What’s Seung-ri’s Real Height?


How Tall is Seung-ri?

Do you know Seung-ri from BIGBANG? The maknae or youngest member of the group known for being the shortest and having the smallest in weight among the rest of members. He has been in fact questioned about his real weight, his fans are so curious about it.

Well, let’s check out the article below if you want to know the truth about Seung-ri’s real height!

What Is Seung-ri Real Height?


There was some discussion on the fan websites since netizen being curious about the real height of BIGBANG’s Seung-ri. They started researching BIGBANG’s Seung-ri since previous information surfaced through the online community saying that BIGBANG’s Seung-ri real height is 177 cm.

There was a screen-captured image of BIGBANG’s member and Seungri which showed the comparisons in their height.


In this photo, G-Dragon; who’s is wearing the red vest, and Seung-ri; who is wearing the white t-shirt, are standing next to each other and it seems that they are the same height.

For the first comparison, let’s take a look at G-Dragon’s height while he was attending a variety show with MC Yoo Jae-suk. The rapper who sang One Of A Kind, was standing next to MC Yoo Jae-suk who has been measured as 175 cm tall.


It turned out that T.O.P, who stood on the right side of MC Yoo Jae-suk was the tallest between the G-Dragon and MC Yoo Jae-suk. After the actual height of MC Yoo Jae-suk was revealed, it was very obvious that G-Dragon isn’t as tall as MC Yoo Jae-suk who’s real height is 175 cm.

Now, let’s take a look at the comparison of BIGBANG’s Seung-ri with the actress who starred in popular drama, Boys Before Flower (2009); Goo Hye-sun.


Fans already know that Goo Hye-sun’s real height is 163 cm, compared to BIGBANG’s Seung-ri’s height which is listed as 177 cm. People are curious and questioning again BIGBANG’s Seung-ri’s real height since his height is not much higher than the actress who’s now married to the actor Ahn Jae-hyun.

The Conclusion After The Comparison


After a few comparisons of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Seung-ri with other celebrities, it’s really obvious that the two members of the global group who sang hit song; BANG BANG BANG are the same height. 177 cm is not their real height even though that is the number that keeps showing up on the internet.

The analysis from netizen who has been doing research of BIGBANG’s real height over the past few years, shared the final result; that Seung-ri and G-Dragon’s real height is around 166-167.

The Truth Behind BIGBANG’s Seung-ri’s Real Height

In November 2010, Seung-ri appeared on ‘Lee Hana’s Peppermint’ which aired on SBS with actress Goo Hye-sun.


The maknae of BIGBANG, Seung-ri was standing next to Goo Hye-sun and they are part of and work under the same agency, YG Entertainment.

What makes their appearance interesting, and why it became a hot topic is that many people are questioning Seung-ri’s real heigh now. This is because as they stood next to each other on the same event and you could not help but notice, that it looks like that the singer who sang Strong Baby; Seung-ri is not very, if not at all, taller than Goo Hye-sun.


Many people who have seen them together assumed that they are actually same height. People who don’t know the truth about Seung-ri’s real height stated a comment that the singer who sang Let’s Talk About Love lies about his real height who has been surfaced on the internet.

Most have said that they are disappointed about Seung-ri’s  saying that his real height is 177 cm, but actually finding out that he added 14 cm to his height. Some of the comments are saying that Seung-ri simply chose to trick many people because he is a truly funny person and likes to joke around with everyone, including his fans.




So, what do you think about Seung-ri’s real height? The real one may not have appeared on the internet, but the research from his fans has been 99% accurate saying that Seung-ri’s real height is around 166-167.