Let’s Check Out BIG BANG’s T.O.P Art Museum Looking House


Find Out About BIGBANG’s T.O.P’s Income!

BIGBANG has gained a lot of attention ever since their debut in 2006. They have released many albums, EP,s singles, and also have held many concerts, not to mention their worldwide fans. They sure have received a lot of money from doing all of their activities, including pursuing individual solo careers and doing commercials. In 2016, BIGBANG became the first Korean artists to appear on Forbes’ 30 Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30 list and ranked 13th, beating other international celebrities like Maroon 5 and Dr. Dre, with over $44 million income a year (in 2016).


It was reported that the income sharing was divided with their agency YG Entertainment was 3:7 for music and album sales, 1:9 for advertisements and commercials, and 100% of the income would go to the members themselves for their individual and personal activities. No wonder the members are wealthy enough to own their own livings, including T.O.P. He has credit for more than 55 songs according to the Korean Copyright Association. He’s also made around $8 million USD for his solo activities like tours, movies, etc. How about his property? What does he own? Channel-Korea will bring more details about his property, business, and more!

Property Ownership


T.O.P is known to have 3 houses, one of them is worth approximately $3 billion KRW (South Korean won) or around $2.6 million USD. He revealed in a fan meeting that he had bought a small vineyard in Argentina. He’s known to love wine, some even say he’s obsessed, so he wants to have an endless supply by buying a vineyard. The field that he bought is known to produce around 8000 bottles of wine. The rapper said that he would not sell them and instead, he would give them to the fans and enjoy at least 3000 bottles by himself.

Inside The House


In 2017, netizens noticed that T.O.P’s house looked like a museum on the inside. It was none other than the house that ‘s worth $3 billion KRW that we mentioned before. The house is located in Yongsan, in a villa with an area of 90 pyeong (1 pyeong = ±3.3 m2). It has been reported that the artist bought two houses and combined them into more than 180p pyeong (±594 m2).

The house does not only have incredible size but also luxurious interior design. On January 28, the artist posted a picture with the caption “home sweet home #markgrotjahn”, indicating that the painting on the white wall on the picture is inside of his house.


He often posts some parts of his house along with the collections he has. Let’s take a look inside his house!


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Looking at the angle and the view beyond the glass wall, it seems like the three pictures above were taken in the same room. We can see the clear glass wall allows us to see the view of a lake. It can be a soothing room to relax in.


Most of the rooms (as we have seen on his Instagram posts) are broad and wide but also filled with a lot of furniture and at least one piece of art.


He even had a photoshoot for Dazed magazine in his own house! You won’t notice it was a house tho.


He arranged all his collections in one room and made them look like an exhibition gallery. Seems like he likes deer that he has a deer made out of crystal in the left picture and a painting of a blue stick deer in the right picture.


His house’s vibe looks masculine with the monochrome colors, mostly in black and white  like in the pictures above.


His dark wooden floor can be seen clearly here. He seemed to be playing with his nephew.


Seems like he’s chilling in his room while doing something on his laptop. When he’s bored, he can just look up at his painting and relax.


He often takes selfies too, like before brushing his teeth (left pic) or just casually taking a selfie in in the glass reflection (right pic). Oh, and we can see the deer-shaped crystal behind him.

This is the reason why BIGBANG members call him T.O.P.vre (stands for T.O.P and Louvre Museum in Paris). Well, that can’t be wrong, right?