Find Out More About BIG STAR’s Baram: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, Latest News

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Everything You Should Know About Big Star’s Main Vocal Kim Rae-hwan

Being a K-Pop idol is certainly very proud and can be recognized by many people. But the entertainment industry also has very tough competition among idols. Especially if they debuted with a group that didn’t have enough promotion. Unfortunately, some small agencies sometimes don’t really have an agenda to promote idols or groups under their management.

Well, one of the boy groups that debuted under Brave Entertainment had its own challenges, because after being together for 7 years, Big Star had to be disbanded. Then, what about the members’ careers today? Let’s check out the detailed information about one of the members of Big Star, which is Raehwan: starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his career journey, in this article below!

Big Star’s Raehwan’s Full Profile

big star raehwan

Real Name: Kim Rae-hwan (Hangul: 김래환)

Stage Name: Rae-hwan (Hangul: 래환)

Place and Date of Birth: Gangneung, Gangwon Province, South Korea, February 15th, 1992

Height: 175 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Position In The Group: Main Vocal

Family Members: Parents and a sister

Official Sites:

Big Star’s Raehwan’s Fun Facts

big star raehwan
  1. Big Star’s Raehwan’s hobbies are exercising, writing lyrics, and gaining weight.
  2. Big Star’s Raehwan’s charm shows up in his looks because he has a sweet personality.
  3. Big Star’s Raehwan used to participate in the KBS survival show The Unit but he was eliminated in Episode 13.
  4. Big Star’s Raehwan enlisted in the military service on February 5th, 2018, and he was discharged on October 6th, 2019.
  5. Big Star’s Raehwan’s father is Kim Jung-nam, an independent candidate running for Gangneung’s mayor. He is a former chairman of the National Civil Service Workers’ Union.
  6. Big Star’s Raehwan’s contract with Brave Entertainment expired on June 26th, 2019, and he still has not discussed if he wants to renew the contract or not.
  7. Big Star’s Raehwan re-debuted under a new stage name in 2021 as a solo singer-songwriter.

Big Star’s Raehwan’s Focus Fancam

On August 18th, 2012, Big Star who had just debuted and released their new song had a fan signing event with their fans which was held at the Incheon Training Center Fan Signing Event. In the video, Raehwan looks very cute and teases the other members on his left several times. He was also seen smiling at fans several times and posing very cute for the camera.

Even though it is not a focus fancam, fans can see how cool Raehwan is when he sings one of the songs popularized by ZICO titled “She’s A Baby”. The member who is the main vocalist of the group made a cover song performance with boyfriend material vibes while singing outdoor wearing a pink sweater that looked very cute.

In one of the episodes of The Unit, the contestants who were divided into one team were showing how they started practicing together to give the best performance while on stage. In this episode, Big Star’s Raehwan became one of the spotlights that seemed to steal the attention of fans because he appeared several times in this episode.

Another cover song made by Big Star’s Raehwan while he was still under Brave Entertainment; the main vocalist from Big Star is seen singing a popular song from Jay Sean titled “Maybe”. In the video, Raehwan, who still has slightly long brown hair, looks like he really enjoyed the cover song he did live at the Brave Entertainment studio as one of his exercises.

BIG STAR’s Raehwan’s Visual

big star raehwan

As a member of a K-Pop group, an idol must have a face and visuals that are above average because they work as an entertainer. In this regard, Big Star’s Raehwan has also succeeded in surpassing the visual criteria that have become the standard for K-Pop idols. The main vocalist of Big Star looks handsome with unique facial features. Like some of the other members of this group, Big Star’s Raehwan also has monolid eyes that look charismatic when he is on stage.

big star raehwan

Raehwan has an idol aura from his visuals. When he sees someone, he can bring out an aura like K-Pop idols in general. Raehwan’s gaze also looks very sharp as if he is delivering his charm as an influential idol in the entertainment industry. It cannot be denied that Raehwan is seen as a friendly idol and always wants to give the best for his fans from his simple appearance and never overdoing clothes.

big star raehwan

Working with Big Star, which has 5 members in one group, requires Raehwan to be different from the others, thus allowing fans to get to know their favorite idols. When seen from the photo above, Raehwan has a hairstyle that is quite unique, with a very trendy color, which is red by leaving the sides of his head. This style looks completely different and makes it easy for fans to notice Raehwan whenever he is on stage, right?

big star raehwan

Big Star’s main vocalist, Raehwan, also seems to have a charming smile that can make anyone who sees him melt. Who wouldn’t be surprised to see a male K-Pop idol smiling at you with a sweet smile like this? On closer look, Raehwan also looks handsome and almost looks like a famous actor from South Korea, which is Park Seo-joon. However, Raehwan is the idol version of the actor who is famous for his role in What’s Wrong Secretary Kim.


Big Star’s Raehwan’s Solo Career

big star raehwan

Big Star debuted under Brave Entertainment in 2012. The news about Big Star’s disbandment was announced directly by the Brave Entertainment agency on July 1st, 2019, through an official statement. In the statement, the agency said, “Brave Entertainment’s exclusive contract with Big Star’s Feeldog, Sunghak, and Jude ends in July. We would like to thank Feeldog, Sunghak, and Jude who will be leaving the agency and we provide support for the new path that they will soon take.”

