Find Out More About BIG STAR’s Feeldog: Profile, Solo Career, Girlfriend, Appearance In Mnet’s ‘Hit The Stage’, Etc.

Big Star’s Feeldog’s Appearance In Survival Shows

feeldog bigstar profile

Being in a survival show is not an easy thing for K-Pop idols, especially when they already hold the status of a member of a group, so at this event, they inevitably have to face competition with other idols as rivals. What about Big Star’s Feeldog when he was a contestant on a survival show? Did he do his best? Let’s check out the detailed information and his performances in the show in the section below!

Big Star’s Feeldog in Mnet’s Hit The Stage

feeldog bigstar profile

Mnet is indeed famous for having many survival show programs to debut trainees or even providing events for idols so they can participate and give their version of the best performance. In July 2016, Mnet announced that they would be holding a survival show with famous idols as its participants.

Through the voting of the judges and the elimination system, the audience will see amazing dance performances by several K-Pop idols and the famous dance team that will participate in Mnet’s Hit The Stage. Several K-Pop idols, such as Big Star’s Feeldog, SISTAR’s Bora, NCT U’s Ten, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, INFINITE’s Hoya, TWICE’s Momo, MONSTA X’s Shownu, Block B’s U-Kwon, SHINee’s Taemin, and many more are going to take part in the show.

The fifth episode, which was broadcast on August 18th, 2016, featured a different and unique show with the theme “This Love”, where several contestants, such as Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, TWICE’s Momo, Big Star’s Feeldog, and INFINITE’s Hoya provided dance performances that they had prepared with the dance group that accompanied their performance.

It’s Feeldog’s turn to make the heat with a powerful dance and the three of them use the accompaniment of Rihanna’s remix “Work”. The performance with Feel Crush received a total score of 159 and made him a champion in the early days.

As of August 31st, 2016, contestants of Mnet’s Hit The Stage continued to compete with the “Uniform” theme. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Stephanie, and NCT U’s Ten went on stage with strong performances and fans wanted to see who would take home the victory.

During this episode, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon was the first entrant against Big Star’s Feeldog, who won in the previous week’s episode. But Hyoyeon lost 3 points against Feeldog. The performance continued with Stephanie, who studied ballet since she was 5 years old and also learned various other dances, dancing a number of ballet moves with her crew. But they also can’t exceed Big Star’s Feeldog score.

The youngest contestant, NCT’s Ten, who always went on stage first, was the last to show his performance. NCT’s Ten prepared a brilliant show using impressive concepts, acting, and dancing. He acted as a conductor while the dancers acted as instruments and they put on the show with confidence. In the end, NCT’s Ten received praise from the judges and was able to outperform Big Star’s Feeldog’s score, taking the victory of the mission “Uniform”.

On September 14th, 2019, another episode of Mnet’s Hit The Stage brought back some very exciting and amazing dance performances. In this episode, fans could see performances from MYNAME’s Se-yong, Block B’s U-Kwon, Hyunseung, and Big Star’s Feeldog.

Continuing the previous episode, in this episode of Mnet’s Hit The Stage the participants were also asked to use the theme “Crazy”. Feeldog, who got the fourth turn to appear, failed to win this episode after his score was 2 points behind Block B’s U-Kwon score, which made the Block B member the winner in this episode.

Big Star’s Feeldog in KBS’s The Unit

feeldog bigstar profile

The survival show The Unit that aired on KBS is different from other shows. This survival show provides a second chance for idols who have debuted but are less successful with their groups. This program was created to make idols even more recognizable and provide an opportunity to re-debut in a different unit project. Divided into Unit G for girl groups and Unit B for boy groups, there would indeed be 2 groups that would debut.

One of the most popular survival shows in 2017 officially ended in February 2018, the program finally found a 9-member boy group and girl group. The boy group was named UNB, while the girl group was named UNI.T. The program that aimed to popularize lesser-known idols officially started on April 7th, 2018, for UNB. Meanwhile, UNI.T officially debuted in May 2018. Feeldog was chosen to be the lucky contestant for The Unit and successfully debuted with UNB as the leader and won 82,170 votes.

feeldog bigstar profile

The project group formed by the survival program The Unit, namely UNB, officially disbanded in 2018. The group’s disbandment ended with their last concert held in Japan.

On January 30th, 2019, UNB members sent a message to their fans (UNME) via their social media accounts. Starting from Feeldog, who uploaded the atmosphere of the UNB concert through his Twitter account.

feeldog bigstar profile

“To UNME who have supported and loved us without regrets for the past year. Even if you know it will end, we still have to say goodbye. I want to say sorry, thank you, and I love you,” he said. He said he would always remember his fans both in good times and in difficult times. He also promised that they would still be UNB and his fans would be UNME.

UNB itself was a male project group from the survival program The Unit. They were selected participants who debuted in April 2018. Their last concert was held on January 27th, 2019, in Japan. UNB also released several new songs with music videos uploaded to YouTube, such as “Feeling”, “Only One”, and “Black Heart”. The concept was no less good than several K-Pop boy groups that were currently promoting as rivals of the project group from The Unit. Let’s check out UNB’s music videos below:

What do you think about UNB’s music videos and their concept?

Big Star’s Feeldog’s Military Service

feeldog bigstar profile

South Korea is one of the few countries that impose compulsory military service on male citizens. Now, after 65 years of the end of the Korean War, every male citizen of South Korea who is healthy and aged between 18 and 28 years is obliged to carry out military service for approximately 2 years. This conscription aims to consider the security situation in South Korea after the Korean peninsula was split into two parts, namely North and South Korea.

Meanwhile, the several divisions that can be entered for compulsory military training themselves are the Army (21 months), Air Force (24 months), and Navy (23 months). In addition, military conscription participants can also choose to serve as police (21 months), or as firefighters (23 months).

Big Star’s Feeldog is the next South Korean celebrity to embark on mandatory military service. On April 6th, 2020, Feeldog entered the 22nd Infantry Division’s military training center located in Goseong, Gangwon Province. Before starting his mandatory military duty, Feeldog uploaded a photo on Instagram showing his bald head.

feeldog bigstar profile

Feeldog also captioned the uploaded photo: “I will come back healthy. I love you guys. I hope my family, fans, and friends are always healthy.”

feeldog bigstar profile

The post then received encouraging comments from celebrity friends, such as DIA’s Yebin, XENO-T, UNB’s Marco and BIGFLO‘s Euijin, SPEED‘s Yuhwan, Boys Republic‘s Sungjun and Suwoong, Kanto, 100%’s Rockhyun, and even former member of U-KISS Kiseop.

Well, that was all of the information about Big Star’s Feeldog: from his full profile, fun facts, to his career journey, both from his debut with Big Star, solo career introductions to visuals and focus threads, and participation as a contestant in several well-known survival shows in South Korea. Now that Big Star’s Feeldog is in the military, there isn’t any further activity on his promotion anytime soon and let’s wait until he returns as soon as possible. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for the upcoming interesting articles from Channel-Korea!