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Big Star’s Raehwan’s YouTube Channel

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Some K-Pop idols who are active or inactive from the entertainment industry now often appear on social media to keep in touch with fans and upload some new content to entertain their fans too. One of the former members of Big Star, Raehwan, who has just started a solo career by the stage name from20 is also active on the YouTube channel to upload his latest content. What kind of content does he share on his YouTube channel? Let’s find out in the section below!

YouTube is one of the platforms to be used for free promotion and can reach international scope if it is done well. from20, who just made his solo debut in March 2021, has uploaded several videos to promote his song, such as the video above which contains the full album of his 1st Single 20; still greedy for juicy, I’m kissing this 20 and the video also shows the lyrics written in Korean and English, so that international fans can also understand the meaning of the songs he wrote.

from20 also shares other exciting content by unboxing his 1st Full Album. In the video, of course, from20 brings a CD that has been neatly wrapped and shows fans starting from the packaging, tracklist, CD form, and many other reviews about his 1st CD that you should know!

In November 2019, from20, who looks more mature every day, started uploading a daily vlog that he records in his daily life. In the daily vlog, he looks very natural even without make-up, then he tells what he is doing in one day, such as going to a salon, visiting a café, and especially showing when his appearance has changed by changing the latest hairstyle. At the end of the video, from20 looks neater with his new hair.

Beside vlogs and music videos uploaded to his personal YouTube channel, from20, who has been the main vocalist of Big Star, has also shown his skills in singing and performing cover songs of several K-Pop singers with famous songs. One of the songs she sang was the hugely popular ballad “Love Poem”, where the original singer was the top Korean female singer, IU. Although this song is originally sung by a woman, from20 is able to reach the notes with a higher voice and sing very melodiously.

In October 2019, Raehwan, who was at the time undergoing military service, showed his daily activities before starting his job. Serving the country is a task that every South Korean citizen must do and he also has to enter a military camp for approximately 2 years. In this vlog, Raehwan shows that when he was discharged from the military service, he got a new title and also a gift from his family that always waited for him to come back properly.

Well, that was all of the information about the former member of Big Star, Raehwan. Even though he is no longer a member of the K-Pop group, after he finished his military service he resumed his career which is arguably good enough by starting a solo career under the new stage name, from20. He dedicates himself as a singer and tries hard with maximum effort to maintain his solo career in 2021. Let’s give support to Raehwan or from20 so that he can continue to do his best in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and check out the other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!