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big star baram profile

Everything You Should Know About Big Star’s Rapper Lee Young-joon

Big Star (Hangul: 빅스타) is the first boy group formed by Brave Entertainment that debuted in 2012 and had 5 members in the original line-up, such as Feeldog, Baram, Rae-hwan, Sung-hak, and Jvde. The five members look very manly if from their appearance and the concept of this group and also take the Hip-Hop and RnB genres, like the legendary boy group that many people must already know of, which is Big Bang.

In 2019, Big Star, unfortunately, had to be disbanded because 3 members whose contracts had expired decided to leave the agency. Then, how about the other members? Are they still actively pursuing careers as idols in the entertainment industry? In this article, we are going to look in more detail and get to know more closely a member of Big Star who had the position of a dancer and also a rapper.


Who is he? Let’s find out more about Big Star’s Baram in this article below!

Big Star’s Baram’s Full Profile

big star baram profile

Real Name: Lee Young-joon (Hangul: 이영준)

Stage Name: Ba-ram (Hangul: 바람)

Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, October 8th, 1990

Height: 175 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)

Blood Type: AB

Position In The Group: Rapper, Dancer

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Big Star’s Baram’s Fun Facts

big star baram profile
  1. Big Star’s Baram’s hobbies are watching movies, observing people, and listening to music.
  2. Big Star’s Baram’s specialties are writing lyrics, playing piano, fencing, and swimming.
  3. Big Star’s Baram admires Western singers, such as Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and T.I.
  4. Big Star’s Baram is currently on hiatus from any activities or promotion with the group.
  5. Big Star’s Baram enlisted in the military service on February 27th, 2017, and was discharged in January 2019.
  6. Big Star’s Baram hasn’t discussed the renewal of his expired contract with Brave Entertainment since June 26th, 2019.
  7. Big Star’s Baram is a close friend of DPR Ian since they were still promoting as members of the boy group.
  8. Big Star’s Baram is a great dancer and often performed outdoors to show off his dance skills.
  9. Big Star’s Baram is one of the members who like to do live streaming on any social media to stay connected with his fans.
  10. Big Star’s Baram participated in KBS’s Dream Team in 2013 with Feeldog.

Big Star’s Baram’s Focus Fancam

A focus fancam is usually a video recording taken from a fan who also shows their favorite idol’s movements while performing at certain events, such as concerts, comeback stages, showcases, busking, and many more. From the focus of the thread above, we can see Big Star’s Baram singing a song during the event held on Story 53-53 Acoustic Day. The member who has the position of a rapper looks very charming with his relaxed performance but still captivates the hearts of fans.

The recorded focus fancam also shows the performance of Big Star when they sang at an event on June 5th, 2014. Big Star’s Baram looks really good with the Hip-Hop outfit that is the hallmark of a rapper in a group. He wore an oversized black t-shirt, baseball hat, glasses, and also a gold necklace as accessories. Baram looks very playful when he is on stage and occasionally does great B-Boy-ing choreography.

On August 24th, 2013, Big Star, who were still a rookie boy group at that time, carried out their schedule by performing at Lotte World and delivering one of their singles titled “Hooligan” (Hangul: 날라리). In this performance, Big Star’s Baram looked very energetic with the other members. Fans who came to the event also shouted their fan chants and support for the first boy group formed by Brave Entertainment.

On February 26th, 2015, Big Star did a performance with their song titled “Someone New” (Hangul: 새로운 사람) with an upbeat and fun tempo like K-Pop songs in the 2010 era. But Big Star had their own characteristics to convey with the song with the concept of the boy group they had. Big Star’s Baram also gave a very playful performance with comical choreography that seemed to spread a sweet smile towards the audience.

On October 31st, 2015, Big Star performed at the Gocheok Dome Asia Dream Concert with their last single that was promoted with 5 members, “Moonlight Sonata”. The song has a medium tempo with the easy listening RnB genre. The members also look very charismatic when appearing on stage with the same outfit concept, which is red and white.

Big Star’s Baram also looks even more shining by wearing a red leather jacket, white-ripped jeans, and a handkerchief which is the accessory on the pants. He also appeared with a natural hairstyle and make-up so it looks less exaggerated than the other members.

Big Star’s Baram’s Visual

big star baram profile

K-Pop is one of the most influential music industries today for South Korea and also for the world. They have their own strengths because many teenagers are very happy and enthusiastic when it comes to K-Pop. To get the quality of a good K-Pop group, usually management or also known as music agencies have also prepared their own standards for idols who will later debut under their agency. Big Star’s Baram made his idol debut in 2012 by promoting the debut song “Hot Boy”. In his debut era, Big Star’s Baram looked very cool with a cornrow hairstyle and a bald head.

big star baram profile

Big Star’s Baram also looks really cute but also charismatic at the same time. With his position as the rapper of the group, Big Star’s Baram’s appearance often looks very trendy with several accessories that make it very fierce and also a hairstyle that is made differently at each comeback, as in the photo above which shows the latest concept of Big Star’s Baram with very short hair in silver color. In addition, eye make-up that looks bold also shows the Big Star’s Baram’s side that looks more manly.

big star baram profile

Not only the look with short dyed hair, but Big Star’s Baram has also been seen with his new hairstyle that is left chin-length and curly. Of course, there will be many people who judge the difference between Big Star’s Baram and his past and present looks because he seems more mature in mixing and matching concepts that suit himself.

big star baram profile

Since promoting with Big Star, Baram has also frequently displayed his sexy side by showing abs that tease fans. The member who also has a position as a dancer also seems to have a six-pack stomach and a very good body proportion. So he is also often appointed as a member who often shows his body to tease and just entertain fans. Wow, Big Star’s Baram must be really proud of his muscular and fit body, right?

big star baram profile

The member, whose real name is Lee Young-joon, also has a handsome face with monolid eyes like some K-Pop male idols, such as 2PM’s Junho, EXO’s Xiumin, BTS’s Suga, and many more. Big Star’s Baram also looks even more charming when he smiles in front of the fans, showing his eye smile that looks very sweet and warm.

big star baram profile

Apart from being a dancer of Big Star, Baram also previously had very good dance skills. He is a member of a B-Boy group and is often seen performing (busking) in the public area and participating in several competitions. You could say that Big Star’s Baram is a lucky B-Boy because he can pass the audition and prepare to become a trainee so he can debut as a member of Big Star, right?

big star baram profile

Big Star’s Baram also often wears clothes that show off his biceps. Maybe you could say that this member who was born in 1990 is in charge of being the sexy member of the group, right? However, Baram really has a duality that catches the attention of fans. If we look at the appearance of his outfit which looks sexy or even his performance is very charismatic, but when Baram smiles everyone will surely melt.

big star baram profile

This idol, who debuted in 2012 under Brave Entertainment, does look charming from the look in his eyes. You could say that Baram is one of the K-Pop male idols who are multi-talented. It’s just that he hasn’t had many opportunities to continue his career as an idol and is currently undergoing a hiatus from the entertainment industry.

Well, that was all of the information about Big Star’s Baram: starting from his full profile, through his fun facts, to getting to know him better with his visual and appearance. Even though Big Star is no longer under Brave Entertainment, fans are still waiting for Big Star to reunite and release some new songs! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and check out the other upcoming interesting articles from Channel-Korea!