder Girls’ Ahn So-hee, Lee Jo-yeon and Japanese model Nana Komatsu and Kiko Mizuhara. G-Dragon was oftenly appeared in fashion magazine, which made him met overseas model such as Nana and Kiko. Then it was revealed that he wasn’t dating Nana because she already had boyfriend, meanwhile Kiko was often caught up to hanging out with G-Dragon and his other friends as well.

GD & Nana Komatsu
GD & Kiko Mizuhara

Meanwhile the dating speculation between G-Dragon and Ahn So-hee also happened due to Big Bang and Wonder Girls collaboration. It also lead them to performed in the same stage, show-off chemistry, and matching outfits. Then with actress Lee Jo-yeon, the rumor has been spread after she posted a selfie picture of themselves, but quickly deleted it afterwards. Both of G-Dragon and Lee Jo-yeon’s agency weren’t reveal the official statement about that, which made the fans thought that they were secretly dating.

GD & Ahn So Hee

But mostly the fans were supporting the relationship of G-Dragon with Sandara, even though they have been denying the rumor for numerous time. They also gave them a couple name as ‘Daragon’, and they were getting really excited with every little interactions between G-Dragon and Sandara!

GD & Sandara

That was pretty much all details information of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon! We have known that G-Dragon was one of the huge K-Pop star who also show his passion as a fashion designer as well. Despite all of the negative rumors around him, let’s always supporting G-Dragon and wait for his project in the future!

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