Big Hit Entertainment 2019: Big Expansion and Girl Group Audition

Big Hit Entertainment’s Latest News

Recently, in an interview with Time magazine, Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Si-hyuk revealed his reasons for debuting BTS members and making the seven trainees become idols.  Many fans know that how the group’s members become Big Hit Entertainment training participants, but what was the election process Big Hit used to make seven people become idols who were so different from what people were used to.

To TIME magazine, Bang Si-hyuk told how he made BTS.

He described from a business standpoint, how BTS went from one person to seven people, and it all started with RM. “One of our producers, Pdogg, brought a demo sound recording from RM to me and said, this is what young people now like. RM was then 15 years old. I immediately signed a contract with him,” said Bang Si-hyuk. “I have considered making the Hip Hop group not an idol group. But when I think of the business context, I think the K-pop idol makes more sense,” he continued.

According to Bang Si-hyuk, at that time many potential BTS members left because they wanted to debut as a hip hop artist, not an idol.

Because many trainees wanted to become hip hop artists and did not want to become idols, they left the company. At that time, RM, Suga, and J-hope remained and they were the pillars of BTS,” Bang Si-hyuk said. Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook joined afterward because they have qualities as idols. “From there, through an audition, we found and increased the number of members who were more suitable to be an idol group,” said Bang Si-hyuk.

The decision to make BTS an idol group rather than hip-hop was more due to business needs. According to Bang Si-hyuk, idol groups generate more income, have more fans, and have more choices available to them.

When I started building the company, album sales were down and digital music sales couldn’t cover it. But the K-pop idol group had the advantage because they had many opportunities to expand revenue and their fans were very excited, making concerts able to cover the decline in album sales,” Bang Si-hyuk explained.

Bang Si-hyuk also showed live performances and, by extension, idol groups and BTS saw what their future could be like.

This is also the time when many people in the world say that the substitute for the destruction of the music industry is a live performance. If a live performance model can be formed in Korea, I think it is a Korean idol group,” he explained.

At the end of the interview, Bang Si Hyuk’s business abilities and vision produced extraordinary results. BTS has not only enhanced the Korean music industry but also brought this idol group into mainstream music, globally. Meanwhile, BTS is now flying from Incheon airport to Riyadh to hold a Love Yourself concert on October 11, 2019.

This is BTS’s first concert in the Middle East region, and the first concert after taking their two-month break.

That was all the information we could gather about Big Hit Entertainment’s most recent news. Let’s keep supporting and praying for them and their artists to be more successful in many years to come. And as always, kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below!