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Big Star’s Jude and MAMAMOO’s Wheein

[CoveredbyBrave] #20 BIGSTAR Jude X MAMAMOO Whee In - That's What I Like (Bruno Mars Cover.)

Being a K-Pop idol means also being known for a career journey and a very wide network of friends. Many idols make friends and befriend idol members who are in different groups. No exception to the maknae of Big Star, Jude, who has good singing skills and is good friends with one of the members of girl group MAMAMOO, Wheein. In one video uploaded to Brave Entertainment’s YouTube channel, Big Star’s Jude collaborates with MAMAMOO’s Wheein by doing a cover song of Bruno Mars’ song “That’s What I Like”. The sounds of the two melodious K-Pop idols’ voices blend into their video concept which has a yellow color and Hip-Hop style as well.

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Big Star’s Jude’s Solo Career

Debuting as a member of Big Star and under Brave Entertainment in 2012, makes for one of Jude’s achievements and succeeded in making a breakthrough in the entertainment industry. Since then he has promoted well by releasing a comeback every year with new songs and starting to gain popularity so he could participate in the KBS survival show The Unit which aired in 2017–2018. However, unfortunately, Big Star’s Jude was eliminated and unable to continue his journey to the finale of the show.

Another piece of bad news that fans had to accept came when Brave Entertainment announced on July 1sst, 2019, that the contracts of Big Star members have expired. In the statement, the agency said, “Brave Entertainment’s exclusive contract with Big Star’s Feeldog, Sunghak, and Jude ends in July.”

“Towards the expiration of the contract period, the members have continuously had discussions about their future plans. After careful consideration, it was decided that Big Star would be disbanded at the end of the 7-year contract period. However, we are still discussing future plans with members who are still serving mandatory military service.”

“We would like to thank Feeldog, Sunghak, and Jude who will be leaving the agency and we provide support for the new path that they will soon take. We also thank fans both at home and outside of Korea, who have been giving Big Star their support and love for the past 7 years. We ask that you support each Big Star member’s new start.”

Big Star was a boy group that was quite well known in South Korea because they were under the management of top producers who are very popular with the songs they make. Big Star debuted with their 1st single, “Hot Boys”, and did their last promotion with “Shine A Moonlight” that was released in 2015.

After being declared disbanded, Jude became a freelance singer without an agency overseeing his work when he made his solo debut. However, he still has several teams to produce the songs he has released since the end of 2018, such as NO TIME FOR CHILL (Intro), EX, LOTTERY (feat. TRIGGA OF BETTERLIFE MUSIC) (Prod. Starvy), INTOXICATED (Feat. Lil Cham), MISS U (Feat. 휘인 of 마마 무) (Prod. NOD), We can talk (Feat. Jay Moon), BodySign, Esta Noche (Feat. Gabby Onme) (Prod. NEKOBLUE) and Bruce Wayne ft. Kyle Lo.

Big Star’s Jude’s YouTube Channel

It’s not unusual anymore for you to find several YouTube channels owned by K-Pop idols. Through this platform, they can easily share various types of content and thus keep in touch with their fans, always keeping them up to date with the latest releases and information that are related to both their work and their personal lives.

Fans are always eager to check out all the new uploads of their work, but they are also very keen on communicating with their idols about their personal lives as well, so YouTube is a great place for artists/idols to connect with their fans. Usually, YouTube channels owned by K-Pop idols share some videos with interesting content, such as daily vlogs, mukbang, live streaming, QnA, and several other types of content related to music, such as behind the scene music videos, unboxing CDs, tracklist highlights, and many more.

Then, what kind of content does Big Star’s Jude share on his YouTube channel? Let’s see the information in the section below!

On October 24th, 2018, Big Star’s Jude, who is now using the stage name Jvde Milez, released his first solo music video with a single titled “NO TIME FOR CHILL”. The music video looks very dynamic and aesthetic with a background located in several corners of the city. The “NO TIME FOR CHILL” music video was directed by JIMMY (VIA) and assisted by Goeun Kim. The song was also composed by Jvde Milez and his team, such as Kim Dong-il and Lee Do-gun of Brave Sound and MIDWIGHT as the mix & master person.

For the next single, Jvde Milez released the latest song titled “BodySign” which was released in September 2020. This song has a very upbeat genre and shows Jvde Milez hanging out with some of his friends and dating his girlfriend after that. Unlike the previous music video, here, Jvde Milez looks very happy when he goes through his days, especially with the woman who accompanies him.

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Well, that was all of the information about Jvde Milez, previously known as Big Star’s Jude: from knowing his full profile, fun facts, to knowing his career journey since he debuted as part of Big Star and making his solo debut under his new stage name. Even though now he is restarting his solo career as a singer with the team he has created, let’s give support to Jvde Milez so that his solo career shines bright in the future! If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and, of course, stay tuned to Channel-Korea for more of our other interesting upcoming articles!