Let’s Check Out BIG BANG’s T.O.P Art Museum Looking House

Art Collections

The Story As An Art Collector

T.O.P is also known as an art collector. He even uses 95% of his income to buy art furniture. If we take a look on his Instagram feed, we can find most of his feed is about his art collections. He usually puts in hashtags or captions about the art collection. It was all because he started curating Sotheby’s Hong Kong contemporary art sale on October 3, 2016. It was beneficial because T.O.P has over 5 million followers on his Instagram to promote the auction.

It was the first time Sotheby’s Hong Kong collaborated with a young collector to put together an auction and T.O.P’s first debut for curatorial auction titled #TTTOP. Previously, he had contributed his art collections for some exhibitions, like Yang Hae-gue’s exhibition in Samsung Museum of Art and co-curated the contemporary Asian art exhibition The Eye Zone at ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The sales of #TTTOP would go to the Asian Cultural Council for a charitable purpose.

He’s also known to be part of Asia’s Top 100 Collectors part 2, number 16, as one of South Korea’s representatives in 2017. He’s known to have been collecting since he was 18 years old!

An article by the South China Morning Post revealed that the artist started collecting even from the time he was 4 years old. At first he started to collect Legos, then sneakers. He said he was an anxious child, so seeing lots of things with similar forms calm him. When he was 18, he got his own money from the band and began to collect designer furniture and art (especially contemporary German works) because he found the architecture line of the beauty is healing.

Art Collection List

In an interview with Post Magazine, he said that he collects everything from the professionally well-known to emerging artists like Tomoo Gokita, Jina Park, He Xiangyu, Kim Whan-ki, Park Seo-bo, Lee Ufan, Chung Sang-hwa, and Nam June Paik. He revealed that he had his own criteria for his collections; it must be original, beautiful, and conceptually convincing. He particularly likes the German works because of the unique cutting edge, like in Gerhard Richter’s work Abstraktes Bild (1998).


Another one of his favorites is Rudolf Stingel’s work. “He is always pushing the boundaries, surveying the idea of traditional authorship in art and being so original with new concepts,” he said. He added that Stingel’s works are aesthetically beautiful.

One of the sales was Nam June Paik’s Fat Boy (1997), a robot made out of seven old television sets showing videos. T.O.P said it was a beautiful art work, formed by the original and monumental, yet perfectly tidy, shape. It caught the artist’s eyes that he finally bid for it and brought it home, adding to his personal collection in his museum-like house. It was seen in many of his posts on his Instagram account.

Let’s check out of his other art collections!

He likes to collect many types of chairs. The chairs are beautiful, with unique shapes and, of course, not to be sat in regularly. Here are some of his painting collection!

Most of his paintings are from Gerhard Richter and Rudolf Stingel.

He also has some displays hanging on the wall. He showed off his new display in his post above! Looks like he’s really careful with his collections and only touches them with gloves.

Another new collection from Gerhard Richter!

Appear in His Music Videos

Apparently, his collections made appearances in his music videos as follows:


The beloved deer-shaped crystal by Kohei Nawa has appeared in many of his posts, and also appeared in BIGBANG’s BAE BAE music video.


One of his iconic rooms also appeared in his solo music video, DOOM DADA. Although it was black and white, we still can see the furniture, chairs, and the deer painting!

Family Members


T.O.P has a father and mother, and an older sister, Choi Hye-yoon. Looks like the ‘beauty’ genes run through the family. He seems to be close with his family, especially his mother, because his mother has appeared at BIGBANG’s concerts along with his sister and his nephew.


T.O.P’s nephews also appear sometimes on his Instagram, showing their closeness!