Everything You Need To Know About Big Brain: Profile, Members, Discography, and Latest News

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Let’s Get To Know Big Brain

If you’re familiar with the K-pop group Big Bang, well, it’s time to get to know about Big Brain! Big Brain was a four-liner group that considered itself a ballad group. All of the members had amazing vocals that led them to be acknowledged by people in the music industry. Let’s get to know more about Big Brain through the article below!

Big Brain’s Profile


Big Brain was active since 2010 and made its first debut on October 22, 2015. They were famously known as a ballad-R&B group from MAJOR9 and consisted of four members including Mo Sang-hoon (sub-vocals), Kim Jin-Yong (leader, main vocals), Hwang Byeong-eun (sub-vocals), and Yoon Hong-hyun (main vocals, maknae). Previously, Big Brain was scouted under World Show Market agency but eventually transferred to MAJOR9.

Before their debut, Big Brain’s members used to be a group of students who loved music and majored in vocal performance. Then, they decided to make their group into a band named The Man. However, they decided to rename the group to Big Brain to avoid another group that used the same name as them.

Big Brain emphasized several genres in their music including pop, R&B, soul, and urban. For their debut project, Big Brain successfully released Billionaire Sound with the hit single “Welcome.” The group held their debut concert in South Korea as well. For the group concept, they were a vocal group that brought music and singing performances together with the hope and purpose of healing people through their music.

Official Websites

YouTube: big brain

Instagram: w_showmarket

Fan Cafe: BigBrain

Big Brain’s Discography



Year Title & Details Track Listing
2015 Billionaire Sound

Released: October 22, 2015

Label: World Show Market, kt music

1. Welcome

2. Welcome (Instrumental)

2015 Brain’s 1st Respect

Released: December 28, 2015

Label: World Show Market, kt music

1. Break Away

2. Break Away (Instrumental)

2016 The Voicist 

Released: February 22, 2016

Label: World Show Market, kt music

1. No YEs

2. No YEs (Instrumental)

3. No YEs (Concerto)

2016 Meet You

Released: May 23, 2016

Label: World Show Market, 1TheK

1. Love, Love

2. Love, Love (Instrumental)

2016 The Moment

Released: October 17, 2016

Label: World Show Market, 1TheK

1. Sick

2. Sick (Instrumental)


Digital Singles

Year Title
2015 Billionaire Sound
2015 Brain’s 1st Respect
2016 The Voicist
2016 Meet You
2016 The Moment

Big Brain’s Debut Era


Big Brain released the hit single “Welcome” during their debut alongside a MV. The single is a kind of ballad love song filled with a piano instrumental and beautiful vocals from Big Brain’s members!

Big Brain’s Music Video

In the MV for “Welcome”, Big Brain’s members appear with a preppy style and hold vocal performances in several places. Other than that, there is a girl walking around the city with luggage in her hands.

Meanwhile, Big Brain’s members sing emotionally on a bridge, river, grave, and other places. The MV for “Welcome” is basically filled with bright colors and a minimalist concept that makes people focus on the music and vocals!

Big Brain’s Song Meaning


Big Brain came up with a ballad song as their first debut project. No wonder they considered themselves a ballad group, right? Regarding the song’s meaning, it is quite a complicated romance story due to unrequited love. “Welcome” narrates about a guy who has a crush on a girl, but she actually has someone else as her lover.

However, the relationship between the girl with her spouse isn’t really good which makes her go to the guy who secretly has a crush on her. Some of the lyrics also have a deep yet sad meaning such as “I was actually grateful to that person who made you cry,” and “There is a reflection of my love for you, for now.”

Big Brain’s Debut Stage

During their debut, Big Brain was busy promoting the single “Welcome” as well as performing on several music shows. One of their live performances took place on MBC’s Music Core! They appeared with a preppy-formal style that suited them perfectly.

But, most of the attention was focused on their amazing vocal performance! Once you listen to them carefully, you can never deny the vocals, sounds, rhythm, and how they harmonized all of it in such a good way!

Big Brain’s Stage Performance


Before their debut, Big Brain gained a lot of recognition and experience since the group used to hold street performances in the USA before their debut. Once they appeared on the stage, Big Brain hypnotized the crowds with their magnificent performances!

Busking Performance

Big Brain held a New York busking performance with a song cover of “I’m Not the Only One” which was originally performed by the singer Sam Smith! They performed the song in a cozy park with simple musical instruments, and a bunch of people watched their performance with admiration. It wasn’t an ordinary song cover since Big Brain also made their own remix for the song!

Music Shows

Big Brain released another hit single titled “NO-YEs.” The group performed the song on Music Bank‘s live stage as well! They were dressed up in navy outfits with their iconic preppy-formal style. Meanwhile, Big Brain did not disappoint people with their vocal performance.

In the live performance of “NO-YEs”, the crowd couldn’t stop glancing at them. There was no difference between listening to Big Brain’s vocals on a live stage or listening to them on a recording since their vocals were as great as ever! Moreover, Big Brain’s members emphasized their vocal performance, especially during the high notes which made their performance even more amazing!

Radio Show

Big Brain also made an appearance on MBC’s Radio Show as a guest! They performed “NO-YEs,” and the atmosphere during their performance felt more intimate. The studio filled with musical instruments, the hazy room lighting, and the angelic voices mixed very well!

Big Brain’s Interview


Through one of Big Brain’s interviews with Showbiz Korea, they mostly talked about their music. The leader Kim Jin-yong also explained their single “Love, Love” which was known as the sweetest love romance song and how the group used to do sad-R&B-ballads in the past. Other than that, the members also revealed their ideal types as well!

For Byung-eun, he picked actress Han Go-eun as his ideal type since he liked her very much. Hong-hyun’s ideal type was someone who clicks really well with him. Meanwhile, Sang-hoon was looking for someone who is kind and has a clear complexion. Since Jin-yong was the only one who had a girlfriend, he also revealed that his ideal type was someone with luminous skin and doll eyes.

Big Brain also talked about their school achievements, appearances, talents, and more. From the interview session, people learned more about each Big Brain member as well as their warm personalities!

Big Brain’s Latest News


Unfortunately, it seemed like the group was only active until 2016. Since then, there has been no other activity or schedule regarding Big Brain. Even their official website is no longer active. But, still, there wasn’t an official statement regarding their disbandment, but Big Brain has remained inactive since their last activity in 2016.

However, each of Big Brain’s members seems to be continuing their careers as musicians and singers! Sang-hoon has an active YouTube channel and showcases his performances there. However, there isn’t that much information about the other Big Brain members. You can check out one of Sang-hoon’s videos here:

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