“We also thank fans both at home and outside of Korea, who have been giving Big Star their support and love for the past 7 years. We ask that you support each Big Star member’s new start.” Big Star are known to have last made a comeback in 2015 with the album SHINE A MOONLIGHT. Some time ago, four Big Star personnel also participated in the survival program The Unit.

Big Star’s Raehwan has also had to pursue a solo career since Big Star was declared disbanded in 2019. Luckily, he immediately made a quick decision and made his solo debut as a singer in 2021 with a new stage name, from20.

As a solo artist, Raehwan or also known as from20, started his career with various promotions. from20 has released some new songs as well as great music videos. Let’s take a look at from20’s music video in the section below!

from20 released a song titled “Cigarettes & You” whose music video was also uploaded on the same day on March 28th, 2021. The music video shows Raehwan who lives alone and is seen taking sedative drugs because he looks depressed. The next scene also shows from20 who is partying all over and enjoying the song that is heard there.

from20 has also released another music video that was released on March 31st, 2021, with a title track that matches his stage name. Still almost the same as the theme and concept from the previous music video, from20 shows his personal life and has fun alone in the room while jumping here and there and being happy with his own life. It’s a little different from before because this music video looks brighter and more cheerful.

Big Star’s Raehwan’s Appearance In KBS’s The Unit

big star raehwan

KBS’s The Unit was a survival program that was broadcast from 2017–2018 and produced a project group in the final line-up which was divided into two teams, male group and female group. With the concept of an idol rebooting project, this survival show involved hundreds of contestants, most of whom came from idols who had already debuted before but could be said to be ‘flopped’ or unpopular.

Big Star participated in this survival show and involved 4 members, Feeldog, Sunghak, and Jude. Baram did not participate at the time because he was on hiatus and was serving in the military.

Raehwan, who participated in the survival show, managed to survive for several episodes and showed his ability as a debut idol and also as a member of Big Star. The ranks he got were different, some of which were 14th rank in Episode 4 and 5, 20th rank in Episode 7, 22nd rank in Episode 8, 25th rank in Episode 10, and 17th rank in Episode 11, before finally, he got 22nd rank in Episode 13 thus, sadly, being eliminated.

One of the Big Star members, which is Raehwan, entered the military on February 5th, 2018. On February 2nd, 2018, Big Star’s agency, Brave Entertainment said, “Raehwan will be enlisting in the military in Gangwon Province on February 5th, 2018. After receiving basic training he will fulfill his duties.” Raehwan received a mandatory military summons while he was still busy being a participant of The Unit so he had to postpone his military service.

big star raehwan

Through Big Star’s fan café account, Raehwan also wrote a letter to fans saying, “On February 5th I will be enlisting in the military. First of all, I’m fine. I’m afraid that fans will be surprised and it will be tough for them. When I was a contestant on The Unit I was confused by the summons. But I can’t delay my schedule and maybe it will be my last chance. The Unit is not a failure for me, I consider it a very precious memory. I can meet you more often and most of all I can show you my voice. I will continue to sing,” he continued.

“My military service is not the end. Don’t be too sad and laugh when you say goodbye. Time will run faster than you think. I’ll be back soon and put on some good music to pay for the wait. I love you,” he concluded.

This announcement indicates that Raehwan will be one of the eliminated participants in the 3rd round of The Unit elimination which will only be broadcast on February 3rd, 2018.

big star raehwan

Also, several contestants of The Unit uploaded their moments with Raehwan before the member of Big Star enlisted in the military. On the official account of one of the contestants of The Unit, Lim Ju-hyeok, shared a photo of Raehwan with the caption, “It was a performance that would be a new beginning for Raehwan hyung, who was so cool. Come and make great music together. Raehwan likes it🤗 # Don’t cry, fool 🎤 @larrynbeatz.”

big star raehwan

Beside Lim Ju-hyeok, another participant of The Unit is MYNAME’s Se-yong who shared selcas from the contestants who had gathered there with the caption: “Our Raehwan! Go well and don’t get sick! I’m really glad to see my face. I got too close in a short time but I think I have to break up !! I hate it !!! Shiki-ya stop, anytime, anywhere, you can show your skills anytime, so fight !! I’ll cheer until the end💕 #Raehwan #Suwoong #Hangyul #Junhyuk #Timoteo #Jude #Seyong”

big star raehwan

Various posts shared by Big Star’s closest friends of Raehwan show that he has a kind heart and is also easy to get along with anyone. Not to forget also one of the members of Big Star who became close friends of Raehwan, which is Feeldog. The leader of Big Star shared a picture on his Instagram with Raehwan with the caption, “Raehwan, you are our sea @larrynbeatz I love you, my friend, I wish you good health!”

big star raehwan

There is also another post by Big Star’s Raehwan, which is Chae-jin and Eui-jin who gave their support before Raehwan entered the military. The selca uploaded to Instagram has the caption, “Raehwan ~! Good health! #Always bright #always with music #handsome #like a birthday with me #raehwan #beware of cold.”

This is all proof that Big Star’s Raehwan has many friends and also people who always support him wherever he is.